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Snobby Bella

Snobby Bella



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Published by ThisGirlGotFangs
Bella joins Jessica and Lauren in the slut-squad at Forks after Edward left. She has a new spunk, went threw some... changes and something is up when the Cullen's come back
Bella joins Jessica and Lauren in the slut-squad at Forks after Edward left. She has a new spunk, went threw some... changes and something is up when the Cullen's come back

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Published by: ThisGirlGotFangs on Aug 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It is finally peaceful in Forks. I gotover Edward, and Jake imprinted on a girl named Vanessa,everyone calls her Nessie, or Ness. But I’ve never seen himsince I changed. I, well I grew up even though it has been ayear since the Cullens left. It’s getting easier to say their names. Alice would love me now, I wear purple eyeliner with blue eye shadow that looks like a pool of sea water and bold red lipstick everyday. I got curves and learned tokeep my balance, I’m usually caught wearing tops with beads or sequins, skinny jeans, and stiletto heels. Today I’mwearing a black skin-tight shirt that has a teardrop necklineand red glass beads sewn everywhere to look like a rainfallof blood- ironic, isn’t it? I’m wearing that with grey skinny jeans and metallic-gold stilettos and a creamy cashmerescarf. I memorize and inspect my appearance ever day. Notonly do I still have Mike, Eric, and Tyler chasing me, but pretty much the whole male-student body at Forks High. ohyeah, I forgot… I… changed my hair because E-Edwardliked it. I dyed it black with blue and white streaks, it’s nowto my knees- no frizz here, Loren wouldn’t like that. I hangwith Jess and Loren, they brought out the mean girl in me, Ihave to admit it, we pretty much run the whole school.Wonder what Edward would think of me, I was like agoody-two-shoes slut, there is no way to describe it. I havethat ‘popular appearance’, but behind the public eye, I wasgood ‘ole Bella, plus more. Except for that shallow pool people call my mind. Sure, I got some good grades, butnothing like common sense. My hobbies are dirt bikeriding, cliff diving, and anything else dangerous I can think of. Those promises I made to Edward mean nothing to menow, he probably doesn’t even remember them, or evenme…
 Bella! Stop dwelling on him! Remember, you’re over him, Oh My Goddess, help me and give me a miracle and ahint of what I should do!
That’s when I heard a soft knock on my door. I ran down the stairs- with no tripping!- hopingit was Jessica. She promised a weekend shopping spree inPort Angles. I now took my time when I realized my perkiness, Jessica wasn’t as rude, demanding, and as selfishas Loren is. I unlocked the deadbolt with ease and openedthe door. If it was Jess, I was ready, hair- check! make-up -check! accessories- check! Standing in front of me was themost beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life.
I took a terrified step back intothe house staring wide-eyed at him. He just lookedcautiously at me. He took a step into the house andEDWARD picked me up into his arms and crushed me tohim like he missed me more than I did months ago“Oh, Bella! What happened to you. I missed you somu-,” I cut him off by wiggling out of his arms“What the hell are
doing here” I said in mynastiest mean girl voice and gave him my famous icy glare.
“ ‘You’? You must mean ‘you guys’ doing here!”Emmett came from behind me with Jasper. Alice and Rosecame out of the kitchen, both of them looking over me withappraising eyes.“Hey look, Bella’s now a bad-ass mean girl. Cool!Alice, Rose, looks like you girls got some competition”Emmett commented, probably trying to get blush outta me.“Emmett, I don’t stain red anymore, give it up and back off. Everyonebut you knows I can kick your butt.” I said, gettingin his face and letting my voice be pure acid. He just staredat me wide-eyed.Alice laughed that tinkling-little-bells laugh I usedto love and gave me a hug. I just stood stiff and unthawedlike a popsicle. she backed up and her chin started totremble and her eye-brows pulled up as she gave me thesaddest puppy dog face anyone has ever seen.“Not gonna work this time, Alice. I have know cluewhy the hell any one of you would even show up-especially now. It’s been one-and-a-half-years since youleft and I was hoping for good. Did you tell little Eddiewhat you did last year when I
 jumped off a damned cliff 
-didn’t you?” I sneered as evilly innocent as I could.I turned and went to the door, waved, gave asarcastic smile, and said a bubbly “Bye-bye.”“What is wrong with you Bella?” Edward grabbedmy hand and tugged on it.
‘Burn that ice down that chillsmy hand’ 
I screamed in my head. Suddenly his hand caughton fire.
‘Water down the dangerous fire that risks lives’ 
I said next. I put my mind shield away so hecould here my chants and the magic that my -our- Goddessgives me to possess.
‘Earth, you nurture and bring life tous, heal what others hurt’.
A green mist wrapped around his burned and mangled hand. It was so thick, even Edwardcouldn’t look through it. After about 10 seconds, itdisappeared. His hand was as good as new. White, dead,and hopelessly flawless. I pointed a fingenext to my head and pursed my lips, “Not the girl to messwith.” “Obviously. How did you do thatBella? You are a great mental fighter.” Jasper said whileexamining me like a science experiment.He gawked at myforearm. He reached out and grabbed it. Weirdly enough,his cool skin felt warm. He turned it over to get a good look at the other side. Everybody gasped,knowing it wasn’t a silly ink tattoo. Nothing could imitatethis mark. It was a sapphire crescent moon with a star  between its points. A blood red thunderbolt right over themoon.

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