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Journey of Inspiration 2

Journey of Inspiration 2

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Published by Stefanus Aryanto

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Published by: Stefanus Aryanto on Aug 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Journey Of Inspiration By Josh Hinds” Volume II
I just want to take a second to thank you fortaking the time to purchase the first official book of my ongoing seriesof eBooks. You’re most likely wondering why this is called Volume IIwhen I just said this is the first official book. That’s a good question;actually I offered the first book for free on my web site (it’s most likelystill there if you’d like to get it).Click here to get your copy. For those of you who aren’t familiar with me I’d like to take just asecond to give you a little background on myself.I was first introduced to business when at the age of 15 I took asummer job in my father’s startup business (a mortgage brokerage, inTuscaloosa, AL). It was actually kind of funny how it all happened.Towards the beginning of the summer I was contemplating the idea ofworking for my uncle who lived in Anchorage, AK, but for somereason my father offered me the chance to work for him. Lookingback on it I wonder if it was something he really knew whether or not
Josh HindsHere's what you can do to help me share this ebook…
1) Send this file to a friend (ask permission first please)2) Send them a link tohttp://www.getmotivation.comsothey can download it themselves3) Print out as many copies of this ebook as you'd like andshare it!
it would work out or not. I certainly didn’t either. Up to this point mywork history had been limited to taking out the trash (admittedly moreso when my mother reminded me too.. lol). At any rate I wound uptaking the job with my dad.Picture this I am 15 years old. I show up at this office (clearly not theplace for a young teen) just after closing hours. I am told that my jobwill be calling on prospective customers. I’ll be the first to admit it wasanything but glamorous, but at 15 it sure beat my other options. Irecall sitting there for what seemed like hours. Making phone callsafter phone calls each ending with a resounding no thanks. Then allof the sudden it happened! I got someone that wanted anappointment. I was ecstatic! I ran next door to where my father and afew friends were eating to tell him that I’d set an appointment. I thinkit must have surprised him as well.It’s safe to say that from that moment on I was absolutely enthralledwith just about any aspect of business. I read and studied anything Icould get my hands on.Not to long after that a person that worked for my father suggested Iconsider reading motivational books. “You’re in sales now Josh, themore you can learn about it the better off you’ll be”, he said. The firstbook I read was called “Over the Top” by Zig Ziglar. It’s actually a sort20 years later to his original book “See you at the Top”. I can honestlytell you that I finished that book a new person. I’ll admit that doessound a bit radical, but it is absolutely true. Most interestingly enoughafter finishing it I had this never ending urge to make my way into theMotivational industry. The years passed by and the dream of makingit into the industry just kept growing and growing and always seemedto be in the back of my mind.Everything seemed to be moving right along in my life when suddenlymy father passed away unexpectedly. My life went through a series ofvarious adventures that ultimately had me leave the family business ayear later and move to Louisville, KY.It appeared at times that I was moving aimlessly in Kentucky. I knew Ihad a special purpose but I just couldn’t quite grasp what it was. Notlong after I was in Louisville I started attending some classes that
were offered by an Internet Provider there. A fellow who happened toown an Internet Marketing firm, but was teaching a class in web sitedesign taught the classes. Often the class would move more intoadvanced topics -- particularly that of e-commerce. This was someyears ago so needless to say the whole idea and landscape wassomewhat different than it is now. I had been on the Internet for awhile prior to moving to Kentucky, but never had I been exposed topeople directly involved in Internet commerce. My actual first attemptat an Internet business was selling baseball cards online. When I solda few cards to a person in Sweden that actually sent me US funds Iknew that I had stumbled onto something really powerful!I wound up relocating back to Tuscaloosa, AL and became involvedwith a local computer retailer. It was a wonderful experience. Best ofall we were also an ISP so I had access to a constant high bandwidthInternet connection. While there I registered my first web site addressand setup a web site for myself basically focusing on Internetmarketing and doing some computer consulting and training in myarea. All along the idea of getting into some area of the motivationalindustry was still nagging at me.About the same time I started noticing that the Internet seemed to begetting an overall bad rap. That is everyone seemed to be focusingon the negative aspects of it (i.e. the adult material, etc.). Havingbeen on for a while at this point I knew that there were a greatnumber of resources available offering positive material. The catchwas that the web surfer had to know where to find it.My idea was born! I set out to make my web site as the starting pointfor all things positive online. I look back and it’s a bit funny now, butthe site was little more than a links page to start out with. Keep inmind that back then it really didn’t’ take much more than that towarrant a nice web site (how things have changed). Not long after thesite managed to get a really good placement in Yahoo! the directory.Suddenly traffic was really picking up. It became apparent that if Iwas going to keep things growing I was going to have to offer more inthe way of content than I was. Since then the site has grown to a full-blown community site including a chat room and message boards. Inow publish two motivational e-zines as well. One called Let’s TalkMotivation! Where actual motivational speakers have agreed to take

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