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Agenda 30 World History

Agenda 30 World History

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Published by Elisa Angerer
A world history agenda including a project and questions to learn about the mesoamericans
A world history agenda including a project and questions to learn about the mesoamericans

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Published by: Elisa Angerer on Nov 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 World History Agenda Name: ___________________________
 10 Minutes
By the 15
 century world we will be studying, certain areas of the world were much more technologically advanced than others. For example, Europe and Asia were, on the whole, more technologically advanced than Africa or the  Americas. In your opinion, rank the importance of the following factors in allowing for greater technologically advancement: - Superior intelligence - Greater access to trade and communication - More forgiving geography - Dumb luck  __________________________________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________________________________
BONUS: How would you guess that historians’ answer
s to this question have changed over time?  __________________________________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________________________________  __________________________________________________________________________________________
 5 Minutes
 Bulletin items, initial essay feedback, reflection reminder, binder check reminder, unit 4 preview
Cover Page
 20 Minutes  Textbook Reading
 The Maya
 20 Minutes
Guided Notes - Formative Group Project Directions:
 You are going to receive a list of 7 objects that you and your team of archeologists found at a site in the Americas. You are to use this list to identify the following features of their civilization:
How did my civilization communicate? Could they write stories, tell stories or draw pictures?
How did my civilization worship? Did they have a religion with one God or many Gods? What can we know about it?
How did my civilization find food? Did they farm? Were they hunter gatherers?
 Was my civilization warlike or peaceful?
How old is my civilization?
How large was my civilization?
 What might have been the name of my civilization? If your list does not help you to answer exactly, make an educated guess. You can choose between three different ways of presenting your finding:  Write 1 typed page (at least 300 words) to describe your civilization. If you run out of things to write about your civilization, you can compare and contrast your civilization to a group that really lived in the Americas (Maya, Aztec, Inca etc.) You will summarize this paper before the class through a 1 minute presentation of findings. Create a 5 minute documentary film. A script must be included. You will present your documentary to the class. Create a 5 minute scholarly presentation. You will deliver this presentation to the class.  An accompanying Power Point or Prezi must be included. My due date is:  ___________________________________________________________________  ___
: Charcoal Cave paintings of the Sun Bow and Arrow Spears Seeds dated at over 9,000 years old within 1 mile Similar drawings on caves  within 35 square miles. Hundreds of pictures of the Sun throughout their territory.
: Red dye from insects Cave paintings of the Moon Large rocks shaped into  weapons Organized plot of land for farming Paintings dated at 4,000 years old or older Plots of land throughout 30 square miles. Hundreds of pictures of the Moon throughout their territory.
 Stones of over 1,000 pounds used to construct Only geometric designs featured in architecture Stones dated at 11,000 years of older Signs of great destructions, implying a possible great battle to end the civilization Plot of land throughout 50 square miles Seeds found but no signs of planting  Weapons included bow and arrow and spears
: Blow gun found Hundreds of pictures of human sacrifice Sports field including stands found Stones dating at least 7,000 years old Similar ruins throughout 15 square miles Hundreds of pictures of  warrior gods Bow and Arrow No organized plot of land for farming.
Collection of insects, possibly used for their red dye. Catapult Hundreds of pictures of
: Stellas created to represent each important king of the Empire Huge span of ruins at over 100 square miles

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