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Gospel of Barnabas (Read Chapter 39)

Gospel of Barnabas (Read Chapter 39)

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Published by mgs_pk
There is an other Gospel i.e. Gospel of Barnabas. Please read Chapter 39 in which Jesus (PBUH) tells a secret to his followers.
There is an other Gospel i.e. Gospel of Barnabas. Please read Chapter 39 in which Jesus (PBUH) tells a secret to his followers.

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Published by: mgs_pk on Aug 13, 2009
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Gospel of Barnabas
The trans. Lonsdale and Laura Ragg  [London, 1907] Opening True Gospel of !esus, "alled #hrist, a ne$ prophet sent b% God to the $orld& a""ording to the des"ription of Barnabas his apostle.
Barnabas, apostle of Jesus the Nazarene, called Christ, to all them that dwell upon the earth desireth peace and consolation. Dearly beloved the great and wonderful God hath during these past days visited us by his prophet Jesus Christ in great mercy of teaching and miracles, by reason whereof many, being deceived of atan, under presence of piety, are preaching most impious doctrine, calling Jesus son of God, repudiating the circumcision ordained of God for ever, and permitting every unclean meat! among whom also "aul hath been deceived, whereof # spea$ not without grief% for which cause # am writing that truth which # have seen and heard, in the intercourse that # have had with Jesus, in order that ye may be saved, and not be deceived of atan and perish in the &udgment of God. 'herefore beware of every one that preacheth unto you new doctrine contrary to that which # write, that ye may be saved eternally. 'he great God be with you and guard you from atan and from every evil. (men.
#hapter 1 The angel Gabriel 'isits (irgin )ar% "on"erning the birth of !esus.
#n these last years a virgin called )ary, of the lineage of David, of the tribe of Judah, was visited by the angel Gabriel from God. 'his virgin, living in all holiness without any offense, being blameless, and abiding in prayer with fastings, being one day alone, there entered into her chamber the angel Gabriel, and he saluted her, saying! *God be with thee, + )ary*. 'he virgin was affrighted at the appearance of the angel% but the angel comforted her, saying! *ear not, )ary, for thou hast found favour with God, who hath chosen thee to be mother of a
prophet, whom he will send to the people of #srael in order that they may wal$ in his laws with truth of heart.*'he virgin answered! *Now how shall # bring forth sons, seeing # $now not a man-* 'he angel answered! *+ )ary, God who made man without a man is able to generate in thee man with out a man, because with him nothing is impossible.* )ary answered! *# $now that God is almighty, therefore his will be done.* 'he angel answered! *Now be conceived in thee the prophet, whom thou shalt name Jesus! and thou shalt $eep him from wine and from strong drin$ and from every unclean meat, because the child is an holy one of God.* )ary bowed herself with humility, saying!*Behold the handmaid of God, be it done according to thy word.* 'he angel departed, and the virgin glorified God, saying! */now, + my soul, the greatness of God, and e0ult, my spirit, in God my aviour% for he hath regarded the lowliness of his handmaiden, insomuch that # shall be called blessed by all the nations, for he that is mighty hath made me great, and blessed be his holy name. or his mercy e0tendeth from generation to generation of them that fear him. )ighty hath he made his hand, and he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of his heart. 1e hath put down the mighty from their seat, and hath e0alted the humble. 1im who hath been hungry hath he filled with good things, and the rich he hath sent empty away. or he $eepeth in memory the promises made to (braham and to his son for ever*.
#hapter * The $arning of the angel Gabriel gi'en to !oseph "on"erning the "on"eption of the (irgin )ar%.
)ary having $nown the will of God, fearing the people, lest they should ta$e offense at her being great with child, and should stone her as guilty of fornication, chose a companion of her own lineage, a man by name called Joseph, of blameless life! for he as a righteous man feared God and served him with fastings and prayers, living by the wor$s of his hands, for he was a carpenter. uch a man the virgin $nowing, chose him for her companion and revealed to him the divine counsel. Joseph being a righteous man, when he perceived that )ary was great with child, was minded to put her away because he feared God. Behold, whilst he slept, he was rebu$ed by the angel of God, saying *+ Joseph, why art thou minded to put away )ary thy wife- /now that whatsoever hath been wrought in her hath all been done by the will of God. 'he virgin shall bring forth a son, whom thou shall call by the name Jesus% whom thou shalt $eep from wine and strong drin$ and from every unclean meat, because he is an holy one of God from his mother*s womb. 1e is a prophet of God sent unto the people of #srael, in order that he may convert Judah to his heart, and that #srael may wal$ in the law of the 2ord, as it is written in the law of )oses. 1e shall come with great power, which God shall give him, and shall wor$ great miracles, whereby many shall be saved*. Joseph, arising from sleep, gave than$s to God, and abode with )ary all his life, serving God with all sincerity.
#hapter + onderful birth of !esus, and appearan"e of angels praising God.
'here reigned at that time in Judaea 1erod, by decree of Caesar (ugustus, and "ilate was governor in the priesthood of (nnas and Caiaphas. 3herefore, by decree of (ugustus, all the world was enrolled% wherefore each one went to his own country, and they presented themselves by their own tribes to be enrolled. Joseph accordingly departed from Nazareth, a city of Galilee, with )ary his wife, great with child, to go to Bethlehem 4for that it was his city, he being of the lineage of David5, in order that he might be enrolled according to the decree of Caesar. Joseph having arrived at Bethlehem, for that the city was small, and great the multitude of them that were strangers there, he found no place, wherefore he too$ lodging outside the city in a lodging made for a shepherds* shelter. 3hile Joseph abode there the days were fulfilled for )ary to bring forth. 'he virgin was surrounded by a light e0ceeding bright, and brought forth her son without pain, whom she too$ in her arms, and wrapping him in swaddlingclothes, laid him in the manger, because there was no room in the inn. 'here came with gladness a great multitude of angels to the inn, blessing God and announcing peace to them that fear God. )ary and Joseph praisedthe 2ord for the birth of Jesus, and with greatest &oy nurtured him.
#hapter -  ngels announ"ed to the shepherds the birth of !esus, and the%, after ha'ing found hi/, announ"e hi/.
 (t that time the shepherds were watching over their floc$, as is their custom. (nd, behold, they were surrounded by an e0ceeding bright light, out of which appeared to them an angel, who blessed God. 'he shepherds were filled with fear by reason of the sudden light and the appearance of the angel% whereupon the angel of the 2ord comforted them, saying! *Behold, # announce to you a great &oy, for there is born in the city of David a child who is a prophet of the 2ord% who bringeth great salvation to the house of #srael. 'hechild ye shall find in the manger, with his mother, who blesseth God.*  (nd when he had said this there came a great multitude of angels blessing God, announcing peace to them that have good will. 3hen the angels were departed, the shepherds spa$e among themselves, saying! *2et us go even unto Bethlehem, and see the word which God by his angel hath announced to us.* 'here came many shepherds to Bethlehem see$ing the newborn babe. and they found outside the city the child that was born. according to the word of the angel. lying in the manger. 'hey therefore made obeisance to him, and gave to the mother that which they had, announcing to her what they had heard and seen. )ary therefore $ept all these things in her heart, and Joseph 6li$ewise7, giving than$s to God. 'he shepherds returned to their floc$, announcing to everyone how great a thing they had seen. (nd so the whole hillcountry of Judaea was filled with fear, and every man laid up this word in his heart, saying! *3hat, thin$ we, shall this child be-*
#hapter  #ir"u/"ision of !esus

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