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The twenty-fifth chapter of From Vain to Dandy.
The twenty-fifth chapter of From Vain to Dandy.

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Published by: Minh Phuong Nguyen Vo on Nov 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From Vain to Dandy Chapter 25
Chapter 25
Right when Harvey Hunt strolled off the plane with his younger companion by his side, he switched off the flight mode on his cell phone !n a matter of seconds, he s"immed through various e#mails and te$t messages from his %ne Heart branch manager, &illian 'eDu"e, as well as his devoted members of a year, before he noticed the latest te$t message he received was from none other than (a"e )ar"e *s e$pected of the romantic Californian conversationalist, the te$t message was long and wordy +ut Harvey could sum up the message in one sentence +e mentally prepared for all the conversationalists at the California +ranch e$cept for the young Darren Christie, who needed to attend school at this hour -ith a toothy grin on his face, Harvey dialed (a"e.s number/*re you getting off the plane01 (a"e as"ed instantly after he pic"ed up -al"ing down the ramp slower than before, Harvey sensed the an$iety from (a"e and chuc"led /o hello0 o than" you0 -here are your manners01/3ou.re almost here, right01/3es, (ac4uie and ! are almost out in the open1 %n purpose, Harvey held his arm out and "ept his young companion from ta"ing a step further /%ne 4uic" 4uestion though, (a"e1/3eah01/!s +laine -est with you01(a"e released a long sigh since he should have e$pected as much, especially from another %ne Heart conversationalist /-hy don.t you pic" him out from the masses for  yourself0 %r are you going to hold my daughter hostage until you meet him01/! accept the challenge,1 Harvey said, gleeful/! was "idding1/! should be more than capable to locate him in a crowd1
6he shorter companion tugged onto Harvey.s sleeve, interrupting his conversation  with her father /7ay !, Harvey01Harvey loo"ed down and understood her immediately /Hold on (ac4uie wants to tal" to you for a second, (a"e16han"ing Harvey first, (ac4uie )ar"e then held the cell phone carefully to her right ear /8ood morning, Father How many people are with you01/Really, (ac4uie0 3ou.re going to play this game, too01(ac4uie e$changed a loo" with Harvey /!f my guardian is prepared to test out his abilities, ! may as well employ mine *n idle brain is no good1/! want to see you so 9ust come out already1!n (ac4uie )ar"e.s eyes, there was no living man more than handsome than her father %b9ectively spea"ing, she "new this was not the case, but sometimes, she reasoned that it was better to not be ob9ective about something li"e beauty :till, (ac4uie.s eyes were drawn to the redhead standing not too far behind her father 3es, there was no 4uestion about it 6hat handsome man was the person Harvey had told her about recently :econd to only her father, (ac4uie had yearned to meet +laine -est, the man with the unlimited potential, the most From her perspective, he was also the one responsible for ta"ing her mother away from her /Father1 (ac4uie cried and ran over in (a"e.s direction 6he other members of the %ne Heart watched in awe as she pic"ed up speed at an unbelievable rate and leaped over the tape between her and her father without much effort 6han"fully, (a"e managed to catch her in time as she wrapped her arms snugly around his nec" and "issed his chec" several times /Have you not been eating well, Father0 3ou have lost at least twenty pounds1/-hen.s the last time you last visited your father, 7iss (ac4uie )ar"e0 He.s been li"e this for a while now,1 (oel said to (ac4uie before he held his palm out to her /7y name is;1 /7ister (oel <duardo1 (ac4uie finished for the branch manager, who confirmed her
deduction :he shoo" his hand and beamed at him in response /ice to meet you at last  *nd ! haven.t seen my father in two years, but even before that, ! only stayed with him for short periods of time1/-hy is that01 'iam 9oined in /!sn.t it sad to be away from your father01(ac4uie reached out and shoo" 'iam.s hand, too /6his must be the &ing1 'iam also confirmed for her /3es, ! miss Father, but there.s nothing ! can do about it ! attended boarding school before ! studied abroad in <ngland and 8ermany two years ago *fter ! graduated last year, Father and ! decided it was best that ! too" a year off to travel all over <urope Harvey too" care of me1/+ut you.re only twelve years old01 &enichi 4uestioned, observing the girl with sil"y, straight blac" hair that reached her shoulders and e4ually blac" eyes from top to bottom :he had the longest eyelashes for a child/Correct *nd is this the 4uir"y &enichi :a"urada01/3ou may call me =<tchi., 7iss (ac4uie )ar"e,1 &enichi said as he accepted her hand and "issed it with a sweet, dashing grin on his face (ac4uie shoo" her head /3ou can.t win me over, <tchi ! won.t become one of your members1 oticing the curious loo"s surrounding her, (ac4uie understood that she became a celebrity of some sort and continued to address the rest of them /%h, yes ! graduated prematurely for students my age, but ! am very happy for the opportunity to admire the bright lights of )aris and the waterfalls of the 'auterbrunnen Valley *ll the la"es and mountains that are within my grasp put me in such a stupor and inspire me to maybe reprint them for the world to behold, albeit never as perfect as the original1/!ncredible,1 'ogan said in ama>ement /3ou sound similar to (a"e1/-hat do you mean by that01 (a"e as"ed 'ogan with a grin(ac4uie gasped and shoo" 'ogan.s hand ne$t /'ogan Holly, it is an honor to meet  you ! love reading your forum.s posts1 (ac4uie could not contain her e$citement as she turned to -eston and switched over to grip his hands /6his must be -eston *ndrews )lease forgive me for ta"ing a while to reason out who you are 3ou.re from a different

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