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Blog Marketing News For This Week

Blog Marketing News For This Week

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Published by David Risley

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Published by: David Risley on Nov 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blog Marketing News For This Week 
6 Strategies To Avoid OverwhelmAnd Actually Grow Your Business
Chances are, the honest truth is that you probably shouldn’t bereading this blog post right now. You probably have more important things to do. There’s nodoubt there are certain actions you could be doing right now  which would grow your blog and your business. But, instead, you are here and reading this post.Now, don’t go away! Because, my intention is to make thispost definitely worth the few minutes it will take to read it.I know from my constant interaction with my readers thatthe biggest constraints to growing your blog and business isusually not things like niche, traffic, email list, etc. No, theproblem is US. You and me.See, everything that we do in our businesses is a system. But, it just so happens that WE are a pretty big part of that system. So,if we’re sitting around in a self-induced stupor of informationoverload and overwhelm, then WE are the constraint to thegrowth of our own business. This means that we have to handleourselves first before trying to embark too far into the businessend of things. We all – each and every damn one of us – could work moreefficiently than we do. It is a gradient scale. Some people getquite a bit done, but even they could improve. Sadly, mostpeople don’t get very much work done. They just think they do.So, ho w bout we do a little something about it, heh?
Before you continue reading, I want you to make a promise tome. A ctually, make it to yourself. And, it is… You must promise to take at least one of these actions in thispost and make damn sure to implement it.Truth is, there’s not anything in this post which is going to break new ground. I doubt there’s much in this post which youhaven’t seen or heard before. Most of us KNOW we need to dothese things – but we don’t.But, you must make the commitment now. Don’t try to bite off the entire thing at once. Going from mental chaos to a model of efficiency isn’t going to happen immediately. So, cut yourself some slack. But, you DO have to make a commitment to dosomething about it.Pick one of these things – and make a particular point tochange your ways and implement it fully. M’kay?OK. Let’s go.
#1 – Put On Your Executive Hat
“As the old saying goes, sometimes you have to work ON your business rather than IN it.”Most people who try to grow their businesses are doing itsingle-handedly. This means that you’re usually wearing your“worker” hat. You’re sitting there cranking, and basically just
 forward as much as you can.Problem is, most of that plowing lacks any direction at all.Back up and look at the way most organizations run. There isa hierarchy. And, it is an executive of some kind whose job itis to look at the big picture, to determine strategies, to createstrategic plans, then set those things into motion. The act of creating those plans is DIFFERENT than the work involved with doing it. They are two completely different modes of operation.
This means that you MUST begin to wear your executive hatand do it separately from your worker hat. As the old sayinggoes, sometimes you have to work ON your business ratherthan IN it.Is the extent of your planning to write down a to-do list in themorning? Is that to-do list mainly a list of things you hope toget done? Does that list align with any other weekly/month/ yearly strategy lists? Do you even have a strategy that you’re working by, or are you just sitting down and taking mindlessaction every day in the hope it will work? WHAT TO DO: Set aside a block of time each week where youstop all work. You separate yourself from it and you put on your executive hat. This is that time when you determine theoverall direction of things. During this time, you are your own boss. What would you tell your employee to do to keep thingsmoving along toward your strategic objective?
#2 – Stop Trying To Be A Hero
“When I see new bloggers spending weeks on little site tweaksor trying to make their own logo, I wince a little. Stop tryingto be the hero.” You don’t have to be that person who takes the entire worldon your shoulders, tries to do everything by yourself, then sitthere and try to convince yourself how special you are because you’re so busy.Truth is, if you’re so busy that you feel like you barely havetime to breathe, then you’re doing something wrong. You havenothing to feel special about. Some people wear the badge of overwhelm like we’re all supposed to think you’re important.But, it really just tells me that you don’t have good systems setup and you’re a constraint. When I see new bloggers spending weeks on little site tweaksor trying to make their own logo, I wince a little. Stop tryingto be the hero. You should be focusing on those things that you can do. We’reall different and each of us have different skill sets. Somepeople are good with technical stuff while others are morecreative. Embrace who you are and stop running from the ideaof simply having others do things for you. They’ll do it a LOTfaster than you and it will free you up to concentrate on moreimportant things. I can guarantee you that you’ll grow your business better if you are free to concentrate on what you’regood at. You’ll actually hamper yourself by trying to be thehero.Of course, for many, this brings up the dreaded word“outsourcing”. And your knee-jerk reaction is that you don’thave the money for it. Well, my readers know I’m a straight-shooter, so I’m not goingto pull any punches. My response is “bullshit!”. You have themoney. You’re simply choosing now to spend it because youhaven’t realized how important it is. How many people outthere say they can’t afford to outsource, yet they went out and bought an iPad or some other gizmo. Point is, it is very rarely about lack of money. It is about lack of priority.In a world where Fiverr exists, there is no excuse to not hirepeople to do things for you. WHAT TO DO: Make one list which contains those things you like doing or you’re confident you can do well. Makeanother list of those things which you’re no good at and youreally shouldn’t be doing. Then, find a way to begin offloadingeverything on the second list. Create systems (procedures) foreverything on the first list so that it is eventually doable by somebody else.
#3 – Organize Your Efforts
Most of us know that organizing our stuff is important.Keeping our workspace clean and organized just helps us getmore done.But, what about effort?“Effort is a very real commodity. It is work. It is attention. Andit must be flowed in an organized way for anything to happen.”Does your work often seem like one big, confusing ball of effort? You have the goal of “grow my blog and make somemoney with it”. You’re clear on that. But, when it comes todoing it, you’re sorta lost without any real direction. You justkinda throw effort up against the wall and hope somethingsticks.Effort is a very real commodity. It is work. It is attention. Andit must be flowed in an organized way for anything to happen. When there is no FLOW to your effort, then it would be alotlike blasting a water hose into a wall. The water just hits the wall and scatters and nothing happens.The way to organize your effort is to begin breaking youractivities into systems. I did a whole series on systems. Check out these posts:
Introduction to Systems
Intro to Academy Business System What you’ll notice is that I’ve taken the big ball of effortand I’ve broken it down into certain categories of task. Thosegroupings represent major areas of similar effort. Then, they can be broken down even further. What this does is gives you structure. When you sit down to doa particular task in your business, then you can more properly focus on that task without sitting there thinking about all theother stuff. Because you’ve effectively separated it out intoits own thing. The system takes care of ensuring it all flowstogether. When you take this concept out further, you havethe makings of how you make a business which can operate whether you’re there or not. WHAT TO DO: I want you to list out every single kind of task that you find yourself doing in your business. Once done, begingrouping similar tasks together. You can use the  Academy Business System as a reference to help you do this. Assign eachof the groupings a heading, as I have done in the ABS.
#4 – Stop Taking Hits On The Attention-Reducing Crack Pipe
“I could have sworn I saw a study at one point which said thatFacebook activates the same parts of the brain as a crack hit.I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.”
Our attention is one of our most important assets. And, mostonline entrepreneurs do a shitty job of managing it.Consider this: Have you ever been really focused on somethingand had your thought process interrupted by a phone call? When the call is complete, it usually takes several minutes tore-gain the mental focus you had before the call. The averageis about 20 minutes. That’s 20 minutes of wasted time all because you picked up the phone. With most of us, we’re repeating this mistake all day. We eitherdon’t practice any control on our environment and thereforelet things interrupt us constantly… OR we actively INVITEdistraction into our days by sitting on Facebook, checking ouremail constantly, watching TV, etc. We’re in a constant stateof unrealized focus.I see parallels. Do you?Most of us are acting like drug addicts!! Facebook and ouremail are the hits we need to maintain the addiction. I couldhave sworn I saw a study at one point which said that Facebook activates the same parts of the brain as a crack hit. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. Afraid you’re going to miss something important? Hmmm…sounds like a drug addict who is afraid of not getting his hit. Well, we know that the first step to getting off of addiction isadmitting you have a problem. So, let’s just admit it. OK? Wehave an addiction. Ultimately, it comes down to self-control. Being in the business we’re in, getting off of social media altogethermight not be very smart. Abandoning your inbox wouldn’t beeither. But, let’s not use that as an excuse to maintain ourself-defeating ways. The solution is to design routines andprocedures which will keep the bad habit from happening.BTW, I opened this blog post by saying you probably shouldn’t be reading it. It was ironic, I know… but let me make thispoint…Have you ever had the thought that going around and reading blogs about blogging was somehow useful to growing yourOWN blog? Chances are, you have. But, ask yourself… has it worked? Chances are, you already know of several things youshould be doing to grow your business. You don’t need me orany other blogger to tell you those things. And, the time youspend keeping tabs on all these blogs is just time spent NOTdoing those things to grow your business. Sure, you can getideas. But, your attention is valuable. Do you need more ideas when you already have a ton of ideas you haven’t implemented yet?I once heard Jason, from Internet Business Mastery , use aterm called “just in time learning”. It means you only learna particular thing when you need to know that thing for aspecific goal you’re working on. You’re not endlessly readingand learning. Instead, you learn with a specific outcome inmind.I know it seems self-defeating to tell you that. After all, I’m inthe business of content and I really want you to come here andread what I have to say. But, all I can say is… be in control of  your attention. I’ll try to make everything I release super usefuland effective for your time, but you gotta do what you gotta do. WHAT TO DO: Sit down and sincerely re-evaluate yourrelationship with social media, your email, your TV, yourphones, etc. Can you reorganize your day to put controls onthese things? If you have a TV in your office, can you removeit? Can you turn the ringer off on your phone? Can you close your social media and email tabs in your browser? And, if youhonestly can’t keep yourself from re-opening them when youshouldn’t, then your addiction is worse than you thought. A good solution might be accountability partners where you haveto report to them what you’ve been doing.
#5 – Know Thy Outcome
It is a bit hard to set out to do some task when you don’t know  what the outcome of the task is. That’s like being sent out todrive somewhere and not being told what your destination is.Not knowing the exact outcome you’re shooting for is whatleads to busy-work. It is what leads to overwhelm andconfusion. And, then we end up going after the low-hangingfruit like… Facebook. And we’re right back into the additioncircuit again (See above). Really self-defeating.“There’s nothing more overwhelm-inducing than action notguided by a known outcome.”Every single task you set out to do… you should be CRYSTALclear on exactly what the outcome is supposed to look like. And, when that outcome is gotten, STOP! Don’t sit there andtweak it. Just stop and move on.Ever gotten into the endless loop of tweaking your blog’sdesign? You set out to do one thing, then before you know it you’re sitting there screwing around with pretty much every design element there is on your site. In the world of software,they call this “feature creep”.The reason this happens is because they weren’t crystal clearon the exact outcome. The outcome was vague and that opensthe door to feature creep.If we back up and re-visit the idea of systems (See “Organize Your Efforts” above), then it should now be obvious that every single system HAS to have a clear, known and specific outcometo it. Every section of your business needs to have a clearly stated end product. Your business has to have a clearly statedend product. No matter how high or low you want to go – fromthe global view of your business all the way down to that little5 minute task you do in the morning – ALL of it needs to betoward a clearly stated and known outcome. When you don’t do this, you introduce feature creep. And youintroduce that big ball of effort I talked about earlier. There’s

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