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i Don't Believe in Ready-made Answers

i Don't Believe in Ready-made Answers

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Published by LucianDan

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Published by: LucianDan on Nov 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Osho, Why are your words so puzzling? \\Osho:// I AM SAYING SO MANY THINGS. I have to say them because I AM TALKING TO SO MANY PEOPLE. And I am talking to ALL kinds of people. Mahavir was talking to only one type -- his words are not puzzling. Buddha was talking to only one kind of people -- his words are not puzzling. I am talking to ALL kinds of people. I have not chosen a particular type to work with. MY WORK IS UNIVERSAL; IT IS NOT SECTARIAN. It is easy to talk to a particular type. Then you can remain consistent. But when you are dealing with so many types, you have to look to different needs, you have to answer different needs. You have to respond to different minds. So if you read me, my words can be puzzling... ONE DAY I SAY ONE THING, ANOTHER DAY I SAY ANOTHER THING. To one person one thing, to another, immediately afterwards, I MAY SAY JUST THE OPPOSITE. The reason is: my concern is not about any answers -- I have NO answers in particular. I DON'T BELIEVE IN READY-MADE ANSWERS. I look into the person and I respond to him. MY ANSWER IS ACCORDING TO HIS NEED. And tomorrow he may come, and he may ask the same question, and my answer may be different -- because tomorrow his need may be different. Maybe the words are the same, but tomorrow I will reflect his tomorrow; today I reflect his today. I AM JUST A MIRROR! If you look into me, you will find your face reflected in it. I DON'T HAVE A FIXED IDEA TO GIVE TO YOU. I am not teaching a philosophy here. Rather, I am teaching you a state of no-mind. I am not interested in creating a certain face for you. My whole effort here is to destroy ALL your faces so your original face surfaces, so you come to know exactly how God had made you. Much has to be withdrawn from you. I AM NOT GIVING YOU KNOWLEDGE: I AM TAKING YOUR KNOWLEDGE AWAY. And then, when I say something to you, I say one thing -- you may understand another. WORDS CANNOT BE VERY EXACT. And the higher you move into the world of consciousness, the less exact they become. At the lowest, they are very exact. In mathematics they are very exact. Two plus two is four. Mathematics is an exact science. Metaphysics is not -- it cannot be. The higher you go, the vaguer the words become. AT THE HIGHEST PEAK OF UNDERSTANDING, WORDS ARE ALMOST MEANINGLESS. But still they have to be used, because you cannot understand anything else. SOON I HOPE THE DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND MY SILENCE. It is happening, slowly slowly. I am watching it happening. When I feel that now silence can become a communication -- you can just be with me in silence, and you will get something, AND YOU WILL BE THRILLED, AND THE ECSTASY WILL ARISE IN YOU, and you will be overwhelmed -- then any day I can stop using words. But words are dangerous tools. I MAY MEAN ONE THING, YOU MAY UNDERSTAND ANOTHER. A man was reading the menu in a restaurant and asked the waitress, "What kind of soup do you have today?" "Oh," she answered, "we have turtle soup and pea soup."

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