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How to Stop Making Excuses

How to Stop Making Excuses

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Published by S. James Webb

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Published by: S. James Webb on Aug 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to Stop Making Excuses
Do you even believe your own excuses? The fact is, you are responsible for your life, and everything in it. All of it.Every little bit, even the tragic, sad, and painful parts, as well as the happy,exhilarating and wow parts.Now before you delete this, hear me. I’m not saying you’re to blame. I’msaying you’re responsible.What’s the difference? We all know what blame is: that’s saying thatsomeone’s behavior was the cause of something. Usually somethingunfortunate, unpleasant, or unhappy. The word ‘blame’ also carries theconnotation of wrongdoing, neglect, stupidity, or ‘fault.’Sometimes we blame other people, sometimes we blame God. Or Fate. Orour great-grandparents for passing these defective genes down the line towhere we got stuck with them. But we blame. And as long as we blame, weare refusing to take responsibility. We are pointing a finger outward, insteadof looking inward to find our solutions, our resources, and our greatest pathto joy and a fulfilled life.In short, we are making excuses. And an excuse, by definition, excuses usfrom taking responsibility.Responsibility is something quite different. If I work in the kitchen of arestaurant, I might be responsible for washing dishes, even if I didn’t actuallydirty them.See what I mean?We are responsible for whatever is in our life.Whether we put it there or not. Think of it as our charge, our job to do. Our job in this life is to deal withwhatever shows up.Now, you have a choice. You can say “I didn’t ask for this” and resent it, or you can say, “oh, look, anopportunity to learn and grow my spirit – what can I do with this?” You can say to yourself that it’s just bad luck, and resent the injustice thatyou got dealt a crummy hand and the gal or guy next to you got a winning

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