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Children's Sermons in Psalms-song of Solomon

Children's Sermons in Psalms-song of Solomon

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Published by glennpease



' Like a tree planted by the rivers of water.' — Psalm i. 3.



' Like a tree planted by the rivers of water.' — Psalm i. 3.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHILDRE'S SERMOS I PSALMS-SOG OF SOLOMOEDITED BY SIR W. ROBERTSO ICOLL, M.A., LL. D. PSALMS A BIBLE PICTURE ' Like a tree planted by the rivers of water.' — Psalm i. 3. I WAS staving for a few days on the banks of the Hudson, in America, and my host drove me to see some rocks called the Palisades. It was one of the hottest days of summer. The road went up through half-cleared brushwood and forest. The grass, the wayside flowers, the leaves on the trees, had a withered and sickly look. The labourers in the fields seemed to be weighted with lead as they swung their scythes. The horse was covered with sweat. And we ourselves had long since sunk into silence, anxious only to shelter our heads from the pitiless heat. Sudden! v we passed into a cooler air. The shadow of great ti'ees covered us ; and my host halted his horse to let it cool. ' Come this way,' he said, when he had made horse and wagonette fast to a fence. And he led the way through the trees and down a footpath into a hollow, where there was a spring of the clearest and coolest water. The brushwood leaves had made a rich border all around its edges, but underneath the water stole and made a way for itself down the centre of the hollow and beyond, until we could see the gleam of it shining like a thread of light for several hundred yards. As we sat in this delicious coolness enjoying both
the water and the shade, I was struck with the differ- ence of the leaves in this hollow with those we had seen by the way. They were green and fresh like the leaves of spring. Then I remembered a word in Jeremiah about 'the man that trusteth in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is, that he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when trial cometh ; but her leaf shall be green '. And I said to myself, 'Here in this hollow, on the banks of the Hudson, is the very picture which Jeremiah saw long ago in the East, and it is showing forth still, to all who will see it, the beauty, the freshness, and the joy of being a child of God '. It is a Bible picture; and among Bible pictures there is none more beautiful or true. 'Like a tree planted by the watei-s.' How fair, how pleasant to the eye a tree so planted is I Its leaves do not wither ; its strength does not fail ; it brings forth its fruit in its season. And under its branches in hot days there is refreshing shade for both man and beast. And such as that is every child of God — so fair, so fresh, so fruitful to the very end of life. As the ninety- second Psalm says : ' They shall bring forth fruit in old age : they shall be fat and flourishing '. Where the prophet Ezekiel has to describe a multi- tude of God's children he uses the same picture. He describes a multitude of trees on the banks of a river. And he also tells how those trees come to be so fair and plentiful. It is because they are nourished by the river of the life of God in the world. And this river of the life of God in the world is just the Gos- pel. It is the Gospel, partly in the Bible and partly in the lives of God's people. Ezekiel takes us to the door of a church, and points to a tiny little spring of water trickling out from under the steps. As small
a thing as that is the first preaching of the Gospel. It is a still small voice, a single word, a little thing sent out from the church — sent out into a new countr}' where nobody yet knows of God's love. But just as the .spring that trickles out of the earth becomes a little stream, and the little stream deepens at evei'y step — up to the ankles now, and now up to the knees  — ^until by and by it becomes a great stream in which swimmers can swim, and fi.shermen cast their nets, so with the preaching of the Gospel. Once begun it spreads through the entire land ; and then, just as when a river has deepened and spread iu a land great trees spring up on its banks and make a fore.st, so, as the goodness of God's love comes to be talked about and carried from one to another over all the land, people who did not know God and did not care for Him are drawn to Him ; and tens, hundreds, and at last thousands are seen worshipping and serving Him with gladness of heart. The land is filled with them. On the old highway between Jerusalem and Baby- lon, in the days of the great King Solomon, lay a far- spreading wilderness. Travellers could find in it neither shelter, nor resting place, nor food. The King said, ' I will build a city for shelter and for rest in this wilderness'. Far up among the hills were springs and rivers of water. The King caused canals to be cut in the sides of the hills and along the plains to the heart of the wilderness. And there on the banks he planted palm trees for food and for shelter, and beside them streets of houses for refreshment and rest. And he called the new city Tadmor — the City of Palms ; but some time in after days it came to be called Palmyra. In the second Book of Chronicles it is called Tad- mor in the Wilderness. I once heard a minister preach from the text, ' The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree,' and he

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