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Pr Week Best Places to Work Questions 2013

Pr Week Best Places to Work Questions 2013

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Published by lynseybarber
PRWeek's Best Places to Work questions
PRWeek's Best Places to Work questions

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Published by: lynseybarber on Nov 19, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRWeek’s Best Places to Work Awards 2013.
This year, the awards are open to both PR agencies and inhouse comms departments. To enter, you will need to fill out all parts of the following questionnaire. All entries must be submitted online. Winners will receive a certificate and be invited to participate in a high level debate around on employment issues. There is a £! charge to enter.
The deadline is Wednesday 4 Decemer.
We may publish any information you submit, unless you clearly mar" it confidential. We are planning to publish the results in our #anuary edition. Please only submit one entry per organisation. $f you need any help, please email PRWee"%eatures&haymar"et.com
Part 1! "ontact in#ormation
 'ame of consultancy(inhouse department  'ame and )ob title of person filling in surveyWor" address*ontact telephone number *ontact email address
Part 2! Ao$t %o$r "om&any
Which of the following categories best describes your wor"place+mall - / 0 employees12id3si4ed -5! / 00 employees16arge -7!!8 employees1$nhouse department
9ow many staff do you currently employ -'ov !751+
(If you are a Sarbox agency we will use our estimate in the Top 150 Consultancies table).
 Please provide your staff turnover for the last 7 months -'ov !7 / 'ov !751 as a  percentage. Which, if any, of the following benefits do you offer+ #ob share %le:ible hours Wor"ing from home *hildcare vouchers Private healthcare %ree(subsidised sports or gym membership ;onuses abbaticals(career brea"s %le:ible benefits pac"age Performance3related pay hare ownership econdments<ther -please specify1 =o you have a diversity co3ordinator or a member of staff with responsibility for diversity+ =edicated diversity co3ordinator 2ember of staff with responsibility for diversity  'o staff member assigned to diversity<ther -please specify1 =o you have a 9R department, 9R co3ordinator or member of staff whose )ob function it is to oversee 9R+
9R department 9R co3ordinator taff member with 9R function  'o 9R <ther -please specify1 $s your company(department a member of any professional bodies+ $f yes, please say which. Are staff supported if they wish to become members of professional bodies+ $f yes, please detail how.9ave you made anyone redundant in the last 7 months+Are staff offered statutory or enhanced payment if they are made redundant+9ow many hours do you believe staff wor" per wee" on average+9ow often do you e:pect staff to wor" out of hours -eg at evening events, or be on call on wee"ends etc1+ =o you offer staff time in lieu if they wor" outside their contracted hours -eg in the evenings or at wee"ends1+9ow many holiday days are staff given+=o you have any local community initiatives or volunteering schemes among your staff+ $f yes, please give detailsWhat does your organisation do to communicate company news, strategy and information to employees and do you encourage feedbac"+=o you involve staff in setting business goals and strategy and do you engage with them as  part of the decision ma"ing process+ $f yes, then how do you do this+=o employees have a mechanism to air their views or ma"e suggestions about the running of the company+9ow do you measure staff satisfaction+ -ie =o you underta"e an engagement survey and(or  benchmar" engagement or employee satisfaction against other organisations+1*an you give any evidence of something that you have changed as a result of staff feedbac"+ <r a new policy that has been implemented as a result of a staff suggestion+

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