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The Quill (11-13)

The Quill (11-13)

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Published by Timesreview
Read the first edition for the 2013-14 school year of Greenport's school newspaper, 'The Quill'
Read the first edition for the 2013-14 school year of Greenport's school newspaper, 'The Quill'

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Published by: Timesreview on Nov 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greenport High School’s Award-Winning Newspaper
November 2013
 Volume 87
Issue IPorters’
I don’t like it at all. With 2 APs and no lunch, I can’t perform to the best of my abilities. -Brian Tuthill
That’s why they make lunchboxes.-Sean Walden
[GHS students] Have you ever not had a lunch period? *Grades 8-12* 
 Yes No
Crackdown on Absences Leaves No Absence of Controversy
By Briana Pagano ‘14
2The Quill - November 2013
Volume 87, Issue I
November, 2013
Editorial Board
Mrs. Viggiano
Briana Pagano
Skye Gillispie
Sarah TuthillShyane JonesBrandi Gonzalez
Neville Reece
Katie TuthillLauren SmithAngelina PaganoMarina DeLucaMaria Soriano Matthew DrinkwaterCate CreedonEdgar PocasangreYanet Garcia
Stephanie WrightNina Aurichio Charis Stoner
We welcome any kind of mail! To submit letters to the editor, comments, or suggestions, please email us at: viggiano@gufsd.org!
*The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the individual writers and are not necessarily those of GHS, this publication, or the editors. All articles submitted for publication are subject to editing.
Greenport High School720 Front St. Greenport NY, 11944www.gufsd.org
AP Classes or Lunch: You Decide
By Marina DeLuca ‘15
 “Eat a good breakfast on test days!” 
 Tis is the usual advice teachers give students, and it applies to more than just breakfast. It is very important for growing kids and teens to get proper nutrition, thus they need to eat healthy meals throughout the day. One of these meals is lunch. How can students focus on their classes when their stomachs are making gurgling sounds and they can practically taste the food they are craving? Having a lunch period allows students to satisfy their hunger, talk to their friends, and study a little more for their next big upcoming test. Lunch helps students to have the energy to get through the day. So why is it that in the past couple of years, there have been masses of students lacking a lunch period? Tis epidemic is targeting many of the students involved in AP (advanced placement) classes. Tese students are the primary targets because many AP classes are only offered during lunch periods, and therefore many of the kids involved in multiple  APs dont have a lunch period. Tis upsets students to the point where they sometimes drop an AP class in order to have lunch. Junior Sean Walden says, “It sucked [not having a lunch.] I dropped AP Microeconomics so I could have a lunch period.” Tis lack of lunch periods is causing high caliber students to drop the classes that they belong in. Not having a lunch period is also particularly hard for students involved in afterschool activities. If they are eating very early, snacking in classes here and there, or not eating at all, they are starving by the time sports and other activities start. Some only have a little time for a quick snack and are forced to continue on in their hectic schedules. Athletes who aren’t eating properly are at risk of passing out when they play,  which is something no one wants to happen. GHS students have found that there is little to no way that they can take multiple  AP classes alongside their normal grade level classes and have a lunch period. However, GHS
take steps to try to help AP students to have a lunch period by adding 7th period lunch to kids’ schedules. Tis new lunch period does help by giving kids who  would otherwise not have a scheduled lunch period time to eat, but it is not the perfect solution. Junior Emma Marshall says, “It’s hard to focus on my AP classes because I’m so hungry.” Even though students like Marshall do have a lunch period, they are so hungry throughout the day that they can hardly focus on the tasks in front of them. Te cafeteria provides limited food service during 7th period, so students are usually forced to either bring in lunch or go out to eat. 
3The Quill - November 2013
 Another solution to the lunch problem that oftentimes arises is that kids without lunch periods are granted permission to run to the cafeteria and buy lunch to bring back to class. Tis also has its downfalls, though. Eating in class can be a distraction to both the student and his or her surrounding peers. Also, if there are a lot of kids in a class who are leaving to get lunch, the start of class is delayed. Tis can, in turn, cause the teacher to rush through particular topics and spend less time on important subject matter. Students should be given lunch periods to avoid problems like these. Schools should encourage their students to take classes that will challenge them as well as allow them to excel. Now, the known fact that students who take challenging classes may not have lunch is a huge deterrent to many students. Tis is the last thing school officials should want.  When kids go to school, they should be encouraged to challenge themselves, but not to the point where they can’t eat during the school day. Even though this lack of lunch is extremely frustrating, students shouldn’t get too down. Senior Dory Lieblein is working on a petition  with the goal of making lunch mandatory. So students who dont have a lunch period: go and sign her petition!

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