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True Blood Season 2 Ep6 Subtitles

True Blood Season 2 Ep6 Subtitles

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Published by: True Blood in Dallas on Aug 14, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100:00:26,667 --> 00:00:28,534Oh, that's it, baby.200:00:31,133 --> 00:00:32,767"Baby"?300:00:32,801 --> 00:00:37,567I am a overa thousand years old.400:00:37,601 --> 00:00:39,267Are you not having a good time?500:00:39,300 --> 00:00:41,701There's just notmuch thrill left600:00:41,734 --> 00:00:42,868in feeding on the willing.700:00:44,834 --> 00:00:46,767Then should I trypretending not to want it?800:00:48,200 --> 00:00:52,934Only if you are very,very good at it.900:00:56,501 --> 00:00:58,400Stop. Get off me.1000:01:00,868 --> 00:01:05,534You sick bloodsucking bastard.1100:01:13,934 --> 00:01:15,067Off you go.1200:01:19,901 --> 00:01:21,701Tell your manageryou were magnificent.1300:01:21,734 --> 00:01:24,367I'll back up yourstory if he calls.
1400:01:30,434 --> 00:01:32,200I was beginningto think you weren't going1500:01:32,234 --> 00:01:34,400to accept my invitation, Lorena.1600:01:34,434 --> 00:01:40,567For a vampire,you're a terrible liar.1700:01:41,000 --> 00:01:49,000<font color=#38B0DE>transcript: yyets.net - sync: honeybunnywww.addic7ed.comTrue Blood S02 E06</font>1800:03:25,434 --> 00:03:27,167Tell them to go away.1900:03:27,200 --> 00:03:28,167Shh.2000:03:28,200 --> 00:03:29,934It could be anyone.2100:03:34,000 --> 00:03:35,300Who is there?2200:03:35,334 --> 00:03:36,901Isabel, from the summit.2300:03:40,968 --> 00:03:42,534And who is this?2400:03:42,567 --> 00:03:45,467His name is Hugo.2500:03:45,501 --> 00:03:46,868He is mine.2600:03:53,601 --> 00:03:55,033I could see how worried you were
2700:03:55,067 --> 00:03:56,968about Sookie infiltratingthe Fellowship,2800:03:57,000 --> 00:03:59,267and I thought Hugo could help.2900:03:59,300 --> 00:04:01,234And why would youwant to help us?3000:04:01,267 --> 00:04:03,601Because Godric is my sheriff,not yours.3100:04:03,634 --> 00:04:05,567It would be criminal of me3200:04:05,601 --> 00:04:09,567to let you take this riskwithout my at least offering.3300:04:09,601 --> 00:04:11,467And why would youwant to help us?3400:04:11,501 --> 00:04:13,367Well, I would do anythingfor Isabel.3500:04:13,400 --> 00:04:16,767Forever, and not justmy forever, your forever.3600:04:16,801 --> 00:04:19,367and forever and forever...3700:04:19,400 --> 00:04:21,501It's true, he would.3800:04:21,534 --> 00:04:22,534He loves her.3900:04:23,801 --> 00:04:25,267

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