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2013 Nashua Holiday Stroll Program Notes

2013 Nashua Holiday Stroll Program Notes

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Published by Carol Robidoux
Entertainment planned for 2013 Nashua Holiday Stroll.
Entertainment planned for 2013 Nashua Holiday Stroll.

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Published by: Carol Robidoux on Nov 20, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2013 Winter Holiday Stroll
 November 30, 2013
Program Notes
Aaron Gratzmiller GENTLE DENTAL
Since coming to New England a five years ago, saxophonist, pianist, and composer Aaron Gratzmiller has been very active with freelance appearances on multiple albums, EPs, local television programs, radio shows, and nightclubs !e recently graduated from "er#lee $ollege of %usic with a degree in performance, developing a playing style that incorporates contemporary music into his &azz and blues bac#ground "efore college, Aaron began playing piano at age ' and saxophone shortly after, later going on to wor# and study in the Pittsburgh area withsome of the top regional and touring performers !e currently lives and performs in the "oston area, in addition to teaching at North %ain %usicin Nashua, N!
Acostic !a"goosty# $H%&$H '( THE G''D SHEPHE&D
(un home grown (ol# Americana music
Acostic !reezes )***+ra"elmsic+com, AN$-ENT .''N
)ahel is ma#ing waves with a wide reaching repertoire that is intelligent, musically sophisticated and ethnically diverse *ith sometimes driving rhythms and sometimes gentle sounds, )ahel brilliantly fuses &azz, %iddle East rhythms, (ar east mantras, and appropriate contemporary stylings to produce a sound that is fascinating for music lovers of all ages, cultures and faiths
2013 Winter Holiday Stroll Program NotesPage 1
2013 Winter Holiday Stroll
 November 30, 2013
Program Notes
A$T Artists $ollecti/e T"eatre )***+actt"eatre+org, 30 TE.PLE ST
Artists $ollective +heatre A$+- is bringing you a special preview of their $hristmas performance, ./acob %arley0s $hristmas $arol,. the story of /acob %arley0s heroic behind1the1scenes efforts to save old Scrooge0s soul1 and his own in the process A$+ will present the play in its entirety at the !unt "uilding 2ecember 3'th 4 35th Go to wwwact1theatreorg for more details and to purchase tic#ets
!edord !ig !and )* **+!edord!ig!and+com, A&ENA SP'&TS !A&
*e are a 361piece "ig "and with over 78 years experience performing at events ranging from casual to blac# tie (rom outdoor concerts to elegantdinner dances, fundraisers, weddings and anniversary parties 4 we do it all9 :ur repertoire includes many &azz favorites, "ig "and standards, and ballroom classics, as well as some exciting contemporary arrangements that our audiences are sure to en&oy
!ell*ire )"tts44***+ace5oo6+com45ell*ire, 'LD A.STE&DA. )"tt445ell*ire+5andcam+com4,
A "oston band that offers bright, energetic, &angly roc# and roll wheneverthey0re not playing slow, pensive ballads ;ogo credit< $lar# /ac#son
!is"o Gertin (-&ST &o5otics Team 711 )***+team711+org ,30 TE.PLE ST
(=)S+ +eam 577 will be showing off their bas#etball1playing robot Grom and tal#ing about (=)S+ robotics and technology, bring the #ids to let them have a turn driving the robot9
2013 Winter Holiday Stroll Program NotesPage 2
2013 Winter Holiday Stroll
 November 30, 2013
Program Notes
$oma8 !ig !and )***+coma85ig5and+com, G&A$E (ELL'WSH-P $H%&$H
+he high1energy, 361piece $ompa> "ig "and has been entertaining audiences throughout the New England )egion since 7?@8, featuring 7 horns, a coo#inB rhythm section, and the incomparable )ebecca !oltz on vocals +he November C6th performance will showcase seasonalDholidaybig band &azz vocal and instrumental arrangements 4 from powerful, lush ballads to uptempo swing
$o* Hams"ire (ol6 .A-N ST %N-TED .ETH'D-ST $H%&$H)"tts44***+ace5oo6+com4ages4$o*Hams"ire(ol642097:;1:2703037,
+raditionalDold1timeDfiddle music blended with a variety of classic fol#Droc#Dcountry favorites and originals
T"e Dan Searl Gro )***+dansearl+com, TD !AN<
+he 2an Searl Group specializes in producing innovative original music that is improvisational and groove1oriented +heir strong roots in /azz and #nac# for strong rhythm and melody produce a sound that truly sets them apart from the crowd +hese four young lions together create a sound containing the spirit of the new modern era "y tearing through originals and decomposing pop music we all love, 2SG shows its fans and listeners a new approach to Nu1/azz and popular music +his show will feature Eric laxton on Sax, )uss %c!enry on eys and :rgan, and "ryan +homas on 2rums
2013 Winter Holiday Stroll Program NotesPage 3

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