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Peace Corps Language Proficiency Inter view Application - LPI Tester Trainer Application

Peace Corps Language Proficiency Inter view Application - LPI Tester Trainer Application

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Peace Corps Language Proficiency Inter view Application

LPI Schedule
Peace Corps Language Proficiency Inter view Application

LPI Schedule

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Published by: Accessible Journal Media Peace Corps Docs on Nov 21, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PEACE CORPS LPI TESTER TRAINER APPLICATION FORM1.List and attach a detailed description of all wor e!perience o"er the past twent# #ears$ acco%ntin& for an# periods of %ne'plo#'ent lon&er than three 'onths. (o% 'a# attach a si&ned res%'e or C) if it contains all the infor'ation re*%ested +elow$ incl%din&,
-or e!perience for the past ten #ears$ incl%din& #o%r c%rrent position
F%ll description of d%ties and responsi+ilities for each position
Start and end dates for each position held
Salar# for each position
E!perience with ACTFL OPI testin&
E!perience with ACTFL OPI tester trainin&
Lan&%a&e Proficienc# other than En&lish accordin& to ACTFL /%idelines for Speain&0
Pre"io%s e!perience with Peace Corps. Certification that applicant %nderstands the followin& infor'ation initial each line0, 22222I %nderstand that this position in"ol"es o"erseas tra"el %sin& standard &o"ern'ent p%rchased econo'# class seatin&. 22222I %nderstand that no O"erti'e will +e paid %nder this contract for wor perfor'ed. 22222I %nderstand that while tra"elin& I will recei"e per die' and lod&in& rei'+%rse'ent +ased on 3.S. 4epart'ent of State forei&n per die' rates, http,55aoprals.state.&o"5content.asp6content2id7189:'en%2id7;8   22222 I %nderstand that this position 'a# re*%ire 'edical preca%tions s%ch as (ellow Fe"er "accination and 'alaria proph#lactics dependin& on location cons%lt C4C -e+site for 'ost %p<to<date 'edical re*%ire'ents, http,55wwwnc.cdc.&o"5tra"el5 0.  22222 I %nderstand that this position re*%ires a sec%rit# chec and I do not now of an# i'pedi'ents that I ha"e for recei"in& s%ch a clearance.=. REFERENCESList na'es$ e'ail addresses and telephone n%'+ers of three
professional references$ one of who' is or was #o%r i''ediate s%per"isor for the lon&est period d%rin& the past fi"e #ears. 4escri+e #o%r professional relationship with each reference.A.22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 Na'e SSN 4ate of +irth Place of +irth
 222222222222 Citi>enship2222222222222222222222222 Address E<'ail address Telephone 4a#0 E"enin&0 A"aila+le date22222222222222 Passport Infor'ation,Passport N%'+er222222222222222Passport iss%e date2222222222Passport e!piration date2222222222 

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