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Where I Was When Kennedy Waded in Blood

Where I Was When Kennedy Waded in Blood

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Published by Anthony St. John
John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy

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Published by: Anthony St. John on Nov 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Where I Was When Kennedy Waded in Blood
On 22 November 1963, fifty years ago today, I was in the science building of St !onaventure "niversity #Olean, New $or%& in a biology laboratory cutting u' a crayfish (he lab)s front and rear doors had been a*ar, and I was in the end row e+actly at the unfastened bac% doorell into the e+'eriment, a male student, in the hall outside, rushed u' to me and-but with res'ect for the on.going class-almost violently whis'ered in my face/ 0ennedy)s been shot 4e ran away to inform others in the buildingI raised my hand, and the lab technician, a man from India who wore glasses, ac%nowledged me and I told him what that 'asser.by had *ust uttered to me 4e loo%ed at me without %nowing what to say or do or even whether or not to believe in me !y now in the hall there was a great commotion, and when the lab tech verified my re'ort, he returned to the room and announced that the class be dismissedI went to the window of the laboratory and saw students ser'entining their ways to the 5evereu+ 4all)s cha'el I then went to my dormitory, obinson, and congregated in the rece'tion hall with many other students who there were glued to the television listening to 7!S)s alter 7ron%ite as he woefully announced the tragedy (hat evening, some members of my fraternity as%ed me if I wished to go to ashington with them to attend 8ohn  ennedy)s funeral :ll five of us were invited by ;att <allagher to travel in his car and to so*ourn at his home in :le+andria, =irginia ;att)s father was a ussian researcher wor%ing for the 7entral Intelligence :gency, and he and his wife volunteered to 'ut us u' during our stay in the ashington areaI remember watching the caisson, carrying 8)s cas%et, 'ass right in front of me >veryone around me was somber, and many women held hand%erchiefs to their faces
22 November 1963: That was the day the Musi sto!!ed"
 (he "nited States of :merica was never again the same, and for many of us,  (he :merican 5ream-now (he :merican Nightmare-began to incongruously slide down the 5rain'i'es of Oblivion suc%ed in by the

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