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SAT Writing Sources Summaries

SAT Writing Sources Summaries

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Published by Hảo Hảo Noo

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Published by: Hảo Hảo Noo on Nov 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Do Quoc TrungSAT 41Subject:
Slumdog Millionaire (a film by Danny Boyle)
The most cruel erson still have conscience
Love nourishes eole!s soul
"egardless #here $ou descend %rom& $ou can still have a good li%e
Salim& #ho #as used to causing tragedies to others& had atonement %inall$' (e died %or his brother!s hainess'
)ith love %or Latika& *amal overcame all o% terrible events in the slumdog #orld #ithout losing his honest$'
Being a slumdog bo$& *amal eventuall$ had a ha$ ending #ith  bright %uture'Subject:
Wall-E (directed by Andrew Stanton)
Love sometimes needs no #ord
The earth is d$ing i% eole kee on destro$ing the environment
 -ever give u.
)all/+ and +ve had a romantic 0and cute. love stor$ although the$ hardl$ soke' Actions #ere more imortant'
233 $ears later there #ill be no li%e on earth' t!s a #arning %rom the director'
+ven #hen having been nearl$ destro$ed& )all/+ still tried his best to rotect the bud #hich #as the ke$ back to the earth o% humankind'Subject:
Click (directed by  Frank Coraci )
,amil$ is the most imortant
Care makes %amil$ hainess
5arents! care ma$ make $ou anno$ed sometimes& but $ou have to cosset it& or u #ill regret #hen u can!t taste it an$more'
6ichael #as al#a$s bus$ #ith #ork and had little time %or %amil$' But he reali7ed that he #ould gro# old being lonel$ and athetic #ithout his %amil$'
6ichael aid little attention to his daughter and son!s desires or his #i%e!s discom%ort so there #ere more and more troubles in his %am'
6ichael %elt anno$ed #hen his %ather considered him a child' But #hen 6 kne# that his %ather had died #ithout seeing him the last time& it #as such an agon$'
Walter Elia Diney (!"#!-!"$$)
,ailure is the mother o% success
Successes need determination and risk 
,amil$ is the most imortant
)alt Disne$ did e8erience such %ailure: his %irst coman$ #ent  bankruted& he #as taken advantage o% b$ his %irst cooerative coman$ and he himsel% admitted: 9)ell& d sa$ its been m$ biggest roblem all m$ li%e' 6;-+<'=
)alt invested 1'4>>'333? and risked his career %or the roject 9Sno# )hite=' t made great success later'
@A man should never neglect his %amil$ %or business'@  The legendar$ )alt Disne$ said'Subject:
%itanic by &ame Cameron
)hen one has %ound his real love& his li%e does have a meaning
nclement challenges give chances %or love to be sho#n
6one$ is not ever$thing
*ack!s #inning the gamble led to his death but he #asn!t regret  because it gave him the oortunit$ to meet "ose'
"ose came back to the sinking shi to save *ack although she could get on the rescue board right then'
Cal& the man #hom "ose #as  betrothed to& is ver$ rich& but it!s sure that "ose as #ell as the audience can not like such a mean gu$ like him'Subject:
Sung'a &ung  orean guitar *rodigy
5ractice makes u er%ect
Conceit doesn!t make a star 
Childhood!s dream can come true
Little Sungha #hose guitar is nearl$ as big as he is has been  racticing #ith all his assion since he #as ' At the age o% 13 he #as a  henomenon& the ride o% orea'
Desite being %amous all over the #orld& Sungha is al#a$s modest' uitar is his assion& not sth to sho# o%%'
Sungha!s assion %or guitar  budded %ortuitousl$ #hen he sa# his %ather la$ing' But that %ortuit$ led to a rodig$'
 +f tomorrow come by Sidney S'eldon
The oint is not ho# the traged$ came& but ho# to get over it
Circumstances have much e%%ect on eole!s character 
Trac$ )hitne$ #as on to o% the #orld& but she lost ever$thing in one night& and tragedies %looded her li%e' (o#ever& she didn!t succumb her %ate and started her ne# li%e a%ter man$ challenges'
(arsh circumstances ulled gentle Trac$ into the li%e o% a trick$ culrit'Subject:
 +n deert and wilderne by  ,enryk Sienkiewic 
Braver$ can magicall$ come %rom eole!s desire to  rotect the ones the$ love
 -ever easil$ believe in  eole #ith s#eet #ords
+ver$one has his o#n strength
The 14/$ear/old Stas overcame ever$ a#esome challenges #ith one/and/onl$ motivation: bring little  -el back sa%e'
6r' "o#lison and 6r' Tarko#ski le%t Stas and -el %or the servant #ho #as al#a$s s#eet to the kids' The$ had to regret later'
ali& an A%rican bo$& can easil$ be conEuered b$ the #hite %rom modern civili7ation& but in the adventure in desert& he is the most e8erienced'Subject:
 .ride and .re/udice by &ane Auten
,irst imressions uon someone are not al#a$s e8act
)omen in late 1F
 and earl$ 1>
 centur$ didn!t usuall$ have chances to marr$ their right ones
Things #hich are luck to the majorit$ ma$ not be the real luck 
+li7abeth and Darc$ detested each other at %irst& but #hen the$ had understood each other better& hatred turned into love'
0,a**ine in marriage i entirely a matter of c'ance01
6arriages like Charlotte Lucas!s and man$ others! #ere merel$ based on the %actor o%  ossession'
5eole thought that +li7abeth #as so luck$ to be roosed b$ a #ealth$ man  6r' Bingle$ but it #ould have  been such a disaster %or her to marr$ that shallo# and boast%ul man'Subject:
2irl wit' a *earl earring by %racy C'e3alier 
"ealit$ does not al#a$s
riet used to %ind the butcher!s

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