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Class 9 Magazine 0809 Final BVBV NIRD R Nagar HYD

Class 9 Magazine 0809 Final BVBV NIRD R Nagar HYD



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Published by sun09scribd
Class IX Magazine of 08-09 batch
Please read and enjoy and post your comments in face book
Class IX Magazine of 08-09 batch
Please read and enjoy and post your comments in face book

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Published by: sun09scribd on Aug 15, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’sVidyashram,NIRD Campus, Hyderabad.Class IX Magazine 08-09
 The world has seen countless number of writers and legendspass by in the past decades. Famous writers, authors have writtenplenty of books whose names mostly we haven’t even heard.The world is a globe of mysteries, of unknown depths. The urgeto understand these mysteries is natural to man. It, however,becomes essential to begin this quest.Our school has been trying to extract, process and publish thetalents of our brains into life-less articles and bring them into lifethrough various other opportunities. Now that we have one suchopportunity, to exhibit our talents, we think that we have utilized it in a profitable manner.We have utilized sciences and the available technologies andhave sought our best to maintain the dignity of this -valued- book.To us, this is not a book, but a treasure of thoughts interlockedwith everyone else to form a network- the network of friends-thevital part of life. All friends, have gathered; troubled our minds and assembledthis very book in your hands into an everlasting memory.THE EDITORS:Shrinidhi.S.Kulkarni ;B.Meenalatha;Lalitha Dakshayani;Sonakshi Radhika;Shardul Vikram
LIFE”, literally a pretty term of two vowels and two consonants…but is a depictionof all the four-dimensional universe while fallible human beings think they have aright to not more then three. Life is an enclosure of eternity. Tragic ecstasy is what islife. The strokes of gray add colours to life. The goals of life pile up to its grandeurand grace. In this expeditious journey called ‘life’ we come across many but get inti-mately bounded up to only some.If you admire a person due to some reason, then you don't admire the person at all.Admiration, love and liking are all devoid of reasons. The reason imbibing ecstasytoday might impose depression tomorrow. The same may lead to embracing momentsand the same might end up being the reason for the most embarrassing circum-stances. Causes and consequences are all always wavering. Therefore lets step aheadto put pain and pleasure at same pace.What a person is, can be learnt only by looking at him through his heart, but (mindit!) neither use brawns nor brains for it. A person’s outlook does not refer any accor-dance to what a person is! It all depends upon what a kind of person he is, at heart.Hearts compose a person. Hence decide one’s personality by peeping into one’shearts through your hearts…It has been quite an old fact. “Change” is the only permanent and persistent change.What’s today has not been a day before…. Your dislikes can twist into likes. Yourenemies can turn to be friends. Sorrows can bloom up to happiness…and bet you!This happens with all of us. This is all part of the game ”GAME OF LIFE”…whereyou and me are bound to win before life starts playing with us.When someone is dearest to our hearts, we should not mind letting ourselves a littlelow to win their hearts. As time passes all that matters is whether we had someone tocare for us, understand us and be called ‘a friend for life’…life is too small a stagefor disputes. By the time we realize that we need to get back our friends as they arethe breath of life, the time might have passed out of our hands…….

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