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The Daily Times A1 pages from JFK assassination

The Daily Times A1 pages from JFK assassination

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Published by Magdalena Wegrzyn
For the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, The Daily Times dug out its front page from Nov. 22 and Nov. 24, 1963.
For the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, The Daily Times dug out its front page from Nov. 22 and Nov. 24, 1963.

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Published by: Magdalena Wegrzyn on Nov 22, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Friday Evening, November
Published Daily Except Saturday In Farmlngton,
10 Cents
Jolinson Sworn Aboard Plane
 'AP) - Lyndon
Johnson was sworn In as Presi-dent of the United States at about 1:38 p.m. (CSTi tixlay. .lohnson took the oath aboard
 the presidential plane at Dallas' ; Love Field. He was preparing i to fly to Washington to take over the government.
Kennedy Dies
Slaying Suspect Arrested
Nation s New President
With the death of President John F. Kennedy from an assassin's bullet today in Dallas, Vice President Ivvndon B. John.son was sworn in the new President of the United States. Johnson is shown in his office in the Capitol building in Washington in 1962. (AP Photofax)
Senate After Adj Pray onrns er
WASHINGTON (APi - A .slux kcd Senate adjoured twlay until noon Monday after a pray-(H- by its chaplain for President Kennedy, shot in Dallas, Tex. llie House was not in session. The President's younL'ei brother. Sen. Edward iM. Ken-nedy, D-Mass,, was presiding over tlie Senate %vhen he re-ceived WDid of th» shooting. He went to his office but left there almoi:^ immediately. His staff said they do not knovv uiiere he had gone. .\tty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy, the President's other brother and closest advi.ser, was ha\ing lunch at Jiome when word of his brother's sliooting reached him. Kennedy's f)er.sonal secretary said the attorney general was rennaining ivL the Kennwiy es-tate in Mclycan, Va. All activity at the 'White House —as. apparently, in every of-fice of the government—came swiftly to a stop when news of the ambush shooting in Dal a.s arrived. BULLETIN ^ DALLAS
 AP) - Gov. John Connally of Te.xas, wounded by ; the sniper who assassinated President John F, Kennedy, was described Friday afternoon as being in "very, very serious . but not critical" condition.
World Image Hurt: Beavers
"It's a terrible thing." Wade Beavers, San Juan County Democratic chair-man, said today of the shoot-ing death in Dallas, Tex., of President John F. Kennedy. "It's more than a trag-edy," Beavers said, "it's a shame. It's horrible for the United Slates to have an image like we've had, of a peaceful country, and then have our Presideni assas-sinated in our own country. "This is creating an im-age in the world, contrary to the United State's position of generosity a n d of a peace-lov i n g peopl e.''
Bolack 'Shocked' At JFK's Death
Former Gov. Tom Bolack, a Republican, expressed his shock in an emotion-choked voice today al)Out the assa.ssi-nation of President Kennedy, "I'm shocked and I think it's appalling. It's a horrible thing when a man serves his country and has to give his life in this way. "I may have differed with the man politically, but nev-er personally. We have lost a great American. "My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family in this hour of sadness."
iCatliolies Plan Requiem Mass
I Father Kenneth Robertson. of Sacred Heart and St. I Mary's parishes, said Requi- i em Mass will be held at St. Mary's Church Saturday at 10 a.m.. for President John F. Kennedy. I Further suffrages for the
 dead will be announced lat-i er for the day of the fun-I eral. I "We are shocked and fill-I ed with grief with the rest i of the world," Father Rob-ertson said. Afient, Policeman Killed in Dallas DALLAS (AP) - A Secret vService agent and a Dallas
liceman were shot and killed
day some distance from the area where President Kenne-dy was assassinated. No other information was im-mediately available. DAiJ^AS (AP) The Dallas Police Department today ar-rested Lee 11. Oswald, 24. in connection with the slaying of a Dallas policeman shortly aft-er President Kennedy was assas-sinated. He was also being questioned t(» see if lie had any connection with the slaying of the Presi-dent. Oswald was pulled scream-ing and yelling from the Texas Theater in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas He brandished a pistol which officers took away from him aft-er a .scuffle. Police officer M. N. McDonald, who was cut across the face in the scuffle, quoted Oswald as saying after he was subdued, "Well, it's all over now." A large crowd had congregat-ed around the theater and wit-nessed the arrest, i'olice had to : hold the crowds back because i many apparently connected the ; arrested man with the slaying I of the President.
DALLAS (AP' - Prrsiilenl John F. Kennedy, lliirlysixlli piTsi- b^^^^
(lent of the tJniled Slale.s. was shot to death toilay i)y a hi(l<len description
i ol
 Oswald in thi> neighborhood assassin armed with a hi^h-poweiM'd rifle. | a short time ix fore. Ti[)pet was ' slain with a ¡listol.
Texas Gov. Connally Also Ambush Victim
emerfieney ward tod Two [iriests slepj>ed out of l^arkland ('IHXG [)day and sai<l President Kennedy had ilied of ^ ^ his hullet wounds.
 ¡Mldway III
Tlic ))riosl.s caiiK" oiil of llie >vanl nl aj)|>roxiinalclv 1 ji.in. 1T'l'il»
 ' ^r
The annouiu'ement by the priests hron^lit audible sobs from a the emergency entranee. Sen. rialpli Yarboro njib, D-Te\., talking o nly a few minutes be-fore to newsmen, eolla[)sed in sobs as he told of witnessing the slayinji of the President. Kennedy. 4(>, lived about 30 minutes after a sniper cut him down as his limousine left down-town Dallas. Newsmen said the shot that hit him was fired about 12:30 p.m. (CST). A hos-pital announcement said he died ;it ;ipproximately ().rii. of a bullet wound in the head. Automatically, the mantle of the presidency fell to Vice Pres-ident Lvndon B. .Johnson, a na-
Violent Downturn As Market Closes
NEW YORK (AP)-Thema-; jor stock exchanges of the na-tion shut down today, minutes ; after the fatal shooting of Pres-ident Kennedy.
Stock prices took their worst
beating since "Black Monday," | May l;)f)2. ; The assassination of the: President came just as the maj-- ' ket had embarked on a vigorous rally following Thursday's de-cline, the second sharpest of the year News of the President's shoot-ing brought an immediate re-versal of the stock rally. Lead-ing issues quickly erased their gains and began taking sharp losses.
Snow Exeluded From Forecast
Snow at higher altitudes and a few large flakes at Aztec Thursday summed up the weath-1 dead, the tension gave way to erman's forecast for "white tears. W^omen wept unashamed- i stuff." i ly and the knots of anx- i The forecast today deleted the | ious watchers before the tele- snow expectancy, and called for vision sets broke up quietly. j partly cloudy skies and contin- Church bells in the neighbor-i ued cold, turning fair during the j hood began to toll, and people I night and on Saturday. began drifting toward the White ; Thursday high: 43, OvernightHouse to siand salently on the; 31. Saturday high:
 Low to-: sidewalk, or in Lafayette Park I across Pennsylvania Avenue,
 just to stare. The shock reaction was under way only a short time when the New York Stock Exchange closed. The Dow Jones industrial av-erage plunged 21.16 to 711.49. On May 28, 19r>2, the Dow in-dustrials fell 34.95 to 576.93. Action of the "big Board" was quickly followed by closing of the nation's second biggest security mart, the American Stwk Exchange and by other exchanges in cities throughout the nation, Trading was also halted in commodity futures markets and in cor^iorate and U.S. govern-ment bonds. Washin^to n Te nsion (yives Way to Tears
 WASHINGTON (AP) — When I word reached
 he W h i t e
 House that the President was DAL ,AS <AP> President Kennedy and his wife had just crowd of seores of ne\vsnu»n and other eitizens crowded aronnd i ' haUway |K)int in a tlireeday s[>eaking tour through 'I'e.xas when It«' was ass;i.s.siiialed lod.iv The President aheady had [trepared n luncheon address for : a Dallas audience before he : died. In his ¡nepared text, he assailed hi.s ultraconservative critics. Dallas is considert>d a center of conservative |)hilo.sophy and finance. Here, on Oct. 24. Adlai K. I Steven,son was sjiat upon by one heckler and struck by an-other after making a tinited Na-tions Day adtuess. It was heli<'ved that Kcnne-day's body would be moved shortly to Washington. 'I'radilionally, funeral services for presiflents who ilie in office are held in the capil;d citv. Kildiiff told newsmen that Gov, t'onnally. a Democrat, was wounded m the nubt chest in ihe
 afiibush that felled
(he fresideli
 w s
 ni'-hed into sur-gery for a tvvo ljosii" eim'ri,iency oper;ition. tive Texan who had been
two cars beliind
 the chief tit«o-
utive. There was no immediate
 word |
on when Johnson would take
 the ;
oath of ofiic-, Kennedy died at I'arkland Hospital wliere his
 bullet -
(lierced body had been taken in a frantic hut futile effort to save his life. Lying wounded at the same hosj)ital wa,'. (¡ov. .lohn Connal-ly of Texas, who was cut down by th',' Mime fui-illade that ended the life of the youngest man t>ver eiecte<l to tin; pri'sid(>ncy. Connally been lidii; and .Mrs and his wife had ; with the President Kei;nedy,
Kennedy and Connally Before Shooting
Pi-esident John F. Kennedy, left, and Gov. John Con- they rode on caravan in Dallas, Tex., today. In i-oii-iially of Texas, left Love Field and were shot at ter "is Mrs. Kennedy. (.AP i'hot(dax)
Thomas Grieved By JFK Death
i Mayor O.scar
 Thomas, his
I voice choked
 with sobs, said
I ; he believes the deatli of President John F. Kennedy is a tragedy that was felt over the entire world.
Jack Calls Killing ^Tragic, Cruel Event'
night: 28. Noon today: 42.
November 2lst, vicinity of But-ler, Dustin and/or 20th St. Tannish-orange 3-momh-old fe-male Pomeranian puppy.
REV/ARD —325-6910
Circle Arrow Boys
5 Miles North of Aztec
Saturday. Nov. 23rcl 9:00 P.M.
Kennedy's Body Goes Back to Capital WASHINGTON fAP> - An-drews Air Force Base officials said Friday that President Ken-n(^ly"s body would be returned here from Dallas at 6:05 p.m. EST.
Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, 1 to 4 p.m. CLOSE-OUT SALE
ST. JOHN'S CHimCH 312 N. Orchai-d ALBUQUERQUE (AP)-New Mexico Gov. Jack M. Campbell today called the assassination; of President Kennedy a tragic and cruel event. "He was a great man — a great young man. and I know he is going to be misse<l as President of the UnittKl States," Gov. Campbell said. The governor was notified of the President having been shot
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as Camptell entered the Cole on trailer space with
 "»tel in Albuquerque for a of a new DETROIT or PONTIAC ^""^'^^^«" speakmg engagement. CHIEF trailer home. 1 month God " Camptell free when you buv used trailer J informed of the event Offer good during'Nov. only.
 ^^^ ^he Assfx.iated Press. Visibly shaken by news of the President's death. Thom-as said, "It's a terrible thing —a terrible tragic incident. "His death will be felt throughout the world, es-pecially by those thousands of unfortunate people in oth-er countries who he tried so hard to helrj."
the people, awaiting President's fate. word on of New .Mexico for prayers for the families of President Ken-nedv and of Texaii Gov. .John He s[)oko only briefly Iwiore, wounded
the meeting, then returned to; ¡'.¡fjing jn the same car his office in Santa Fe. Cami> ^ith the President. Ixill said he felt he was needed , there to issue the pr(x;lamalions j Then, iti a bitter tone, Cara[>-and orders that mu.st follow the bell said: ^^^^^^^ : "Particularly we should join Campbell called on the people ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ; government under which we Plav Postponed of the free world, who counsel much The second performance of the on us." annual junior class play .sched- - onoi^ CAID ules at 8 p.m. today at Farm- rAlK ington High School has l>een i McKINLEY P.T.A. The First Lady cradled her dying husband's bloixlsmeared head in her arms as the presi-; dential limtrusine raced to the | hospital. ' "Oh, no," she kept crying.
Connally slum|)ed in his seat beside the J'resident. Police ordered im unpre-cedented dragnet of thr» city, hunting for the ass;issin.
They believed the fatal shots
were fired by a white man, , about .K) slender of build, weigh- ing about Hi:" pounds, and stand-ing 5 feel 10 inches tall. The murder weapon was re-, porte<ily a 3()-:}f) rifle.
Shortly befor'e Kennedy's: death beeaiiU' known, he wa.s ad-1 iriinistereil tfie la.M, rites of tiie ' Horrtan Catliolie ('hurch. He had
Ix-en the fir.-J: Roman Catholie: president in American history,
Even as two clergymen hov-: ercfl over the fallen President
in the hospital emergency room, doctors and nurses adminis-terrfl bUxxj transfusions. KenruKly died of a gunshot wound in the brain at approx-j imately 1 p rn, 'CST; according ; to an announcement by acting
 Whi.'e Hou.se press secretary . Malcolm Kilduff, The new President, Lyndon ; John.son, and his wife left the i hospital a half hour later. News-men had no opportunity to ques-; tion tliem. The horror of the assassina-tion was mirrored in an eye-witness account by Sen. Ralph Yarborough, D-Tex., who had been riding three cars behind Kennedy. Connally ali right wrist. Thoui.;h Mi^ "Oh. No," in .spair after li was shot, 'Jii-or give wav 1< > hil in the
To the water users along the San .iuan River. The water flow; will tx* cut to 50 second feet for . A i ^^ ^ con-: postponed until Monday night.' pinol Day, Sat., Nov.
 a maximum period of 24 hours
ference of Veterans employment; James McCormack, sufKiiin- 9 am to 4 n m -rn A I c c r i representatives was delayed as j tendent of schools, announced
 Uhe governor stood in the lobby today, because
 the killing
2105 E. Main j of the hotel with two score
 President Kennedy. beginning Sunday evening. By Large Selection Children's
 authority of Bureau of Reclama-
1201 N. Butler
 Uion. Kennedy cried, horror and
r hu,si),-iiu| was did not eollapse hysteria When he entei cd ||«. l .iv.p,l.d, her clothing w.is covfM'ed with blood from her hn-haiHi's vvotinris, Lt. Erich Kantin'-.ki of tiie Se-cret Service said the a.ss.issin's v/eapon a|>[ji'are(| h, h.-jv,.
a "high-[)ow<'refl .Armv or Jap-anese rifle of aliout
caliber " The rifle had a sco[.>e on it, he said. The entire building where tht sniper was located was ev;icua-ted. Peo[)le were working in tlie building at the time of llie shoot-ing. Dallas In,s[K'('ior .1. H. Sawyer said, "Police found the remains of fried chicken and pajx-r on the fifth fkM)r. Apparently tlie persons had been there fpute awhile." After the fatal shots were fired at Kennedy, the stncke.'i President's Secret Service driv-er raced away from the scene at top speed—heading for the neare:;t hospital and trying to get the presiflential party out of ritriL'«' of furtiier guni'ire.
Attention Elks
Get Together a Party and i Attend the
i Holiday Review
i Floor Show and Donee Saturday, Nov. 23
Dam-e Stails at i) p.m.
EL PASO GAS - Heady to
Tanners Market
Highssay 550, Kirtland,

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