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Atma, paramAtma

Atma, paramAtma

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Published by Hayagreeva Acharla
A New Hindu view.
A New Hindu view.

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Published by: Hayagreeva Acharla on Aug 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Atma – paramAtma
i.e., Soul and Supreme Soul - a New Hindu view.(Use Baraha6-0 for transliteration of sanskrit words) 
i.e., Soul is universally accepted concept but for different angles of viewing at it.Here, a New Hindu angle is presented.
is a
t word and is composed of twowords – 
[an exclamatory warning note] and
[dark cesspool] (
 Ah+tama = Atma
)which means it is that which warns of impending pit fall of dark cesspool if tread in that path. This is Nature’s gift to conscientious beings developed in Her continuous endeavor of self preservation and improvement. It is correct scientifically too.In conscientious beings, in the path of biological development of conscience as thememory of the most generalized conditioned reflexes while in dialectical relationshipwith environment, survival of the fittest is the governing rule. Thus, anything which is notconducive to self preservation and improvement - a basic rule of Nature, will not survivefor long and will lead to its elimination. As a reflex reaction while in danger of self destruction a warning note is generated which we call it as
- ‘soul ’. This generatesimprint in the genetic coding too and will be carried further in procreation as a trait. So,can it be destroyed? Can it be drowned? Can it be burned? No. It can only be developedfurther according to the principles and laws of Nature. That is what is said in the Hinduscriptures about
, the ‘Soul’. Further, correct understanding of Laws of Nature willlead to enhancement in the security and well being of the Being and accumulation of suchtraits will lead all of a sudden to the birth of an entity, a class apart, whom we call amessiah (
avatAra puruSha
). This is in accordance with the Nature’s principle of ‘accumulation of quantitative changes will suddenly lead to qualitative change’. He willclear misconceptions and will be able to block wrong doers. He will be an accomplice of  Nature. He is called ‘
 parama purusha
’ a great soul personality. Thus, it further leads to anotion that he who with correct understanding of laws of Nature can even move at timesahead of ‘Nature with her experiments in Evolution’ as Nature is heavily involved intotality of Laws of Nature including the law of ‘Negation of negation’. This develops attimes into the concept of ‘
 prakruti – puruSha
’ – Nature and the Lord and leads into
- an Epoch - Era.
advait, dvaita
, and
.Views of 
 shankara, madhva
rAmAnuja AchArya
.In the above exposition it can be seen that materially the souls of a Commoner and theLord are same. Hence, they are not different basically as such. This is
– theessence of preaching of 
. But this leads to ‘
ahaM brahmOsmi’ 
– I am theLord concept.Though they are same materially, the Lord and Commoner can not be equated becausethey are different like ocean and a drop of water - one is infinity and another is negligible.However large can be an entity it can not be equated with infinity. Mathematically,maxima != 1/0 which means, however great may be an Entity it can not be equated with
’ the whole some.
This is the essence of 
dvaita sidhAMta
.This leads to defeatist attitude.

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