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Volume 1 Number 6 Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter August 15, 2009

Volume 1 Number 6 Nye - Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter August 15, 2009

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Published by Jack Wood
Nye-Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter is a blog publication of political commentary and opinion.
Nye-Gateway to Nevada's Rurals Newsletter is a blog publication of political commentary and opinion.

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Published by: Jack Wood on Aug 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On former Sen. Fred
radio show,former lieutenant governor of New York BetsyMcCaughey said that the
House’s proposed health
care bill contained a provi-sion that would institutemandatory counselingsessions telling seniors
how ―to do what’s in soci-ety’s
best interest… andcut your life short.‖ House
Minority Leader JohnBoehner made a slightlymore measured state-ment, warning that the
same provision ―may start
us down a treacherouspath toward government-encouraged euthanasia if 
enacted into law.‖
I have devoted a lot of There are scores of un-true, misleading, and ads,e-mails, websites, TVpundits etc pushing hardto defeat reform of thehealthcare/insurance sys-tem in the United States.Many special interestgroups are hard at workendeavoring to scare peo-ple in their effort to retainthe status quo and insur-ance company profits de-rived from health insur-ance. Judging from thebehavior of some at TownHall Meetings throughoutthe U.S. those opposingreform are having somesuccess.The claim that the Househealth care bill pushessuicide is nonsense.
One of the attacks onreform is that of the pro-life special interest.An anti-
abortion group’s
TV ad shows a white-haired man fretting thatunder a federal health
plan, ―They won’t pay
for my surgery, but
we’re forced to pay for abortions.‖
―Will this be our future?‖
the ad asks, mergingthe fears of seniorsworried about their health care with thoseof anti-abortion advo-
cates. ―Our greatest
generation, deniedcare. Our future gen-
eration, denied life.‖
False Euthanasia Claims
Health Insurance ReformReality Check2How the Public Optionwas Sold2
Heller Won’t Challenge
Finding the Public’s Role
in Democracy3Conservatives for Pa-
tient’s Rights Ad Misleads
 3Birthers, Healthcare-Hecklers, Right Wingers
Advertisements 4Contact & Disclaimer 6
Surgery for Seniors vs Abortions
Political News and Commentary
Gateway to Nevada’s Rurals
August 15, 2009Vol 1 No 6
Pitting one group of Americans againstanother is a timehonored technique.Divide and conquer.Readmore. 
attention on the blog totrying to bring your atten-tion to sources of informa-tion about the validity or lack thereof of the credibil-ity of some of the claims. Ihope you take advantageof the information. It shouldassist you in keeping anobjective focus.One of the best sourcesaround is Fact Check.org.Readmore. 
Nevada Senator HarryReid has dodged adifficult potential chal-lenger. The NationalRepublican SenatorialCommittee has con-firmed that Congress-man Dean Heller hasdecided not to runagainst the SenateMajority Leader nextyear. Heller, in his sec-ond term representing
Nevada’s Second
Congressional District,reportedly notifiedNRSC Chairman,Texas Senator JohnCornyn, of the newstoday. In a statementreleased this after-noon, Senator Reid
said Heller ―has served
Nevada well in hisyears of public serviceas secretary of state
and in Congress…and
will continue to be inan important position
for Nevada.‖ Heller’s
decision comes justdays Danny Tarkanianannounced his inten-tion to challenge Reidfor the Senate nextyear. Readmore 
Dump Reid Pac isBorn
Nevada conservative activ-ist Chuck Muth has starteda partnership with Michiganactivist Saul Anuzis to forma political action committeecalled Dump Reid PAC.Readmore 
Bait and Switch: Howthe Public Optionwas sold
Physicians for NationalHealth Program. Abouthow single-payer health-care became victim of a
 bait and switch to “publicoption.”
Push Back on At-tacks for Health In-surance Reform
Your representative,Dean Heller, needs tohear that voters aredemanding health in-surance reform thisBurden It Your Medicare is Safeand Stronger With Re-form You Can Keep Your Own Insurance And from Fact Check:Seven FalsehoodsAbout Healthcare Finally
 Health Insurance Re-form is under strongattack. The WhiteHouse is fighting for reform valiantly: See
Heller Won’t Challenge Reid
Page 2
Health Insurance Reform RealityCheck
Gateway to Nevada’s Rurals
Dean Heller Harry Reid
year. Can you callthe local office inReno? Readmore 
The topic under discussion wasdemocracy and the feeling of dissatisfaction with politics. Theseminar gave voice to the frus-tration many people feel be-
cause there doesn’t seem to be
any progress being made on theproblems facing the country.About 40 people participated inthe event. Each person was en-couraged to give an opinion onthe topics of discussion andopinions were summarized andposted at the front of the room.The League of Women Votersshould receive a big hand of ap-plause for bringing the NCPPDto Pahrump.The NCPPD represents a posi-tive and progressive step in theright direction for the PahrumpCommunity.Readmore 
your just deserts.‖ He
was accusing ArlenSpecter of being tookind to President
Obama’s proposals to
make it easier for peo-ple to get health insur-ance.In New Hampshire, out-side a building whereObama spoke, camerasIn Pennsylvania lastweek, a citizen, burly,crew-cut and tremblingwith rage, went nose tonose with his baffled
senator: ―One dayGod’s going to standbefore you, and he’s
going to judge you andthe rest of your damnedcronies up on the Hill.And then you will gettrained on the pistolstrapped to the leg of libertarian William Kos-tric. He then explained
on CNN why the ―tree of 
liberty must be re-freshed from time totime by the blood of ty-
rants and patriots.‖
New Hampshire or Pah-rump? Readmore Americans who havehealth insurance
 those who buy it ontheir own.The claim comes froman analysis by a groupthat advocates for insur-ance carriers that sellpolicies in the individualmarket, among other The latest ad from thegroup
Conservatives for 
Patients’ Rights
that ―new rules could
hike your health insur-ance premiums 95 per-
cent.‖ That’s mislead-
ing.The claim in the ad re-fers to only 5 percent of 
Finding the Public’s Role in
Birthers, Health Care Hecklers and theRise of Right-Wing Rage
Conservatives for Patient’s Rights
Misleading Ad
Page 3
Vol 1 No 6
Progressive programs are com-ing to Pahrump. It is a goodthing.The Nevada Center for PublicPolicy Dialogue (NCPPD) semi-nar was conducted in Pahrump.It was brought by the League of Women Voters.There was no debate. No voiceswere raised in frustration or an-ger at the day long session heldat Great Basin College.
areas.This ad puts forth anew claim, saying that
―new rules could hike
your health insur-ance premiums 95
percent.‖ That’s a star-tling statement. But it’s
contradicted by other experts that findpremiums wouldactually godown under theleading propos-als in Congress.Readmore. 
Right-Wing Rage

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