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66504624 Bucket System

66504624 Bucket System

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Published by govedo1414

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Published by: govedo1414 on Nov 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thank you for buying hydroponic system plans from us. We appreciate your business. If you have any problems or questions or even if you have a suggestion, we would love to here from you. You can click on the bottom of any page to contact us. Check out our other system plans at our store.  Thank you and we hope you enoy hydroponics and building your own system. !aura and Tip owners of www."ydro#$lans.com
 High Performance Bucket System
Grow plants faster with a bigger yield, build this system, you won't be sorry. This is a great system that is easy to make. This system works on the drip method of hydroponics. I like using the expanded clay balls but you can use Perlite, lava rocks, pea gravel, coco fiber anything that drains well and offers the roots plenty of space for oxygen.
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ll the parts, except for the clay balls, were purchased from !ome "epot, and #almart. $ou can get the clay balls at a hydroponic store or online. Pea gravel is very cheap and works very well, giving good support to hold up the plant. $ou can get gravel at any rock %uarry.
What you will need to build:5 Gal Bucket
&ny general ' gal bucket will work but stay away from clear buckets that let in light. This bucket will hold your nutrient solution so
Please Get a New uc!et
 that hasn(t had paint or to)ic chemicals in it*This one pictured on the left is from "ome +epot is only -.
"#$ Gal uc!et or %lower Pot
I used this plastic flower pot from Walmart. You can use any container that will fit snuggly inside the ' gal bucket but shorter leaving room to hold nutrient solution. This flower pot works nicely it is %/.' inches across the top. %0 inches from top to  bottom. 1 inches across the bottom.
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½ inch inside diameter rubber grommets
You only need one grommet for each system you make.You can get these at any hardware store, "ome depot etc. They will be in the electrical section.This is used to seal the 3 inch elbow that goes through the bottom side of the ' gal  bucket.
½ inch barbed elbow
This is used to go through the side of the  bucket into the rubber grommet. It must be 3 inch outside dimension to fit snug into the barbed elbow connector.You can get these at any hardware store in the irrigation sprinkler section.+uring assembly the grommet goes into  bucket first then the elbow goes into the grommet. 4oapy water will help you push the elbow into the grommet.  5otice the grommet goes between the 2 ridges on the barbed elbow.
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