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Probability Assignment 3

Probability Assignment 3

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Published by Vijay Kumar
some questions on probability..
some questions on probability..

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Published by: Vijay Kumar on Nov 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   A  u  g  u  s   t   2   7 ,   2   0   1   3  c  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  :  w  w  w .  s   i   t  e  s .  g  o  o  g   l  e .  c  o  m   /  s   i   t  e   /   h  u   b   2  e   d  u  c  a   t   i  o  n
Assignment 3
Distributions: Binomial, Poisson, Geometric, Negative Binomial, Uniform, Exponential, Gamma, Weibull, Normal
Binomial Question 1
. Find the probability that in a family of 4 children there will be (a) at least 1  boy, (b) at least 1 boy and at least 1 girl. Assume that the probability of a male birth is ½. Out of 2000 families with 4 children each, how many would you expect to have (a) at least 1 boy, (b) 2 boys, (c) 1 or 2 girls, (d) no girls.
Question 2.
If 20% of the bolts produced by a machine are defective, determine the  probability that out of 4 bolts chosen at random, (a) 1, (b) 0, (c) less than 2, bolts will be defective.
Question 3.
If the probability of a defective bolt is 0.1, find (a) the mean, (b) the standard deviation, for the number of defective bolts in a total of 400 bolts.
Question 4.
Find the probability of getting a total of 7 at least once in three tosses of a  pair of fair dice.
Question 5.
A bag contains 5 white, 7 red and 8 black balls. If four balls are drawn, one  by one, with replacement, what is the probability that (i) none is white (ii) all are white (iii) at least one is white (iv) only 2 are white?
Question 6.
If the chance that one of the ten telephone is busy at any instant is 0.2. (i) what is the chance that 5 of the lines are busy? (ii) what is the probability that all the lines are busy?
Question 7.
A fair coin is tossed 3 times. If X is the number of heads, give the  probability distribution of X.
Poisson Question 8.
 If the probability of a defective computer from a manufacturing unit is 2% in a lot of 200 computers, find the probability that (i) exactly 4 computers are defective; (ii) more than 3 computers are defective ?
Question 9.
 A manufacturer of electric bulbs knows that 5% of his product is defective. If he sells bulbs in boxes of 100 and guarantees that not more than 10 bulbs will be
   A  u  g  u  s   t   2   7 ,   2   0   1   3  c  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  :  w  w  w .  s   i   t  e  s .  g  o  o  g   l  e .  c  o  m   /  s   i   t  e   /   h  u   b   2  e   d  u  c  a   t   i  o  n
defective, what is the approximate probability that a box will fail to meet guaranteed quality ?
Question 10.
 In a certain factory turning razor blades, there is a small chance of 1/500 for any blade to be defective. The blades are in packets of 10. Use Poisson distribution to calculate the approximate number of packets containing (i) no defective (ii) one defective (iii) 2 defective blades respectively in a consignment of 1000 packets.
Question 11.
 Suppose that X has a Poisson distribution. If P(X=2) = 2/3 * P(X=1). Evaluate P(X=0) and P(X=3).
Question 12.
 If 3% of the electric bulbs manufactures by a company are defective, find the probability that in a sample of 100 bulbs (a) 0, (b) 1, (c) 2, (d) 3, (e) 4, (f) 5 bulbs are defective? Find the probability that (i) more than 5, (ii) between 1 and 3, (c) less than or equal to 2, bulbs will be defective?
Geometric, Negative Binnomial Question 13.
 There is a chance that in a large iteration program written on MATLAB 10% of the program is in error. Program is inspected again and again until first error is encountered. Let X = number of inspections to obtain first error. What is the probability that 5 inspections are made before an error is found?
Question 14.
 Find the probability that a man flipping a coin gets the fourth head on the ninth flip?
Question 15.
 The computer center of NITH wants to sell 5 old computers. There are 30  people interested in buying these computers. To each person, there is a 40% probability of selling one computer. What is the probability selling last computer to the 11th Person? What is the probability that computer center sells all computers on or before 6th person?
Question 16.
 Suppose that a trainee soldier shoots a target in an independent fashion. If the probability that the target is shot on anyone shot is 0.7, (i) what is the probability that the target would be hit on the 10th attempt, (ii) what is the probability that it takes him les than 4 shots, and (iii) what is the probability that it takes him an even number of shots?
Uniform, Exponential, Gamma, Weibull
Question 17.
Show that the mean and variance of the gamma distribution are given by (a)
2 2
   A  u  g  u  s   t   2   7 ,   2   0   1   3  c  o  p  y  r   i  g   h   t  :  w  w  w .  s   i   t  e  s .  g  o  o  g   l  e .  c  o  m   /  s   i   t  e   /   h  u   b   2  e   d  u  c  a   t   i  o  n
Question 18.
 Suppose that the service life (in hours) of a semiconductor is a random variable having the Weibull distribution with
. What is the  probability that such a semiconductor will still be in operating condition after 4000 hours.
Question 19.
 Medical employees at a state hospital have determined that the average time between patient arrivals at the emergency room is exponentially distributed with a mean time of 11 minutes. On a given day, it has been 11 minutes since a patient has arrived. What is the probability that a patient will arrive within the next 5 minutes?
Question 20.
 The kinetic energy of a molecule is a Gamma distributed with alpha value 3.5 and beta value 1, random variable X in some energy units. What is the probability for
2 4
Question 21.
 The scheduled commuting time on the walking road from NITH to Hamirpur City is 65 minutes. Suppose that the actual commuting time is uniformly distributed between 64 and 74 minutes. What is the probability that the commuting time will be a. less than 70 minutes?  b. between 65 and 70 minutes? c. greater than 65 minutes? d. What are the mean and standard deviation of the commuting time?
Normal Question 22.
 If the heights of 300 students are normally distributed with mean 68 inches and standard deviation 3 inches, how many students have heights (a) greater than 72 inches, (b) less than or equal to 64 inches, (c) between 65 and 71 inches, inclusive.
Question 23.
 The breakdown voltage X of a randomly chosen diode of a particular type is known to be normally distributed with mean 40 volts and standard deviation 1.5 volts. What is the probability that (i) the breakdown voltage will be between 39 and 42 volts, (ii) between 40 and 43 volts.
Question 24.
 The average weight of 500 male students at a certain university is 151 kgs and the S.D. is 15 kgs. Assuming that the weights are normally distributed, find how many students weigh (a) between 120 and 155 kgs, (b) more than 185 kgs.

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