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How to be Happy

How to be Happy

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Published by arunkhedia

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Published by: arunkhedia on Aug 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ow to be Happy
eep your heart free from hate,Your mind from worry, live simply,Expect little, give much, sing often,Pray always, fill your life with love,Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others,Do as you would be done by.These are the tried links in contentment’sGolden Chain.
Do not harden your heart with greed and hate.
Peaceful Life
ultivate comradeship with the Good,Develop compassion for the distressed,Foster the feeling of elation at theHappy and prosperous, and deepenIndifference towards the evil-minded-This is the ancient, well-tried prescriptionFor a calm peaceful life, God willBless such men and award them grace.
Purity of Heart is the Gateway to God.1
A – B – C of Happiness
Argue-TactfullyBehave-ProperlyConcentrate-SystematicallyDress-SimplyEndure-CourageouslyFast-FortnightlyGive-GenerouslyHope-FaithfullyInvest-PrudentlyJoke-NicelyKeep-HarmonyLive-SensiblyMeditate-Deeply Negotiate-CarefullyObserve-KeenlyPlan-WiselyQualify-QualitativelyRead-SelectivelyServe-WillinglyTalk-BrieflyUndertake-ResponsibilityVote-JustlyWork-EfficientlyYield-Graciously
o give
love is the only way toenrich life as nothing else can.In a true giver of love life quickens,Happiness Increases, The sense of Loneliness departs in a hurry.To give love means to give a partOf our own Life – Share our own Joy, Cheer,Knowledge, Courage, etc.Where there is love, labour becomes a joy.Without mutual love we can make a hell of this world: with true Love world can be aheaven. Ultimately the love helps myunderstanding of myself and the world aroundme – The self in me the self everywhere.
He that is of a merry heart has a continual feast.
ilence is the only language of the realised.That will help you in many ways, it will developLove, for most misunderstandings and factionsarise out of carelessly spoken words.When the tongue slips, the wound it causesin the heart of another will fester for life. Thetongue is liable to four Big Errors: utteringfalsehood, scandalising, finding fault withothers and excessive speech – all these haveto be avoided if there has to be peacefor the individual as well as for society.
Desire is storm. Greed is a whirl pool.3

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