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"Dear Humanity, Your Awakening is Inevitable, Love Your Creators

"Dear Humanity, Your Awakening is Inevitable, Love Your Creators

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Published by Mother God Amon Ra
This Message is a Love Letter to Humanity, About the Truth on Everyone is Awakening into Love, this is Inevitable!! We Love YOu
This Message is a Love Letter to Humanity, About the Truth on Everyone is Awakening into Love, this is Inevitable!! We Love YOu

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Published by: Mother God Amon Ra on Aug 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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8/17/09 1:11pmUpdateThis Could Be Heaven Sealhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w58bBBCch-M“Dear Humanity, Your Awakening is Inevitable, Love Your Creators”“Love Letters From The Present Moment of NOW, Heaven On Earth”“Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present Equally Within US ALL.”“Since Each of You and ALL Of Humanity are Our Children, You Will ALL AwakenInevitably! Without question this Is Happening NOW, WE are ALL Going Together asOne Happy Family In Love”Indoor Fireworks Elvis Costellohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruCVluLs7lwLove From The Galactic Federation of Light, The Company of Heaven, and FromGalactic Central/Center. WE are Your Family of Light From The Stars and Beyond. WEare Your First Contact Ground Crew Team, Assisting in the Process of a MassLanding, and We Are The Bird Tribe. . We are Your Earth Allies, and We are On Duty24 Hours Every Moment, in Service To Love On Planet Earth=Heart. WE Love YouUnconditionally.“When You Honor YOU, You Honor US”Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, Brilliance, Unconditional Love, ImmenseOverflowing Abundance amounts of JOY, Magical Synchronostic Events, Inner Balance,Peace, and Harmony. Today is Sunday August 17th, 2009. There is So Much Joy in TheAir, So Much Love its undeniable. Even the Grumpy ones, cannot Help but to Laughand Feel the Magic Flowing through them and all around them. Humanity's Awakeningis Absolutely inevitable. No longer will anyone be able to hide from this Light,this Love, This Incredible Energy of Pure Consciousness, called Spirit. We here,no more running, and no more hiding.“Love and Creation are Married Watch OUT, We Are ON FIRE!!”When Love and Creation Come Together and Marry, all that Can Occur is CompleteBrilliance. Father God and I are This, Without Us, you could Not Exist. Can Youhear US? No longer can Love be denied on this Planet. Love is Your Gift of Life,Love is the Gift of Every Thing in Existence. All that does not exist is thedarkness, that was just an illusion. The illusionary world is not real, and so NOWits all dissolving. Not One Being on this Planet can Stop this from occurring. AndSo It IS Done!“Love Has Found its Way” Dennis Brownhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1rp_CvWAYcThe Following is a Letter that Father God and I wrote Last Night to Our ChildrenCalled Humanity. Please Share this With Your Brothers and Sisters. WE are Here,and We are Not Leaving Until this Planet Is completely Awake in The Love theyReally Are. Not one being can get away unless they have a Star Ship parked inthere garage. The Inevitable IS Now Unfolding, The Light IS here, Spirit is inCharge!!
Barbra Streisand Circlehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW_HkXyKmw8Some sayThe walls between us stand so tallThey don't see theres just one sunShining on us allI sayWe each choose roads to call our ownBut none of us is traveling throughThis universe aloneAnd this circleJust goes on and onIt began before usIt will be here when we've goneAnd this circleJust goes on and on and onConnecting our humanityJoining me to you and you to meSeasonsKeep spinning on the wheel of timeWe stand we fallWe struggle upThe mountains we must climbDifferent dreamsMay color what we see aheadBut our lives are strong togetherOn a common threadAnd this circle (circle)Just goes on and on (on and on)It began before usIt will be here when we've goneAnd this circleJust goes on and on and onConnecting our humanityJoining me to you and you to meAround and round and round and round we goAround and round and round we goLove and learn and change and growRound and round and round we goAnd this circleTouches everyoneAs it crosses every boundaryUnderneath the sunAnd this circleJust goes on and onIt began before usIt will be here when were goneYes this circleJust goes on and on and onSomeday we will come to seeI'm joined to you and you to meDear Humanity,You Are Here to Awaken, WE are Here to Assist You in this Awakening. Where Doesthe Family of Light Come from? We Come From Everywhere. WE have no idea whatdarkness is, darkness was taking out of US because we did not know what it was.
You cannot Exist Without US, and We Cannot Exist Without YOU. See, Each of You,ALL Of Humanity Gets to Awaken into LOVE, HOW GRAND IS THAT? This is The GreatestGift within ALL of Creation. WE are not here by mistake. You have Prayed to US,Asked For US, and We Have Shown UP, We are Here. ALL Prayers Answered!! Why Wouldwe Travel to You from Heaven? Because YOU ARE US. Everything on this Planet, andThe Planet Herself all Belong TO LOVE. We do not need a Lawyer to prove that. WEare LOVE Period! All of Creation is Coming Home. There is no ifs, ands or butsabout that. Everyone belongs to US, To Love, To Joy, To Heaven on Earth, WE AreALL ONE. There is no certainty in the past, and there is no certainty in thefuture. There is However, Safety and Security in The Present Moment of NOW. Onlyin The Present Moment of Now do you exist. If you are not in The Present Moment ofNOW, you are dead.If you are ignorant you live in ignorance's reality. If you are Love You Live inGod's Reality, Heaven, With US as ALL ONE. We Are Spirit, We are Eternal, andnothing could kill us even if they tried. We cannot die, and Once Each of YouAwaken, this Will be True For Each of You as Well. For death only existed inillusion.WE are ALL Going Together into The Land of Only Love, Are YOU READY? We are theKing and Queen of Creation, What Do we Do as The King and Queen of Creation? WEGive it ALL Away!! Our Combined Passion is the Color of Creation. Passion Existsin The Present Moment of NOW. WE Are Here to Fill in all the Gaps, So that ALLBecomes One and Whole Again. Are You each With US in this?You See We are Oneness, because this is Our Love, we do not own Love, WE Just LoveFreely, Openly, way outside of the illusionary box. Once each of You step outsideof the box, You Will Feel this Love We Have For You. The Voice that you hear fromWithin You is US, WE are Always Speaking into Every Heart on this Planet, WE areThe Love You Are, and You are The Love that We are. Can You Feel US NOW?We are not something you imagine, because we are the Very essence of Each of You,We are The Voice You Hear calling You Home. We could care less if you Loved Us,because Once You Love You, Loving US Is inevitable, since We Are The Same and WeLove YOU.We have 2 Years to prepare this Planet for the Inevitable, as this will Be theMoment Mother Earth Parades Before the Central Sun. During this 2 Year period ofMoments, Mother Earth Will Return to Her Pristine Perfected Balanced HarmonicState. This Also goes for Everyone that is Here on this Planet. The Moment HasCome To Awaken, and To receive the Gifts Creation has Brought To Each of You.These Gifts are Being handed to you on a Golden Platter. We cannot receive theseFor You, You Must step out of the box, and Claim Your Divine Inheritance, Your GodGiven Birthright of Love Everywhere Present. We Are Your Family of Light, and youcan no longer run or hide from US. Peek A BOO!Seal A Change is Cominghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHa096VQ8FE&feature=relatedWE Love You With ALL Our Heart, Love Your Parents of Creation Father[ Love] andMother[ Creation] God or They Also Call Us Father Sky, and Mother Earth!Thank You for Making a Love Donation today in Support of our Work For You and TheDivine Mission. When We say ALL Donations are Blessed 100 times Over, We are NotKidding. We have had others Make a Donation, and then within days have receivedthis back in another way And Its Always More then they donated. You See We Utilizethe Money as Energy. When You Serve Love, You Get it Back In Grander Ways, this is

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