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Samsung Ml 2010

Samsung Ml 2010

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Published by 202457

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Published by: 202457 on Aug 17, 2009
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Technical InstructionsCartridge InformationTools & Supplies1
Step 1
Having the handle of the cartridge facingyou remove two Philips screws one fromeach side on the top of the cartridge.
(Photo 1)
Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3
Step 2
Grab the top of the cartridge that has theinstruction label on it with both hands. Pullthe cartridge top up and back towardsyourself to remove. This is the waste hop-per section of the cartridge and as it isremoved may leak some toner. Turn thewaste hopper over and place on the tablewith label facing down.
(Photo 2)
Step 3
Place the toner hopper aside and protectfrom light.
(Photo 3)
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Photo 4
Step 4
Take the waste hopper with the wiperblade facing you remove two Philipsscrews one from each side of the wiperblade. Lift the blade straight up from thewaste hopper and visually inspect fordamage. Clean the blade with com-pressed air and clean lint free cloth. Setblade aside.
(Photo 4)
US1800 394.9900Int’l +1 818 837.8100FAX 1 800 394.9910Int’l +1 818 838.7047
US 1 913 871.1700FAX 1 913 888.0626
US 1 877 676.4223Int’l +1 678 919.1189FAX 1 877 337.7976Int’l +1 770 516.7794
US 1 800 595.4297Int’l +1 305 594.3396FAX 1 800 522.8640Int’l +1 305 594.3309
CAN 1 877 848.0818Int’l +1 905 712.9501FAX 1 877 772.6773Int’l +1 905 712.9502
US 1 800 431.7884Int’l +1 631 588.7300FAX 1 800 431.8812Int’l +1 631 588.7333
AUS 1 800 003.100Int’l +62 02 9648.2630FAX 1800 004.302Int’l +62 02 9548.2635
ARG 0810 444.2656Int’l +011 4583.5900FAX +011 4584.3100
URY02 902.2001Int’l +5982 902.2001FAX +5982 900.0858
S.A.+27 11 974.6155FAX +27 11 974.3593
AUS 1 800 003.100Int’l +62 03 9561.8102FAX 1 800 004.302Int’l +62 03 9561-7751
Int’l +55 11 5524.8000
ISR 09 760.12.39Int’l +972 9760.12.39ISR 052.38.555.82Int’l +972 5238.555.82
Step 9
Rotate the cartridge so that the handle ofthe cartridge is facing you. Grasp the PCRshaft and slide it towards your left toremove it from the right PCR saddle. Toremove the PCR from the left PCR saddle,lift the PCR up on the right side to clearmovement and move towards the right toremove the PCR.
(Photo 9)
Step 10
Remove the drum by pushing up on thehelical gear with your finger enough tograb the entiregear. Pull the drum awayslightly from the opposite side and liftcompletely out. Set the drum aside in aprotective area.
(Photo 10)
Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8
2Dell 1100 Technical Instructions
Photo 5
Step 8
Rotate the cartridge so that the oppositeend is facing you with the handle of thecartridge to the left. Remove two Philipsscrews that are holding the end cap inplace. Using a small flat blade screwdriv-er pry the end cap off carefully.
(Photo 8)
Step 7 
Using a small flat blade screwdriver prythe end cap off carefully. The end capscontain the drum axles.
(Photo 7)
Photo 9
Step 11
Rotate the cartridge so that the handle isfacing towards your left and remove the fillplug from the end cap. Clean out allremains of toner from the inside of thetoner hopper.Place the fill plug aside forlater.
(Photo 11)
Step 5
Clean the remaining wastetoner from the waste hopperusing a vacuum or compressedair. Careful not to damage theretaining blade in the wastehopper, opposite the wiperblade that was removed.Inspect the retaining blade aftercleaning to insure that it isstraight and not damaged.
(Photo 5)
Step 6 
Taking the wiper blade that is tobe installed pad the blade withpadding powder.Reinstall theblade using two Philips screwsone on each side of the blade.Place completed waste hopperaside.Set the toner hopper with thelong handle towards your rightand remove two Philips screwsthat areholding the end cap inplace.
(Photo 6)
Photo 10Photo 11
Photo 13Photo 14Photo 15
Dell 1100 Technical Instructions3
Step 13
Remove the developer roller drive gearfrom the developer roller using a small flatblade screwdriver to push with. The cen-ter idle gear in the gear train is loose andcan fall off so take it off and place aside.The smaller helical diameter teeth faceinward.
(Photo 13)
Photo 12
Step 14
Remove the developer roller by holdingthe metal shaft on either end and pullingupward.
(Photo 14)
Step 15
Start by placing the cartridge with the car-tridge handle facing you and the handleextended outward. Remove two Philipsscrews one from each side of the Dr. Bar.Lift carefully from the left side up off thelocation pin just enough to clear it.Holding the Dr. Bar steady work towardsthe right and lift straight up off the locatorpin and back towards you. This will allowthe electrical contact wire to rest in the tabslot of the cartridge. Clean with 99%Isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth.
(Photo 15)
Step 16 
Clean the toner hopper area whichincludes the toner feed roller, developerroller recovery blade, sealing felts, PCRsaddles and toner tank area. Be very care-ful not to damage these parts by using toostrong of an air flow.
(Photo 16)
Step 12
On the cartridge end that contains the fillplug and electrical contacts, push up thewire that contacts the developer rollershaft. Release the clip that holds the blackcontact support plate by pushing the tabin from the outside of the cartridge. Gentlypull forward on the plate to remove.
(Photo 12)
Photo 16Photo 17
Step 17 
Place the cartridge with the car-tridge handle facing you and thehandle extended outward. Onthe right side push the electricalcontact wire forward and to theright to rest just out of the wayof the Dr. Bar so that you caninstall the blade. Install theblade by lining up the locationpins on each side and comingstraight down. Hold in place byinserting the two Philips screwsone on each side of the Dr. Bar.Move the electrical contact wireback into position.
(Photo 17)
Photo 18
Step 18
Holding the developer by theshaft on each side position andinstall the developer roller. Pushdown with just a little pressureto set and replace the develop-er roller idle and drive gear.
(Photo 17)

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