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Jekyll Hyde

Jekyll Hyde

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Published by Rick Zagar

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Published by: Rick Zagar on Nov 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1
What is a body transformation?
“TC, it looks like you will let anybody write for your magazine. That new guy, Christian Thibaudeau doesn’t even look like he trains, why should I trust him?”
- Dan W. 11/16/2002
We live in a superficial world; most people will do anything to give the impression or illusion of being something that they aren’t in hope of gaining respect, adulation, admiration or other such things. And as a society we do encourage that type of behavior because we seem to only look at the part of the iceberg that we can see, ignoring the submerged portion which might really be more important. If it looks the part then it’s good enough. “That guy has a BMW, a fancy house and all the new techno gadgets money can  buy… he must be rich!” , never mind that the guy has two mortgages and a slew of credit companies harassing him to get their monthly dues. The guy looks like he’s rich but in reality he’s probably poorer than the average bum  because of all the money he owes! This is what I call the “modified Honda Civic syndrome”: when I walk around town I see all those young bucks adding flashy body parts, tinted windows, demonic logos and shiny mags to their car, yet they rarely invest in their engine. Sure the car looks like a street-ready NASCAR racer, but it still only has 115HP! Bottom line is that as a society we reward looks first and foremost. And this is no different when it comes to your physique and appearance.  Not so long ago when men went out they might spend a few minutes combing their hair and made an effort to select the shirt that wasn’t as dirty as the others and that was it. Now we have men going to the hairdresser right  before hitting the supermarket, selecting the right fuchsia tank top to fit  perfectly with their brand new shirt… unbuttoning said shirt just enough to let that tank peak just right, giving that “neglected” look (that’s right, men now spend 30-45 minutes adjusting their clothing in such a way that they look neglected). Basically looking good is now just as important for men as it is for women. Face it; most men want two things when going out: 1. To impress and seduce women 2. To intimidate other men

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