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An Academic Rebirth -Babatunde Olatunji (3ple "T")

An Academic Rebirth -Babatunde Olatunji (3ple "T")

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Published by Tunji Tunde

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Published by: Tunji Tunde on Aug 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He was so different from his elder brother, his parents observed. His attentionwas never sustained in things his teacher was doing in the nursery class, instead hewould go out to play. Most of the times, he found the tap a convenient place to go,he would sit under the opened tap as the water soaked his uniforms and his entirebody. Time without number he was driven home because of this.His primary one to four was not much different; by this time his mother wastransferred to Shendam where he attended the Roman Catholic Mission (RCM)primary school. He managed to climb up to position three occasionally although hisbooks were always missing. He would tear off portions of class works he failed forfear of beatings he would get from his uncle who made it a duty to go through hisexercise books daily. Once discovered, he changed to copying corrections aftertearing off the pages and claim his teacher did not have red Biro to mark his classworks until he was still caught in the game by another uncle who paid his teacher avisit concerning the issue.He transferred to his former school in Lafia where he proceeded from primaryfive to secondary school in Akwanga, once there, here continued to play much asbefore although he was cautious not to break any school rule. Eventually hisunseriousness earned him a repeat of JSS two. He grew worse from this point,though unintentional. He tried to perform better but could not, the damage hadbeen done, he had lost confidence he was suppose to build; another thing wasinvolved; he had contacted inferiority complex as a result of the repeat. Everybodyknew him as a repeater. His present class mates would not associate with arepeater and he in turn was too ashamed to stay in the company of his formerclassmates in the hostel, in fact they had even created a class difference againsthim, this was a common thing in the school.As a student without confidence to excel and also suffering from inferioritycomplex, he was not well prepared for the “almighty WAEC” knowing full well thatsome students far better than him before now have failed woefully. Worst of it all,he was suspended along with few others for a crime he was indirectly involvedbarely two months to the “almighty WAEC” and was asked to resume two weeks to

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