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The power of Vedic Manthras
The power of Vedic Manthras

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Published by: Sreekrishnan Narayanan on Aug 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shri RudramShri Rudram, also known as Rudraprashna, is a hymn devoted to Lord Shiva. It ispart of the Yajur Veda and one of the great est of the Vedic hymns for all roundben e fits and to remove all doshas and difficulties.Shri Rudram has two parts. The first part, chap ter 16 of the Yajurveda, is knownas Namakam because of the repeated use of the word “namo” in it. The sec ond part,chap ter 18 of the Yajurveda, is known as Chamakam because of the repeated use ofthe words “chame”.Rudram is divided into 11 sec tions called Anu vakas. In the first Anu vaka, Rudrais asked to turn away his ghora rupa (fierce appearance) and to keep his and hisfol low ers’ weapons at bay. Hav ing been paci fied, Rudra is requested to destroythe sins of those for whom it is being chanted.Apart from being a hymn devoted to Lord Shiva, Shriru dram also con tains many hidden secrets in coded for mat. For exam ple the verses con tain coded instruc tionsfor prepar ing var i ous ayurvedic med i cines.This first Anu vaka is chanted to destroy all sins, obtain lead er ship and divinebenev o lence, pro tec tion from famine, free dom from fear,obtain food, and protect cows, for absence from untimely fear of death, of tigers, thieves, from monsters, dev ils, demons. It is also chanted as a shield (kavacha) for vir u lentfever, to cure dis eases, fetal dis or ders, abso lu tion from evils stars and badkarma, for the ful fil ment of ones desires, sump tu ous rain fall, fam ily protec tion, bless ings with good chil dren, ful fill ment of all mate r ial desiresand the destruc tion of enemies.In the sec ond Anu vaka, Rudra is prayed to as one who per vades the earth and asthe green foliage and her itage of med i c i nal herbs. He is asked to loosen thebonds of sam sara . This Anu vaka is chanted for the destruc tion of ene mies, posses sion of wealth, get ting kingdom (get ting job) and pos ses sion ofintelligence.In the third Anu vaka Rudra is described as the Lord of thieves who exists inevery thing. He is Sar vatmathe self of all. In this con text, we who are unen
light ened have stolen the immor tal sta tus of the Self and replaced it with ourown lim ited con cep tion of ego. And in turn it is Rudra who will come and stealour igno rance from us,restoring us to our nat ural sta tus of enlight en ment.This Anu vaka is also chanted for the cure of diseases.In the fourth Anu vaka, Rudra is described as the cre ator and worker of allkinds. He is the cause of both the sig nif i cant and minor. This Anu vaka ischanted for the cure of tuber cu lo sis, dia bet ics and leprosy.In the fifth Anu vaka Rudra’s exis tence in run ning waters is praised and hisfive activ i ties are described (cre ation of the uni verse, preserva tion of it,destruc tion at the time of Pralaya, bondage in igno rance and the release of moksha.In the sixth Anu vaka Rudra is iden ti fied with time (Kalarupa). He is describedas the source of the dif fer ent worlds, Shrutis (Vedas) and its essence inVedanta. The fifth and sixth Anu vakas are chanted for the expan sion of one’s ownassets, vic tory against ene mies, bless ings for a son with the stature of Rudra,avoid ance of a mis car riage and easy child birth, avert ing dif fi cult astrology and pro tection of one’s own son.
In the sev enth Anu vaka his all-pervading pres ence in waters, rains,clouds,storms and its var i ous forms are described. This Anu vaka is chanted for theincrease of intel li gence, improve ment of health, wealth, prog eny, clothes,cows, sons, edu ca tion, lands, longevity and obtain ing liberation.In the eighth Anu vaka Rudra is described as He who illu mines other Gods and confers pow ers on them. He is seen as ever present in holy rivers and He who canabsolve all sins. This Anu vaka is chanted for the destruc tion of ene mies andpos ses sion of ones own kingdom (lands).In the ninth Anu vaka the strength and power his atten dants is cel e bratedbecause they illu mine the gods and the world and con trol the forces of the universe. This Anu vaka is chanted for obtain ing gold, a good wife, a job, and thebless ings of a son who will be devoted to Lord Shiva.In the tenth Anu vaka Rudra is again asked to shed his fury and shower benev olence by his dis play ing his Pinaka bow with out arrows and to grace fully appearwith his tiger skin on his body with pleas ing coun te nance ready to shower boonsupon his devo tees. This Anuvaka is chanted for pos ses sion of wealth, cure ofdis eases, removal of fear, get ting rid of the enmity of pow er ful peo ple,absence of fear from all liv ing beings, hav ing the vision of Bhairava (Shiva inhis most fear ful aspect), absence from dan gers and fears, bless ings and theabso lu tion of sins.In the eleventh Anu vaka Rudra’s accom plish ments are pro fusely praised and hisbenev o lence is invoked with uncon di tional salu ta tions. This Anu vaka ischanted for bless ings of one’s prog eny, the enhance ment of longevity, vis iting of sacred places, and acquir ing knowledge of past, present and future.After pray ing and iden ti fy ing Rudra with every thing in the Namakam, theChamakam is recited, in which the devo tee iden ti fies him self with Lord Shivaand asks him to give him everything.These excel lent prayers are intended for the bulk of the peo ple and every thingto be cher ished in the world is included in this ascend to the state of jnani toattain mok sha i.e. eter nal hap pi ness. Chamakam assures grant ing of what allyou ask in a full-throated man ner unabashed. The cre ator makes no dis tinc tionbetween the things of the world and the other world. Both belong to him and desireborn out of Virtue is really man i fes ta tion of divin ity and Dharma. Chamakamfur nishes com pletely the ideal of human hap pi ness and defines in the high estdegree the desires and do not delimit to be asked or to be granted.In the first Anu vaka prayer is made to keep fit in the human being his vital ities inter nal and sen sory organs and mind hale and healthy,a long and peace fuland happy old age.The sec ond Anu vaka promi nence and lead er ship, com mon sense,intellectual acumen, capa bil ity to face try ing cir cum stances, spir i tual ele va tion,worldly splen dor and enjoyments.The third Anu vaka devel ops innate urge of God and med i ta tive flights and spiri tual ecstasy, ser vice to Divin ity and human ity and a condi tion where theworld wants him and he wants the world for upliftment.The fourth Anu vaka assures of cour tesy, fit ness of the body and the best foodfor the body, cosy and comfort.The fifth Anu vaka asks for the Navarat nas, the pre cious stones and all the ani

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