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Published by Asraf Ali
Cleaning of Pipe
Cleaning of Pipe

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Published by: Asraf Ali on Nov 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BKW, Inc. is a World Leader in Pipeline Technology and E!ipmen"
Pigging E!ipmen"
BKW has developed and patented pigging equipment that advances pigging into the 21
Pig and Sphere Traps
Includes special purpose launchers and receivers, sub sea retrievable traps, multiple automatic pig launchers and receivers
Pig Trap Trays
Capacities to 12,000 lbs with elevation and lateral movements, drip pans and pig pulling and pushing devices
Pig Trap Jib Cranes
!0 degree rotation with hand or motori"ed hoists
Pig and Sphere #$#
Two into one custom design %or pigs, spheres or both
&ultiple 'utomatic Pig (aunchers
(oads several pigs at one loading and can be launched either remote or manual) 'lso allows the launching o% smart pigs)
 speciali"es in pigging e*uipment that is not standard #o%% the shel%# items)
 will provide conceptual design and %abrication to meet a client+s needs)
-n!s!al designs
 have included
Pig trap trays that elevate pigs and inserts and removes the pig into and out o% the trap)
' piggable +$+ capable o% sphere and pig passage)
-emovable sphere and pig launcher devices %or vertical launchers on o%%shore plat%orms)
Pig and sphere hauling e*uipment %or ease o% pig and sphere handling, both o%%shore and onshore, including bas.ets, trailers and tongs)
 speciali"es in custom pigging e*uipment %or a variety o% pigging problems) Consultation with the clients concerning operating procedures, service and pigging goals will achieve a success%ul pigging system) / designs, %abricates and installs the right pigging system %or your needs) Pig Traps can be %urnished complete with valve blow downs, s.id mounted and ready to go to wor.) nly two tie3ins are re*uired and they are in and out)
 can provide trap barrels modi%ied %or smart pig e4tensions %or %re*uent cleaning pig runs and with an occasional smart pig run)
 designs sub sea pig launcher and receiver barrels that are retrievable %or sur%ace loading and unloading)
 %abricates sphere release mechanisms %or normal sphere launching, pins %or vertical pig and sphere launchers and roc.ers %or large diameter vertical launchers)
 multiple automatic pig launchers are used in remote locations providing pigging without on3site labor)
 pig trap trays and 5ib cranes are used to enhance the loading and unloading o% large diameter pigs) Trays can be e*uipped with hydraulic rams %or loading and hydraulic winches %or unloading) Trays are also e*uipped with !06 5ib cranes, tray bridles, rails and elevating devices)
 designs and %abricates pig hauling e*uipment and trailers %or highway, helicopter or o%%shore service)
 designs and %abricates piggable +$+s %or a variety o% operating problems) In addition,
 provides sphere +$+s and sphere tees)
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/01 %2$I Pig Trap La!ncher31 %2$I /40 La!ncher wi"h Pig $"ops31 %2$I /40 &ap"i'e Pig Traps /51 %2$I 600 Piggable 7/01 %2$I 600 Piggable 761 %2$I 300 761 %2$I 600 Pig La!ncherTypical Pin or Pig and $phere elease BKW ecei'erBKW $phere 7

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