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عابر سرير _ أحلام مستغانمي

عابر سرير _ أحلام مستغانمي



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Published by Alshareifa Areej

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Published by: Alshareifa Areej on Aug 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alshareifa Joja
ررس رباعيناغت ملحأ
٫دؤ ٩ٝج...ح٠٧ؿ 
ح٦ٝحظف٧ ر٠ٯج ٣٥ ءحفن ٩ٝج٧ ١٬ثجفٝج,ءح٢ػ٢ج ١٧ؿ ٟ٥فجؿٙإد ١٧فد٬ ١٬ٝج,١٬صدنس٠  ١٬فحؾٝج ٟٴػإد 
٫ ٛ٬ٝج٧ ؽ٠حنٝج ٛف٧د ر٢س ,غ٠حظٝج ٛف٧د,٪فؿٙ ٛد فصس ٟ٧٬ ...٫ٜ ٟ٬ٚس 
٫٥ ل٬د ذفدحرٚ٬ٚػٝج
٧ ح٦ٞ٬د ىفس٬ ١ؤ ٬س٬ ء٫ن ٳ
ل٬٠٬ج ٳ٧ق 
Alshareifa Joja
 ل٧ٯج لوٝج
ر٦ٞٝج ءح٠ ح٢ٜ ٩ٝ٧ٯج,ف٠ٝج رح٬ي ٫ ١٬ٚنح,ضفحؾ جؿ٧٠ رؿحو٠ٝج ح٠٦ٝ زدسف  ر٬دفٝج ١ؿ٠ٝج٧ؾٞٝ 
فػ ٩ٞ ١٧ٜ٢ ١ؤ رٞ٬ٞٝ ح٢٬٢ ,رجفػ ١٦س٠س ك٬فحد ١ؤ ح٢٠ ح٢ حنٝج
لسٚٝج ر٠ػف زػس مح حدػ ١اذ,رظ٦دٞٝ عحس٠ كجفس٠ ل٧ؤ ٞؾ ٫٠سػ٬ ١ؤ ؿد ٳ
١ا ح٢ٜؤذؿحٝج رو٢٠ ٩ٞ حوٙف ١ف٠س٢ ,١ؤ ٟؤ ؟ر٠٧حٚ٠ ل عفٝج ١ؤ ح٢ؿحٚسج ءح٢صؤ١قػٝج ىد  ؟حنٝج ٟقج٧ٝ ١٠ 
١ظنٝحد حديؾ٠ ؿثحٝج ٝ٧ٝج ءح٠ ٫ .ٛ٠٥ غدو٬ ١٠ ١٬٠ح ؿد خػٝج ٟٝ ٛٜس ٬ٜ  خح٬ٝج,ز٧ٙ٧٠ٝج ٤ٞ٬س لس٧ ,٩نسس ١ؤ ١٧ؿ حػ٧د 
جف ؿد رٚ٢ح٠ ٢د ,زٞٙ ٧ٝ ؿ٧س "ٛدػؤ"ل٧ٚس ٧ٝ ح٠ٜ "حي٬ف٠ زٝق ح٠ ٛد 
ٞٝج ذفس٠ زح٠ٞٜ ل٧ٚس ٟؤ ؿ٬فس ,ف٬دسٝج ١ فسس ج٧ٜ ,٩ٞ ٫و ىف٠ٜ  ه٬ؾنسٝج
ءحٜدٝج زسج ٧ٝ ؿ٧س .٤س٬د ٫ ٛ٢ٯ ٳ,ح٠ ح٠ٜ٢ٯ ٳ,جف٬ؾؤ ح٦٢ٯ ٳزءحظ ,ز ٛ٢ٯ ٳك٬ جؿ٬ ٛ٢٧ٜٝ ٳ٧ ,ففٜس٬ ١ٝ ١سح ء٫ن ٟح٠ؤ ءحٜدٝج ر٬ٝح٠ظٝ لد رؿحو٠ٜ 
دفٝج٧ رحسٝج,فثحظ خحٚؤ٧ 
ذفح٠ٝج ح٦سٜػي ١٠ ذفحظ٬ لدٙ٧ ٛ٢قػ ز٬فدٜ زدف ٫سٝج
ح٦ٝإس ز٢ٜ ,؟ؿنفٝج ١ ٞد ٛدح٬ ٫ ح٥فص ٬ٜ ؿ٬د٧ ٚس ٟٝ رٞدٙ ,فسس ز٢ٜ :٫ ٫ ح٦٬سند زٞ جح٠ ١٠ٝ ؟ح٥ح٢٬ زؤف ١٠ ؟ٛسد  ٨فس ؟ٛٝ ١حٜ ح٠ٴٜ زٝحٙ ١٠ٝ ؟ح٦س٧و ر٬٢٬٢ٚٝج ٧ؿٝج حٚ٬ج ٩ٞ ٫سٝج ذؤف٠ٝج ٣٥
ٛػفحس ز٢حٜ ٧ٝ ح٠ٜ هٙفٝج ٛػفحس ءحٜدٝج.ح٠ ح٦٠جؿٙؤ ٙ٧ ١ق٧ؿ٬ ٪ٝج,ج٥ شؿػسٝ ؟ٛٝ٧ػ ١٠ ٫٢٧ٜٝج خجفيٳج ف٠ٝج ٛج لٜ .ءحٚسٳج زج٧ٞو لسفس ح٦٬٠ؿٙ ؿ٢ ز٢ؤ٧ 
ٛءح٠س٢حد فنس ٩ٝاج٧٢ؤ لٜ ٟ٧٬ٝج.٩ٝاءحٜدٝج خجقػؤ لٜ ,٩ٝارٞ٦٢٠ٝج ٧٠ؿٝج لٜ ءح٢ٝج خدد 
ح٢٥ ٫٥.لد ٫ٜد٬ ٳ ٪ٝج لظفٝج ز٢ؤ ؟١ظنٝج ج٥ لٜد لس جح٠٧ ٠ؿ٬ ,لد هٙف٬ ٳ
Alshareifa Joja
خف٬ ,٩ظن٬ لد ٫٢٬ ٳ
٫حٝج ٟؾقٝج ج٥ لٜ ٟح٠ؤ,ٛدحس٢٬ ٳل٬وحسٝج كظح٥ ف٬,هدفس٠ ر٬ج٧فد ح٠٧ؿ ج
ح٬ ؟ردحسٜٝج ٫ ١ح٠ٯج ١ شػدس ءحدٞٝ 
ح٢٥ ٛ٢ٯؤ,ز٬د ٳ٧ ٛٝ ١٧ ٳ,ر٬ج٧فٝج ءٳق٢ ١٠ غدوس ١ؤ زففٙ ,حد٥ج ردحسٜٝج ٩ٝج,ح٠ٜ  هٙفٝج ٩ٝج ١٧فؾآ خ٥٬ ,ءح٢ٝج ٩ٝج ١٧ف٬صٜٝج خ٥٬ ح٠ٜ ,خ٥٬ ح٠ٜ ؟ٟ٦سػ ٩ٝج ءح٬دٯج ٧٠ٝج ١٠ ٫٠سػس ٟؤ ؟خحسٜ ٫ ز٧٠ٝج لقح٢سؤ؟ٟٞٚد ز 
ح٢ٜ ١٬ٞدحٚس٠ ك٧ٞظٝج رف ٫ ,ؿؾ٠ٝج ١٠ رؿؾ ٩٠ف٠ ٩ٞ.ل٬س جقس٢ج ٩ٞ ١٬قظح رٞد٢ٙ ح٢ف٬ٝ فحو ف٬ف زػس ذف٬ٝج
ج٥ ح٢ؿ٧٠ٝ ,زح٬فٜٝج ر٧ق٢٠ ح٢٠ ح٢٠قٞس ز٢حٜ 
ح٢٬ٞ ءح٬نٯج ذف٠جئ٠ ١٠ ذؿفظ٠ ,ذفٜجٝج ١٬٠ٜ ١ ذؿ٬د .ج٥ ٩ٝا ح٦د زثظ جح٠ٞ ٝحد ز٬دٝجزج,خفس٬ ١ؤ حؾس ز٢ٜ جا ؟ح٦٬٠ؿٙ ٩ٝا ١قػٝج٩ٝا حن ٫د ١ؤ ٛٝ ح٦٬٠ؿٙ .خػٝج ٫ ذؿ٬ؿظ رٝحػ ٣٥٧ .ٟجؿٙإد زٚٞس ١ؤ شؿػ٬ ٟٝ ح٦ٞدٚ  ءح٢ٝج
ح٠ ٫٥ح٦سٜػيٝ ٫ٝحٝج خٜٝج ٞؾس ١ؤ زؿ٧س ,لظف ١قػ ٩ٞ ٫ن٠س رػٝ 
ءدد ز٢ػ٢ج ح٦٢ٜٝ ٪٧ص٢ؤ,ح٦ؤفد رٚد٢ق ٫٢ػ٢س ح٠ٜ ,١ؤ ١٧ؿد٧ ح٦س٠و ٞؾس ,ٞ ح٠ زٞؾ  ٫٠ؿ ١٠ ح٦٬ٞ٢د 
٫٢٠ ر٬حػ هٙفٝج لوج٧س زػجف٧ 
٫سجفحؾ ٩ٞ ل٬٠ظٝج ح٦ثح٢ػ٢ج ٙ٧ ٫س ز٢حٜؤ
١ٴس٢س ٧ؤ ١حٞؾس ح٠ؿ٢ ح٦٬٠ؿٙ ر٬ج٧٧ ؟لظف خٞٙ ح٦٬ ح٠ ء٫ن ,ؿ٦ن٠د ٫٢فٜ٬ ١حٜ 
شف٧ح٥ حس٬ف "ح٠٢٬ٞٝ ل٬٠ظٝج ١٠قٝج ٛٝ ٫ ,ٞؾس ٫٥٧  ٧جؿ٧ٝج ح٦٬قحٙ ١٠ ١٬ٞ٬٧ٝج ١٬ ١حسحٝج,حدوا حدوا,ؿ٠س٠ٝج ءدٝج ٛٝد ,لٜ ؼ٧ؿس  ؿٙ ١٧ٜس ١ؤ ١٧ؿد ٟٝحٝج لحظف حث٬ن زٞؾ 
لجق٢ ٫ ١٬ٜن٧د زح٠ جٝ٧ ؟ءح٢ٝج ل٬وحسد ١٬ؿد٠ٝج ن ءحظ ح٢٥ ١٠ ل٥ححؿ ٫د٣ؤفٚس ١ٜس ٟٝ رظ٧ق ٫٠ؿٙ فن ١
ٴ٬٠ظ ٧ؿد٬ ١قػٝج ١حٜ ح٦سفيػ ٫ 
لح٠ظٝ ز٢ٜ٧ ٤س٬ ,٫ ذؿٚس٠ ٤ٞ٬وحسد سػؤ ١ؤ ؿ٬فؤ ٫سفٜج ,٩ص٢ٯج ٛٞس ٩ٝا ف٢ٝج ١٠ؤردفٝج ٟح٢ؤ ٩ٞ هٙفس ٫سٝج,١ج٧ؾ ٩ٞ ح٠ٜ  ١٬فوس٢٠ٝج,ؿ٧سؤ ح٠٢٬د ر٠ػفٝج ١٠ ر٬حػ ح٦٬٠ؿٙ ؿ٢ ٪ف٠ زجفحؾ 
٪ ٫٥,زءحظ ذح٬ػٝج ح٠ٜ ,زحٙ٧سٝج لٜ رسحد٠ 
رٞٞد٠ ر٬حػ خػ لٜ ٩ٝج خ٥س ح٦٢إٜٝ 

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