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The Meeting Draft 3

The Meeting Draft 3

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Published by sambabs
The third draft for my script 'The Meeting'
The third draft for my script 'The Meeting'

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Published by: sambabs on Nov 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE MEETINGWritten bySam BabingtonThird Draft, 24/10/1349 Swallow RiseChatham Kent, ME5 7PR07817167274
INT. BEDROOM, HOUSE - MORNING11Listening to the floorboards CREAK and VIBRATE as music continues to BLARE out, TAY, a 19 year old boy, SLIDES his feet into his designer trainers, ignoring the laces.He ZIPS up his grey jumper and FLICKS his hood up, whilst looking BLANKLY into his DUSTY mirror for a short moment.Tay then YANKS his phone from his speaker lead creating a  moment of silence - until you hear a sudden SLAM as he shuts his bedroom door.INT. KITCHEN, HOUSE - MORNING22Tay walks into his kitchen, where the sound of SQUEAKY floorboards follow him.The mood QUICKLY changes into a BRIGHTER atmosphere - Tay enters the kitchen listening to the news coming from a SMALL PORTABLE radio. His MOTHER, whom is wearing a flowery cooking apron, is washing up.Being BLINDED by the glare of the sunlight coming from the  windows, TAY draws the curtains shut, BLOCKING most light from coming into the kitchen.MOTHERTay what have I told you about shutting the curtains? And don’t even think about changing the radio station.Changing the station REGARDLESS, Tay takes a bowl from the  washing up area and REPEATEDLY shakes it, drying the bowl. Tay then GRABS the remaining value brand cereals. As the last few CRUMBS fall out of the box, TAY throws the cereal box onto the kitchen side, where it then slides SMOOTHLY on the side, onto the floor.MOTHER (CONT’D)Pick that up Tay, I wish you’d show some respect in this house, seeing as you do absolutely nothing.Continuing to IGNORE his mother as if she wasn’t even in the room, the ringtone of a Nokia phone ECHOED around the thin  walls of the kitchen.The BLAND COLOURLESS phone screen displays ‘ADAM ringing’. Tay however declines the call, cutting off the ringtone, and then SLIDES the phone into his tracksuit pocket.
MOTHER (CONT’D)(moments after)Why didn’t you answer? Is there something you’re hiding?TAYLeave it out, it’s none of your business.Tay SCOWLS at his mother, almost in DISAPPOINTMENT. QUICKLY grabbing his man bag, Tay heads towards the kitchen door exit without saying a word. MOTHERWhere are you going?TAYLike I said it’s none of your business.Standing infront of the door blocking the entrance, Tay’s  mother SCOWLS back, looking up towards her son.MOTHERI’m sick and tired of you not telling me where you are and treating me like shit! Now tell me  where you are going!TAYGet out the way why would I tell you?As the mother and son continue to SCREAM at each other, Tay’s brother JOE SPRINTS into the room, where he throws his half-done school tie onto the floor.Joe, younger and smaller, pushes his brother and Mother apart from each other, where Tay STUMBLES slightly.Tay then GRABS Joe by his shirt collar and PUSHES him up against the wall. Silence ESCALATES into the kitchen, where the only noise you can hear is Tay’s fast-paced HEAVY breathing.Tay lets go off his brother and STARES at him for a moment, then once again GLARING at his mother. He opens the kitchen door with little effort and leaves the flat, shutting the door QUIETLY. The flat remains quiet, apart from the ongoing news REPORT on the Radio and the ECHO of voices coming from surrounding flats.2.

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