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Felix Munro

Felix Munro

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Alberta Metis buffalo hunter Felix Munroe is profiled.
Alberta Metis buffalo hunter Felix Munroe is profiled.

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Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Nov 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Felix Monroe (Munro).
Felix was born at Mountain House, the son of Hugh Monroe (born 1784) and eno!aa""ii #to"an ($iegan), Munroe%s first wife& Felix 'oined the H (1847-18*1) as"at+hewan istri+t, and was assigned to o+". Mountain House in 18*/ to 18*1 as an inter!reter, he then be+a0e a free 0an in 18*1& Felix Monroe 0arried udith odin so0eti0e before 185/, then he 0arried b. +usto0 and then offi+iall. on une 7, 1852 at fort des $rairies, to 3ouise eguin dit 3aderoute,  born 1825, at Fort u0berland, as"at+hewan& he was the daughter of #liier eguin dit 3aderoute and ngeli6ue rabant& He died on the !lains near ed eer ier in 1875&Felix Munro was a Mtis !lains0an of $ii"ani (la+"foot) des+ent& His father Hugh had +o0e west fro0 Montreal as an a!!renti+e +ler" with the Hudsons a. o0!an. in 1815& Hugh Munro wor"ed in the as"at+hewan distri+t for seen .ears before 0arr.ing eno!aa""ii, a $ii"ani wo0an, and be+o0ing a free0an, or inde!endent hunter and tra!!er& Felix, the se+ond of their ten +hildren, was born in 1825 at o+". Mountain House&lthough his earliest .ears were s!ent with the $ii"ani, Felix Munro grew u! in +lose +onta+t with the as"at+hewan fur trade& His father had re-engaged with the H fro0 1892 to 1844, 0ostl. as an inter!reter, and Felix Munro too" a si0ilar !ath when he +a0e of age& :he .ounger Munro wor"ed off and on for the H as a ;hunter and inter!reter< fro0 1847 to 18*1, when he signed his last +ontra+t at o+". Mountain House&Munros fa0il. +onne+tions, his "nowledge of la+"foot +ulture, his fluen+. in 0ulti!le languages=he s!o"e ree, >nglish and Fren+h as well as la+"foot=and his di!lo0ati+ s"ills 0ade hi0 an inaluable +onta+t for >uro!eans +ondu+ting business in la+"foot +ountr.& $alliser >x!edition naturalist a0es He+tor relied on Munro for !roto+ol adi+e when +onsulting with a !art. of la+"foot leaders isiting o+". Mountain House in anuar. 1858& Munro !roed e6uall. ade!t at !oliti+al negotiation during a tense en+ounter between $alliser and a la+"foot war !art. the following .ear& outhes" heard about the eent that fall, on his wa. ba+" fro0 the o+". Mountains& ?@At >d0onton we learned that the la+"feet hae be+o0e er. hostile, so that a!tain $alliser with diffi+ult. es+a!ed fro0 the0 owing his safet. onl. to the efforts of Munroe, his inter!reter (brother to 0. Munroe, $is+an Munroe), who dissuaded the0 fro0 an intended atta+"&?Munros wife, 3ouise 3aderoute dit eguin, grew u! at Fort >d0onton& :he two 0arried in 185/ at the 3a+ te& nne 0ission& Bn the .ears that followed, 3ouise Munro traeled with her husband when !ossible& he was with hi0 on the 185C $alliser >x!edition, when she 0ade dried 0eat !roisions for the !art.&

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