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Published by bjsd
Beth Jacob San Diego Weekly Seat Announcement
Beth Jacob San Diego Weekly Seat Announcement

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Published by: bjsd on Aug 17, 2009
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Where The
Meets The
 ,With An Eye Towards The
1st Aliya:
Aharon is instructedto light the Menorah, and theMenorah’s construction isreviewed. Moshe is commandedto inaugurate the Leviyim intothe service of the Mishkan.
2nd Aliya:
The Leviyim areinaugurated into Temple service.Their term of service was fromage 25 to age 50.
3rd Aliya:
The Bnai Yisroel keeptheir second Pesach since leavingEgypt. The laws of Pesach Shaynie- the makeup Pesach (one month
aer Pesach) are taught for those
who were unable to bring thePascal Lamb at the appropriatetime.
4th Aliya:
The movement of thePillar of Clouds as the indicatorsof when to set or break the
camp is identied. In addition
to the Pillar of Clouds, Moshe iscommanded to make two silvertrumpets that would be usedto herald the traveling of theencampment, or the movementof troops during war.
5th Aliya:
The description of thenation’s travels from the desertof Sinai is recorded. Mosheapproaches Yisro, who refuses
his oer to join them in Eretz
6th Aliya:
The two verses of“When the Ark went forth” arestated, and then things beginto unravel. The main body ofthis Aliya describes the nation’scomplaints against the physicalconditions of their dwelling in thedesert. The Manna is describedin contrast to the nation’s desirefor “real food”. Moshe expresseshis frustrations as leader, andHashem promises to send quailto satisfy the people’s desire formeat. Moshe is instructed toappoint a Sanhedrin to help himgovern and teach the nation. The
70 Elders are divinely conrmed,
and Eldad and Maydad prophesiesthe transition of leadership fromMoshe to Yehoshua.
7th Aliya:
The quail descend uponthe camp in such quantity thateach person collected 1000 lb. ofmeat. Aharon and Miriam speakLashon Harah about Moshe,
resulting in Hashem conrming
Moshe as His preeminent servant
and prophet. Miriam is aictedwith Tzaraat.
Shabbat Beha’aloscha June 13th, 2009 •
ט״סשת ןויסב א״כ
ךתלעהב תשרפ תבש
Parshat Beha’aloscha pg. 774 Haforah pg. 1182
Note: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Goup] since for each Aliya, one person “goes up” to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Reading.
Young Beth Jacob! 
 Morning  Afternoon 
Groups Begin @10:30am, Parents pleaseattend to your childrenbeforehand.
Youth Morning Groups
Below 1st Grade withMorahs Faye & Shayna
Group 2: Active and Educa-tional Programs with ourHigh School HelpersJunior Cong:
The Classic—Reborn With Mr. Weiser
Teen Morning Groups
Pre-Teen Girls: Torah Learn-ing With Mrs. Reitman Teen Girls: Tefllah Work-shop with Chava Simon Teens: Parsha, Chulent!(Now With More Mussa!)OFF THIS WEEK 
Groups with The Weis-ers begin @ 5:40pmthis week. We look for-ward to seeing you!
 d   a  y    g  
ho? 6-14 ea oldshee? Ap. 21hen? ednesda June 1hona isoel o Deails61.550.554
Coming Soon...
Library Day - Sunday, June 14th at 10:30am till 12:00pm
Contact Mr. Weiser for details 619.933.6740 
Latte and Learning -
Every Wednesday at 8pm (and Tuesdays)
NCSY Year End Mini-Shabbaton
- Weekend of June 20th
Contact RabbiSimon@BJSD.org for details
End o ’  Year Mini-Shabba ton
 Wha t ’s Ne x t ?  Wha t maes a Je wish Hero ?Cos t: $35Sign up: ASAP a t M YNCS Y.com

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