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Ya Can Pick My Bones but Nay My Brains Help Self Doing It My Way

Ya Can Pick My Bones but Nay My Brains Help Self Doing It My Way

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Published by Frank Gallagher
Long prior brains picked as a Thief in the Knight nothing left but bones to pick

Long prior brains picked as a Thief in the Knight nothing left but bones to pick

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Nov 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ya can pick my bones but nay my brains help self doing it my wayLong prior brains picked as a Thief in the Knight nothing left but bones to pick http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_GodThe atechism of the atholic hurch !" teaches that the coming #eign of God will be a kingdom of lo$e% peace% and &ustice.'()*+ustice is defined as a $irtue whereby one respects the rights of all persons% li$ing in harmony and e,uity with all.'(-* The Kingdom of God began with hrists death and #esurrection and must be further etended by hristians until it has been brought into perfection by hrist at the end of time.'(0* The hristian does this by li$ing the way hrist li$ed% by thinking the way hrist thought%'()*  and by promoting peace and &ustice.'(1* This can be accomplished by discerning how the 2oly 3pirit !God" is calling one to act in the concrete circumstances of ones life.'(1* hristians must also pray% asking God for what is necessary to cooperate with the coming of Gods Kingdom.'(4* +esus gathered disciples to be the seed and the beginning of Gods #eign on earth% and +esus sent the 2oly 3pirit to guide them.'(5* +esus continues to call all people to come together around him'(6*  and to spread the Kingdom of God across the entire world.')7* 2owe$er% the ultimate triumph of hrists Kingdom will not come about until hrists return to earth at the end of time.')8* 9uring hrists second coming% he will &udge the li$ing and the dead.nly those who are &udged to be righteous and &ust will reign with hrist fore$er.')(* hrists second coming will also mark the absolute defeat of all e$il powers% including 3atan.'))*;ntil then% the coming of the Kingdom will continue to be attacked by e$il powers as hristians wait with hope for the second coming of their 3a$ior .')-*  This is why hristians pray to hasten hrists return by saying to him <=aranatha>< which means <ome% Lord +esus><.')0*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/#esurrection?@ternal_links Aombies became a  popular de$ice in modern horror fiction% largely because of the success of George B. #omeros 8615 film  Cight of the Li$ing 9ead '84* and they ha$e appeared as plot de$ices in $arious  books% films and in tele$ision shows. Aombie fiction is now a siDeable subEgenre of horror% usually describing a breakdown of ci$iliDation occurring when most of the population become fleshEeating Dombies F a Dombie apocalypse. The monsters are usually hungry for human flesh% often specifically  brains. 3ometimes they are $ictims of a fictional  pandemic illness causing the dead to reanimate or the li$ing to beha$e this way% but often no cause is gi$en in the story.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/@nd_time hile some who belie$e in the literal interpretation of the Hible insist that the prediction of dates or times is futile% some other writers belie$e that +esus foretold of signs which would indicate that the <end of days< was near. 3ome of these signs include earth,uakes% natural disasters% ci$il problems% <wars and rumors of wars%< and other catastrophes. f the precise time% howe$er% it will come like a <thief in the night< !8 Thess. 0:(".8
Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction% in whole or in part% of an ethnic% racial% religious% or national group.'8* hile a precise definition $aries among genocide scholars% a legal definition is found in the 86-5 ;nited Cations on$ention on the Ire$ention and Iunishment of the rime of Genocide !IIG". Brticle ( of this con$ention defines genocide as <any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy% in whole or in part% a national% ethnical% racial or religious group% as such: killing members of the groupJ causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the groupJ deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life% calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in partJ imposing measures intended to pre$ent births within the groupJ 'and* forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.<'(* Hecause of the influence of +oseph 3talin%
this definition of genocide under international law
does not include political groups.
Bnother criticism of the IIG is that when its pro$isions ha$e been in$oked by the ;nited Cations 3ecurity ouncil% they ha$e only been in$oked to punish those who ha$e already committed genocide and
been foolish enough to leave a paper trail.
 t was this criticism that led to the adoption of ;C 3ecurity ouncil #esolution 814- by the ;nited  Cations 3ecurity ouncil on (5 Bpril (771 commits the ouncil to action to protect ci$ilians in armed conflict and to protect populations from genocide% war crimes% ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.Genocide scholars such as Gregory 3tanton ha$e postulated that conditions and acts that often occur  before% during% and after genocide such as dehumaniDation of $ictim groups% strong organiDation of genocidal groups% and denial of genocide by its perpetrators can be identified and
actions taken to stop genocides before they happen.
 ritics of this approach such as 9irk =oses assert that this is unrealistic and that% for eample%
"Darfur will end when it suits the great powers that have a stake in the region".
=onies ( due process 9e &ure redirect ( antithesis de facto 9iablo Cot only bridge to London falling downhen you got the wealth you li$e in common the rest with common centsThe 3ky is MallingBcid #eignHreaking news L39 Lemming 3yndrome 9isco$ered  Cot in their 9CB but #I= #eligious Iolitical =edia due process#ighteous +ingle bells 3anctimonious aching onfucius wanted his disciple to think his scholars buried ali$eTo this $ery day few onfucius scholars ali$e but reciprocity ali$e as the ignorant all being smothered in own air belie$ing they too can find the formula to pull money out of thin air NThere were no dates in this history% but scrawled this way and that across e$ery page were the words Hene$olence #ighteousness and =orality O finally  began to make out what was written between the lines. The whole $olume was but a single phrase%@at IeoplePThe thin air lack of oygen had a thinning effectBll they had left is bones to pick with each other )

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