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Hansard Report the day KCCA Act passed

Hansard Report the day KCCA Act passed

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Published by The New Vision
Hansard report on the proceeding of Parliament of Uganda on the day the Kampala Capital City Authority Act 2009 was passed. Former Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was one of the MPs who voted in the act that trimmed the powers of the mayor.
Hansard report on the proceeding of Parliament of Uganda on the day the Kampala Capital City Authority Act 2009 was passed. Former Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was one of the MPs who voted in the act that trimmed the powers of the mayor.

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Published by: The New Vision on Nov 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Tuesday, 2 November 2010
 Parliament met at 3.18 p.m. in Parliament House, Kampala.
(The Speaker, Mr Edward Ssekandi, in Chair.The House was !alled to order.
 Hon. Members, I welcome you to t!s s!tt!n". #e $%e onour$ble Members o& P$rl!$ment &rom te Comm!ttee on ICT o& N$m!b!$ $n' tey $re se$te' !n te str$n"er(s "$llery.I rece!%e' te s$' news o& te 'e$t o& Hon. )$'umu*$s$(s s!ster+ er n$me !s ebor$ N$b!t$lo. -ur!$l w!ll t$*e l$ce tomorrow !n M!ty$n$. /et us obser%e $ moment o& s!lence.
(Mem"ers o"ser#ed a moment o$ silen!e
 #e were 'e$l!n" w!t te CHO1M reort $n' we were suose' to $%e cont!nue' w!t !t to'$y $n' tomorrow, but 1o%ernment $ro$ce' me $n' !n&orme' me t$t tey $' !mort$nt  bus!ness to $n'le, n$mely, te )$m$l$ C!ty -!ll, 2334, w!c soul' be '!sose' o& $s soon $s oss!ble to en$ble tem *now te os!t!on o& te c!ty 'ur!n" te com!n" elect!on.#en we come to te CHO1M reort, I w$nt to $'%!se t$t !t !s !" t!me we st$rte' to be sec!&!c $bout some c$ses $n' '!sose tem. Tose wo were $&&ecte' by te reort w!ll be "!%en $n oortun!ty to st$te te!r c$se suc t$t !t !s cons!'ere'.
 T$n* you, Mr Se$*er. I w$nt to $"ree t$t tere !s ur"ent bus!ness !n &orm o& )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty -!ll, 2334. I tou"t t$t t!s soul' $%e been brou"t to your $ttent!on muc e$rl!er so t$t $s Members o& P$rl!$ment, we c$n re$re oursel%es &or te com!n" 'eb$te. #e $re !n $ $b!t o& rele"$t!n" te CHO1M reort b$c*w$r's !n &$%our o& oter bus!ness. I &!n' !t %ery str$n"e $n' I t!n* c$ut!on soul' be "!%en so t$t P$rl!$ment soul' not be t$*en &or $ r!'e.
 I ent!rely concur w!t you $n' I $%e not!n" use&ul to $''. -ut rules s$y t$t I soul' "!%e r!or!ty to 1o%ernment bus!ness. Members o& te ubl!c $re $n5!ous to *now te st$tus o& )$m$l$  bec$use my le$rne' &r!en', on. /u*w$"o, $s !n'!c$te' !s !ntent!on to st$n'. Te te5t w!c we $', te  ost o& m$yor w$s not elect!%e $n' m$y $%e c$n"e' now $n' we nee' to *now.-I//S SECON REAIN1 THE )AMPA/A CAPITA/ CITY -I//, 23346.22
THE MINISTER O !O"A! #O$ERNMENT %Ado&' M(es)*e+:
 Mr Se$*er, I be" to mo%e t$t te )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty -!ll, 2334 be re$' te secon' t!me.
 Te )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty -!ll w$s &!rst re$' !n P$rl!$ment !n 7une 2334, $n' tere$&ter !t w$s re&erre' to te Comm!ttee on Publ!c Ser%!ce $n' /oc$l 1o%ernment, !n $ccor'$nce w!t te rules o& t!s House. I $m "l$' to reort t$t we $%e wor*e' w!t te comm!ttee to scrut!n!se te -!ll, $n' m$'e cl$r!&!c$t!ons $n' $men'ments were necess$ry. I $m "r$te&ul to te comm!ttee &or !ts e&&ort !n ensur!n" t$t te -!ll "ets $s muc ubl!c!ty $n' suort &rom $s m$ny st$*eol'ers $s oss!ble. I $%e been !n&orme' t$t $ cross8sect!on o& te ubl!c m$'e te!r  resent$t!ons to te comm!ttee on t!s -!ll. Te ob9ect o& t!s -!ll !s to est$bl!s, !n $ccor'$nce w!t Art!cle : o& te Const!tut!on ;Amen'ment0 Act, 233:, )$m$l$ C!ty $s te c$!t$l o& U"$n'$. It !s $lso to ro%!'e &or te $'m!n!str$t!on $n' 'e%eloment o& )$m$l$ C!ty by te Centr$l 1o%ernment.It $lso ro%!'es &or te 'el!ne$t!on o& te terr!tor!$l boun'$ry o& )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty !n $ccor'$nce w!t Art!cle : o& te Const!tut!on. I woul' l!*e to !n&orm, Mr Se$*er $n' onour$ble members, t$t 1o%ernment $s cons!'ere' te m$tter o& te )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty Autor!ty $n' !s o& te %!ew t$t we s$ll use te current boun'$r!es o& )$m$l$ !str!ct.Mr Se$*er, )$m$l$ $s !t !s to'$y, !s !n $ sorry st$te, 'es!te !ts contr!but!on to te N$t!on$l omest!c Pro'uct, w!c !s est!m$te' $t :3 ercent $n' be!n" ome to ne$rly <3 ercent o& te country(s !n'ustr!$l $n' ser%!ce sector. Te e5!st!n" !n&r$structure suc $s ro$'s, ubl!c e$lt &$c!l!t!es, s$n!t$t!on $n' w$ste '!sos$l, $re "rossly !n$'e=u$te rel$t!%e to te "row!n" oul$t!on. You m$y $%e, o& l$te, seen te $$ll!n" !ctures o& otoles c$rr!e' !n te news$ers+ some o& tem $%e been e=u$te' to &!s!n" l$*es.
Mr Se$*er, I $m $t $ loss. I $m try!n" to &ollow te st$tement by te m!n!ster $n' $$rently !t !s !n rel$t!on to $ %ery !mort$nt -!ll. Un&ortun$tely, te -!ll rel$te' to )$m$l$ C!ty !s cr!t!c$l to $ll o& us, but we 'o not seem to $%e co!es. C$n we be $%$!le' w!t te co!es so t$t we c$n $ll &ollow te m!n!ster(s resent$t!on>
 No+ co!es were "!%en to you wen te -!ll $' !ts &!rst re$'!n". Te co!es you e5ect to rece!%e now $re te co!es o& te reort o& te comm!ttee, !& te reort !s re$'y. It !s $ lon" t!me $"o $n' I $rec!$te t$t w!t t$t l$se o& t!me, eole must $%e m!sl$ce' te!r co!es+ but tey were "!%en to you. ;
Muc obl!"e', Mr Se$*er. #e $%e $ll tr$%elle' to m$ny c!t!es o& te worl'+ we $%e seen te or'er $n' cle$nl!ness+ we $%e seen te ys!c$l l$nn!n" be!n" en&orce', $n' $s $n e5$mle, te res!'ents o& )$m$l$ woul' l!*e to see $n or"$n!se' c!ty. #e bel!e%e t$t )$m$l$ re=u!res $ stron" $n' &ocuse' $'m!n!str$t!on w!t soun' mon!tor!n" $n' control mec$n!sms by te Centr$l 1o%ernment to ensure coml!$nce w!t n$t!on$l $n' !ntern$t!on$l st$n'$r's.)$m$l$ soul' be m$n$"e' $t te le%el o& !ntern$t!on$l st$n'$r's us!n" "lob$l tren's $n' e5er!ences !n urb$n l$nn!n", 'e%eloment $n' m$n$"ement. One soul' be $ble to '!rect $ "uest &rom $nywere !n te worl' to re$c 'est!n$t!ons !n )$m$l$ suc $s M$*!n'ye, )ololo, )$weme or elsewere. Ut!l!t!es suc $s tose o& te Pol!ce F!re -r!"$'e soul' be $ble to rescue $ s!tu$t!on w!tout muc $ssle. As you $re $ll $w$re, )$m$l$ $s been m$n$"e' un'er te /oc$l 1o%ernments Act $s $ c!ty e=u!%$lent to $ '!str!ct. It $s been rece!%!n" te s$me $ttent!on $n' bene&!ts 9ust l!*e $ny oter '!str!ct yet !ts
re=u!rements $re !mmense, cons!'er!n" te ser%!ces !t $s to 'el!%er. As $ result, m$ny o& !ts un!=ue  roblems $n' nee's $%e not been $''resse' $n' $tten'e' to &or $ lon" t!me. Te )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty -!ll !s 'es!"ne' to $''ress te un!=ue c$llen"es o& )$m$l$. Trou" te c$n"e' !nst!tut!on $n' "o%ern$nce $rr$n"ements, te l$w !s 'es!"ne' to $c!e%e te &ollow!n"?@.Stren"ten te $'m!n!str$t!on $n' 'e%eloment o& )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty &or e&&ect!%e ser%!ce 'el!%ery.2.Stre$ml!ne $n' $rmon!se ys!c$l l$nn!n" !n te ne!"bour!n" '!str!cts o& #$*!so, M!"! $n' Mu*ono to &$c!l!t$te or'erly urb$n 'e%eloment.6.To be$ut!&y )$m$l$ C$!t$l C!ty..To !mro%e te !n&r$structure suc $s ro$'s, $n' te sewer$"e systems to $n $ccet$ble st$n'$r'.:.To &$c!l!t$te te !n%estments $n' cut 'own te cost o& 'o!n" bus!ness !n te c!ty.B.Re'uce e$lt $n' en%!ronment$l $$r's to te res!'ents o& te c!ty trou" !mro%e' s$n!t$t!on.D.To !mro%e collect!on $n' m$n$"ement o& re%enue !n te c$!t$l c!ty.<.To stren"ten m$!nten$nce o& l$w $n' or'er by cre$t!n" $ metrool!t$n ol!ce w!c w!ll sec!&!c$lly $n'le coml!c$te' urb$n cr!me./$stly, I w$nt to '!sel te rumours $n' worr!es &rom some c!rcles t$t t!s -!ll !s 'es!"ne' to '!sen&r$nc!se te eole o& )$m$l$ t$t $%e been mo%!n" $roun' s!nce te -!ll w$s !ntro'uce'.All te le$'ers, !nclu'!n" te m$yor, te c!ty $n' '!%!s!on counc!llors, $n' te members o& te c$!t$l c!ty $utor!ty, w!ll be electe' by un!%ers$l $'ult su&&r$"e &rom const!tuenc!es 'em$rc$te' by te Elector$l Comm!ss!on. T!s w!ll ensure t$t te res!'ents o& )$m$l$ $re not '!sen&r$nc!se'. I w!ll be mo%!n" $n $men'ment $t $n $ror!$te st$"e to re=u!re t$t te m$yor o& )$m$l$, l!*e te counc!llors wo reresent te c!ty !n te metrool!t$n $utor!ty, w!ll $lso be electe' by $'ult su&&r$"e.Anoter worry $s been on l$n' owners!. Un'er Art!cle 26D o& te Const!tut!on, l$n' !s %este' !n te c!t!ens o& U"$n'$, to be owne' !n $ccor'$nce w!t te &our l$n' tenure systems, n$mely, custom$ry, m$!lo, &reeol' $n' le$seol'. Te -!ll reco"n!ses tese r!"ts $n' w!ll not 'e%!$te &rom tem. Te only !ssue t$t te -!ll !ntro'uces !s to stren"ten ys!c$l l$nn!n" w!c re=u!res 'e%eloment !n $ metrool!t$n $re$ to &ollow 'es!"n$te' l$ns !rresect!%e o& te tenure o& l$n'. Oterw!se, te eole w!ll cont!nue to en9oy te &ull r!"ts o& l$n' owners! $s bestowe' uon tem by te Const!tut!on.I w!s to en' by $e$l!n" to te House trou" you, Mr Se$*er, to suort t!s mot!on t$t !s !nten'e' to br!n" $bout =u$l!t$t!%e c$n"e !n te m$n$"ement o& )$m$l$ C!ty. I be" to mo%e.
T$n* You, on. M!n!ster. Yes, c$!rm$n o& te comm!ttee.6.6@
T$n* you, Mr Se$*er. I $m "o!n" to resent $ reort o& te comm!ttee on Publ!c

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