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ADP Drafting Notes

ADP Drafting Notes

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Published by www.rtcc.org
ADP Drafting Notes
ADP Drafting Notes

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Published by: www.rtcc.org on Nov 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 blog form Warsaw and the United Nations Climate Conference,
Latest draft of the adp as of 06:45 23rd of November
ADP Notes Evening of 22nd November
30minutes break from 20.43 - probably longer, Update 21:50
Break is still on
Update 22:21
Break is still on
Update 23:51
So leaders from the different blocks have been huddling up now… for quite some time.. we are looking forward to an all nighter...’
Update 03:00
Meeting is adjourned, next step is plenary at 5 am.
Update 06:01
ADP is further postponed, finance should have started in plenary 1 at 5am, also that is postponed. Text that is being discussed:
What we succeeded in recording from the meeting:
 This includes an action conducted by CAN, where hundreds from civil society stood on the plattform of the soccer stadium. The temporaory plenaries are placed in the middle of the soccer field and the chant from the action penetrated the thin plenary walls. Just action: https://soundcloud.com/johan-manner/stop-the-madness-action-cop19 Almost all of it: https://soundcloud.com/johan-manner/most-part-of-evening-adp 
Short summary of negotiations up to the “short huddle”
 *with reservation for faults in the summary until this text is removed* Main element being discussed is paragraf 2 b. To invite all Parties to initiate or intensify domestic preparations for their intended nationally determined commitments towards achieving the ultimate objective of the Convention and to communicate them well in advance of the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties in a manner that facilitates the clarity, transparency and understanding of the intended commitments
; “
 In the discussion concerning paragraf 2b, there is a clear division between two blocks. ALBA + LMG + BASIC vs AILAC + EU + UG. What the first mentioned blocks wants is to keep the more domestic approach on commitments introduced by the ADP outcome. Meaning a bottom up national approach. They do want to keep the standard provisions of the convention, keeping the annex definitions the way the were declared in rio 1992. The second block wants to keep the top down approach on a national level. The block also wants to redefine standard provisions of the convention, due to the changes that countries have experienced in the past 20 years. What we can take from earlier negotiations this week is that second block have compromised a lot on the standard provisions of the convention. What to take out of this is that it is probably more likely that BASIC will give away on the way to approach commitments in the ADP outcome. Thanks to Ties Mouven, NL youth delegate, for providing an expert update.
Summary of second battering
 Three key issues,
 1st Whe
ther to include “ ‘ultimate’ objective of the convention” in 2b
 2nd whether to keep the annexes 3rd whether to keep natural targets Chairs went to draft new text, venezuela made sure to gather countries in a new huddle and came up with a new draft on an addition in the form of 2(d)
Second round of discussions of the 22nd of novemeber between approximately 19.00 and 20.50
Lacking some parts of the beginning. We weren’t in the room.
Dominican Republic
 4e, comment from Switzerland
keep “to developed countries”, but add something on support “for other countries to do so?”
 Move commitments to COP20 -> specific date.
Suggest compromise: 2b, 1st line to: “To invite all Parties to initiate or intensify national preparations for
their intended c
ommitments”, also change facilitate to ensure
 2C: June 2014 instead of cop20 Yada yada essential to keep working.
“We feel your text has indeed brought us together” “It’s the closest marker that us in these room, and indeed our generation…”
“All future agreements must be under and within the convention”, built up since Rio etc. “We must resist the attempt to open doors that lead outside the convention”.

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