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The Latest m/f fiction from Beau to Beau Publishing

The Latest m/f fiction from Beau to Beau Publishing

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Published by Beau to Beau Books
The Latest m/f fiction from Beau to Beau Publishing
The Latest m/f fiction from Beau to Beau Publishing

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Categories:Book Excerpts
Published by: Beau to Beau Books on Nov 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Latest M/F Books from Beau to Beau Publishing:
Available in the Apple iBookstores; Barnes & Noble; the Amazon Stores; Coffeetime Romance; Google Play; All Romance ebooks; Bookstran! Sony! an "obo ebooks# $%r ebsite is http'((#bea%tobea%#com#)he man ho came to Colville kne there as something %ni*%e abo%t the yo%ng men he as orere to observe# )hey ha been able to ar off a c%rse an s%rvive a vampire attack# )he man ha spent most of the ay observing the ton an keeping an eye on the yo%ng men# $ne of them as ill an the man kne hy# )he other one ha no iea he as being folloe! b%t as far as the man as concerne! he as a belo average ereolf at best# Still! there ha to be a reason for a vampire to sho %p in Colville! other than creating to ereolf slaves#
“Arousing the Legacy” is perfect for the oung A!ult/"e# A!ult paranormal fiction/mystery enthusiast$
"yle Robertson is a C+A operative! an cr%shing the enemy is hat he oes best# A ,ilte e-.lover! he lost his laylove! Stephanie! to a /a,or in the Arme Services! b%t he knos that if he aits long eno%gh!  payback time ill arrive# 0hen ar breaks o%t an /a,or Brian 1airchil receives orers to ship o%t!
"yle is given a angero%s an ealy orer that! if e-ec%te flalessly! ill make him a hero in the eyes of the Presient# Blackmailing someone into carrying o%t the plan itho%t iv%lging the secrets of the mission is his top priority! an Stephanie is the ieal choice# )he yo%ng oman2s ,o%rney to e-otic  places leas to intrig%e an terror hen she iscovers that she has been set %p! an she fins herself engage in a fierce an eceptive battle in hich the prize is life#
“%eroes "e&er 'ie”( romantic suspense/political thriller by Lois )an!ers( is a must rea! for anyone #ho lo&es a goo! *+A/spy no&el$
)he oos behin the ol mansion camo%flage the yo%ng oman ell as she scavenges for n%ts an  berries# 3ife among the animals is the only life she has knon! %ntil the night hen the recl%sive oner of the estate hears a strange r%stling as he h%nts for his nightly feast# )he man is no orinary man# 4e is the res%lt of an e-periment gone terribly ary! an he oes not elcome the intr%sion into his life of solit%e#Saie believes she has fo%n tr%e happiness hen she meets a yo%ng veterinarian# 4er e-! hoever! harbors ba feelings toar her an resents her ability to move on itho%t him# 0hen Saie agrees to visit him in an effort to provie some form of clos%re for the to of them! she iscovers that her e- has

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