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Helen Bloore DAMAGES - Bond

Helen Bloore DAMAGES - Bond

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Published by Helen Bloore
Helen Bloore - D-Bond - Void until presented with My Thumb-Print and Wet-Ink Signature.....
Helen Bloore - D-Bond - Void until presented with My Thumb-Print and Wet-Ink Signature.....

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Helen Bloore on Nov 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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* IN LOVE, GRAT I TUDE AND PEACE* * IN LOVE, GRAT I TUDE AND PEACE* * IN LOVE, GRAT I TUDE AND PEACE* * IN LOVE, GRAT I TUDE AND PEACE*BOND BOND BONDBOND No.: BOND2-DODD-hjb-06071964 ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY REF#: DODD-hjb-06071964PAY TO: Helen Jennifer Bloore $ 5,000,000,000 5 BILLION USD_____________________  _________________ Obligee ________________________________________________________________________________  _________________DollarsUPON PRESENTATION OF THIS BOND, THE C.F.O. AND DATA INTEGRITY BOARD ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO MAKE ATRUE, ACCURATE, AND COMPLETE AUDIT, TRANSFER(S) BY LEDGER ACCORDINGLY, AND PAYMENT IN FULL THEREFROM, WITHOUTHINDER OR DELAY, PURSUANT TO THIS DEPOSIT AND TRANSFER ORDER, AND ANY AND ALL DOCUMENTS, FILES, AND ACCOUNTSREFERENCED AND INCORPORATED HEREIN, ESPECIALLY THE ADDENDUM AND MEMORANDUM OF LAW #2012127914 and 2013032035,without prejudice, inclusive of Public Policy UCC 1-308/RCW 62A.1-207, governed and protected, Public Policy UCC 1-103/RCW 62A.1-103, remedy dulypreserved, protected, and guaranteed by public policy UCC 1-305(a), with equal right for every inbodyment, UCC 1-305(b), and all internationalequivalents thereto, all restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full, WITH DULY BONDED IDENTIFICATION, AUTHORITY ANDSTANDING:MEMO: DAMAGES CALL--REIMBURSEMENT FOR COMMERCIAL BILL #2012114586 DUE TO OBLIGOR(S) FAILURE TO RENDERSERVICES PREPAID BY OBLIGEE TRUE BILL #2012114776, DULY FORCLOSED, SECURED, AND GUARANTEED BY ADDENDUM ANDMEMORANDUM OF LAW #2012127914 and 2013032035, UNDER PERPETUITY, ALL RESTATED AND INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE AS IFSET FORTH IN FULL.OBLIGEE DEPOSIT ORDERS: AUTHORITY, AUTHORIZATION & SECURITY AGREEMENTS:ACCOUNT NAME: HELEN JENNIFER BLOOREEIN: NI No - NE1-58093D NHS No- 480-286 9517Treasury Direct Deposit Account Number: NE1-58093DBack Office#: DN5-80044-1964Local File#: Entry No - 29A/46 (Sub-District of Leicester Fourth)ROUTING: 00000518ABA: 053697261ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY AND DEPOSIT ESTABLISHED: 06TH JULY 1964ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY NAME: Helen Jennifer WrightUSA INCORPORATION DATE: 1 March 1781USA RE-ORGANIZATION DATE: 4 March 1789PERPETUITY DOC #: 2000043135, RECEIPT # 36090SECURITY #: 2012079290 and 2012079322ADDENDUM AND MEMORANDUM OF LAW #: 2012127914 and 2013032035COMMERCIAL BILL #: 2012114586TRUE BILL #: 2012114776ORIGINAL DEPOSITORY AND DEPOSIT REF#: DODD-hjb-06071964RECEIPT REF#: DOR-OPPT-hjb-DODD-hjb-06071964OBLIGOR WITHDRAWAL ACCOUNT(S) NAME(S):
STATE OF . . .
 ; inclusive of any and all fiction-of-law creations as byproductand incidental thereof including Offices, Officers, agents, actors, employees, assignees, successors, or licensees, acting as voluntary commercialindentures, known and unknown, inclusive of: UNITED STATES TREASURY, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK, INTERNAL REVENUESERVICE.OBLIGEE WARRANTY: I AM the sole custodian, trustee, operator, manager, bookkeeper, and record holder of this original depository and theValue domicil therein, inclusive of any and all transfers and exchanges of said

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