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Published by Alyssa
This story begins almost six years after Bella became a vampire. Renesmee is almost an adult and has begun to attend an all-girls private school while the rest of her family begins classes at the nearby public school. The story has shifting point-of-view.

I do not own this! Gothicfictionfan on FanFiction has written this and posted it! I am just posting it on Scribd because I like the story she has created with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight characters!
This story begins almost six years after Bella became a vampire. Renesmee is almost an adult and has begun to attend an all-girls private school while the rest of her family begins classes at the nearby public school. The story has shifting point-of-view.

I do not own this! Gothicfictionfan on FanFiction has written this and posted it! I am just posting it on Scribd because I like the story she has created with Stephenie Meyer's Twilight characters!

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Published by: Alyssa on Aug 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elysium by gothicfictionfan on FanFictionChapter 1: First Day of School - Bella
I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Looking back nearly ten years ago to my first day of high school in Phoenix, it never would have occurred to me that I would willingly repeateven a single day of that torture.That was then. I’d say I’ve come a long way.I was waiting in the main office with members of my family while someone organized ourschedules and paperwork. A woman named Bev Jeffries was attempting to sort her waythrough piles of disorganization so that she could direct us to our destinations. Our presencehad not helped to expedite her search. She was unbelievably flustered and had been sincethe moment we breezed through the door. Not that I blamed her.Edward had walked slowly up to the desk and said, “Excuse me, Miss Jeffries? I believe youspoke to my father, Carlisle Cullen. We’re here to begin classes. Are we in the right place?” She had gawked at him for a solid twenty seconds before responding.One of the more disconcerting things about my transformation into a vampire almost sixyears ago has been the staring. Complete strangers would stop in shock to watch me as Ipumped gas. As if our pale visages and shocking, amber-colored eyes weren’t enoughreason, the transformation made each of us a heightened version of our human selves. Theluster of my dark, reddish-brown hair had deepened, and my pale skin had a pearlyluminescence. My features had been plain as a human; not unattractive, merely plain. I wasnow considered quite beautiful by their standards. It was embarrassing and difficult for meto adjust to even the most earnest admiration.My sister Alice was petite and elfin-looking. Her black hair was artfully arranged in gothicspikes all around her head, and her features were flawless and serene, albeit unsettling forhumans to look at – Alice always had an ethereal, distracted look about her that had to dowith her ability to see into the future.My other sister Rosalie was not happy to be here. Rosalie hated starting school again.Edward had assured me that her hatred would be mollified as soon as she could seefirsthand the glances of admiration and envy that followed Rosalie the most out of any of us.Rosalie had been gorgeous as a human. As a result, she was breathtakingly beautiful as animmortal. Her long blond hair fell in soft curves down her back, and her features were anartist’s dream of perfection.Emmett, Rosalie’s significant other, never seemed to mind the lustful glances Rosalieinspired in others. It was probably because he knew that it would never be more than a look. . . Emmett’s brawn quickly quashed any guy’s half-hearted notion that he couldsuccessfully compete with Emmett for Rosalie’s affection, not to mention the fact thatRosalie sneered at any unwanted attention with unconcealed disdain. Emmett was heavilymuscled, with dark curly hair and an impish grin set off by dimples. He was undoubtedly thebrother who gave me the most hell, in a loving way. Emmett constantly tried to find ways toinsight my ire. He leaned over towards me as we waited for Ms. Jeffries to find ourschedules and whispered, “You planning on killing anyone today little sister?” He had spentthe better part of the last week trying to make me even more nervous about going to highschool again.Even though I had unparalleled self-control as a young vampire around humans, I was stillnervous about drawing unnecessary attention to myself at school. Of course, grabbing someunsuspecting human and gnawing on their neck would be a sure way to garner negativeattention. Heck, I would probably be expelled, I mused to myself with a nervous chuckle.
In a movement so quick that only we could discern it, Edward punched Emmett in thestomach. “There’s more where that came from if you don’t cut it out,” he snarled under hisbreath. I sighed as Rosalie demanded that both of them behave. I knew that Emmettwanted nothing more than to hit Edward back, but he learned decades ago the futility of that attempt. Edward was another vampire with gifts beyond the norm. He could read themind of anyone around him, human or vampire – with only one known exception. If Emmetteven considered hitting Edward, Edward would know when and where. It drove Emmettcrazy, and he constantly called Edward a cheater as a result.Jasper, the love of Alice’s existence, sensed my consternation, and I immediately felt a waveof calm surround me. Jasper’s ability to manipulate the feelings of those around himdefinitely had its advantages. “Thanks Jazz,” I murmured. “Anytime,” he said as he absentmindedly ran his hand through his wavy blond hair.At that moment, Bev Jeffries came forward with a small handful of papers and a triumphantsmile. “Okay! So I think I have everything now. Which one of you is Jasper Hale?” she queried withher southern drawl. She began passing out our schedules and maps of the school. “Well, I’m guessing you must be Edward,” she said as she handed him the last schedule inher hand. She stumbled over his name as she looked at him, and I immediately feltsympathetic. Edward’s tousled, bronze-colored hair framed a face that looked as though itwere carved from marble. His jaw appeared chiselled, and the soft curve of his perfect half-smile directed at Bev Jeffries sent her pulse running. “Thanks. I think we’re missing one though. Do you have a schedule for Isabella Swan?” After much consideration, I had decided that it made more sense for me to use my maidenname in our new home of Brevard, North Carolina. My family had lived in the area aroundAppalachia sometime in the 1930s, and this was our first return to it since then. We settledin Brevard because of its seclusion and proximity to the forest – which contained our chosensource of nourishment. The guys had howled with laughter at the fact that Brevard lies inTransylvania County in North Carolina. Even I had a good laugh about it. Since it was weirdenough that the six new kids at Brevard High were all perfectly matched with one anotherAND lived in the same home, I decided that a presumably unmarried couple with the samelast name might look a little weird. I didn’t think it was legal for supposed 16-year-olds tobe married anyway. Edward had been disappointed, but he made up for it by calling me Mrs.Cullen any chance he had at home. “Oh dear. I was so sure I had them all. Why don’t the rest of you go ahead to yourhomerooms, and Isabella can wait here while I try to find her paperwork in this mess,” Ms.Jeffries said to us all. “Perhaps I can help, Ms. Jeffries,” Edward said smoothly. “Bella is supposed to be in all of the same classes as me, so maybe she could just copy my schedule?”  “Well either way I have to get her a printed schedule to show her teachers. Let me make acopy of yours just in case Edward. The rest of you run along to class,” Ms. Jeffries said asshe distractedly grabbed his schedule and turned to the photocopier.She had totally missed Edward’s blatant manipulation. He triumphantly looked at me andwinked. I smiled back at him, remembering how he had deftly tricked poor Mrs. Cope atForks High into arranging identical schedules for both of us. Maybe this wouldn’t be so badafter all.
 “Here’s your schedule Edward. Go ahead. Bella will join you shortly once I’ve sorted throughthis mess,” Ms. Jeffries said.Edward gave her another grin that sent her pulse quickening and said, “Thanks so much forall your help. See you soon Bella.” He left with a wink and a smouldering smile.
Chapter 2: First Day of School – Edward
 “I swear Emmett if you don’t stop making her feel unsure of herself I’ll make you sorrylater,” I murmured to my favorite brother as we walked out of the office and towards ourrespective homerooms.
I’m just playing Edward. It’s not like she’s going to do anything wrong. Bella NEVER doesanything wrong. She’s not a hell-raiser like Nessie. It’s just fun to see her get self-conscious.
Emmett’s thoughts were amused and completely unafraid of me. “All the same, you’ve been warned,” I whispered.
Whatever. You overreact all the time man. Just chill and enjoy freaking the masses out today.
I smiled in spite of myself. The bell for homeroom rang.
You really wreaked havoc on that poor Jeffries lady Edward.
Jasper chuckled to himself ashe remembered her pulse quickening. I looked back over my shoulder for Bella and frownedwhen I didn’t see her. “Edward she’s going to be fine! You’ll see her soon,” Alice stated aloud.
Really she will befine. She’s just sitting there with an uncomfortable look on her face while Ms. Jeffries putsher schedule into the computer. Trust me. What is she wearing by the way!? God that girl ishopeless. What’s with the flats . . . and that shirt . . .
I began to drown out Alice’s internal discord with Bella’s perceived lack of fashion sense asthe thoughts of the students began to crowd my mind. We had walked into the hall whereall the lockers were. Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were moving down toward the seniorlockers. I half-listened to their reactions to us. “
That blonde girl is hot.” 
Where did that dark-haired girl get those shoes?” 
That guy looks big. I wonder if he plays football.” 
Why are they all so pale?” 
Holy crap, that guy is GORGEOUS.” 
They look a little weird.” 
I wonder if he’s single” . . .
Nothing original. I looked around for the room numbers until I found the right one. “Do we have any classes together Alice?” I said to her before I walked in. “We have English together, third period,” she said as she waited with me by the door of myhomeroom for Bella. “Go ahead to class Alice. You don’t want to be late on the first day.” 
Ha! I’ll see you soon. So far Bella’s first day looks really uneventful, so don’t worry toomuch.
I smiled and walked into homeroom.

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franparny added this note
This is AMAZING!! I love it. You are an amazing writer! Reading it again right now!
Niara Jean Kellen added this note
More plz!
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lwillread added this note
You are truly gifted. The Ideas and the way you have expressed them kept me glued till the end.
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One word Excellent
lwillread added this note
About to read it again. The Story is BRILLIANT you had my full attention from beginning to the very last written word.
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