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House Boys - Chapter 17 - Moving On

House Boys - Chapter 17 - Moving On

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Published by JemGirl
Edward moves forward with Luke. We meet Johnathon and there is sex at Al and David's place.

This is a gay/yaoi erotic romance. This story contains mature content.
Edward moves forward with Luke. We meet Johnathon and there is sex at Al and David's place.

This is a gay/yaoi erotic romance. This story contains mature content.

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Published by: JemGirl on Nov 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This story is completely and utterly fictional. Names, characters, places, and incidentsare either the product of the author's imagination or are usedfictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,events, or locations is entirely coincidental.The sexuality of allcharacters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. f youare offended by gay, bxb, boy love, yaoi, hatever you call it, stories, or it is illegal to vie such materials in your area, you should be leaving at this time.No, if you still feel li"e reading on, en#oy, and please leave a comment if you actually li"ed it.  ill be repeating this arning for every chapter of this story.
==========Chapter 17 - Moving On==========Are you saying that you don't want me here now?” I ased as I wa!ed into his "a# yard$ I !ooed at him "e%ore !ooing %or the path out$ “I never said that&” I heard ue say "ehind me as I tried to !eave$ “(dward wait&” he )ust a"out shouted at me as he gra""ed my arm and turned me around to %a#e him$ *e "oth !ooed at ea#h other %or a moment "e%ore I rea!i+ed that I !e%t without my #oat$ “,ou to!d me to #ome&” I to!d him as i% proving I had a reason %or "eing here$ “I remem"er&” ue answered my so%t!y$ “,ou a!so to!d me that you didn't want to #ome&” he reminded me$ “I #an #hange my mind&” I said "e%ore the #o!d started to get to me and I shoved my hands into the po#ets o% the !ast dress suit I had made$ It was a"out three years o!d& "ut I sti!! !ooed hot and pro%essiona! in it$ “I didn't thin that you wou!d and you showed up without !etting me now that you were #oming&” ue to!d me in a more norma! toned voi#e$ “I was surprised to see you$ hat's a!!&” he #ontinued$ “I wou!d never not want you&” he assured me "e%ore pu!!ing me into one o% his hugs$“I'm %ree+ing&” I to!d him as I turned my head away %rom "eing issed$ .e issed the side o% my %a#e "e%ore pu!!ing "a#$ “hen we shou!d go "a# inside&” he said sounding happier than someone who was )ust denied a iss$ .e p!a#ed his arm around me as we wa!ed "a#$ I wanted to shae it o%%& "ut I was #o!d and no one %rom his house #ou!d see us$ /o I !e%t it there unti! the !ight %rom the house #rossed our path& then I wa!ed a head o% him and out o% his grasp$ As I stepped into the room most o% them& i% not a!! o% them& turned to !oo at me$ I didn't #are and !ooed %or a waiter wa!ing around with something to drin$ As I snat#hed a g!ass o% what was most !ie!y #hampagne& I heard as !i%e #ome "a# into the room with murmurs o% #onversations and the sound o% %a"ri# as peop!ed moved a"out on#e again$It was a typi#a! !ooing high so#iety party$ A !ot o% "!a# everywhere as it was worn "y a!! the men and the waiting sta%%$ he women were the #o!or%u! ones on#e they hadn't e!e#ted to go with their !itt!e& or !ong& "!a# dresses themse!ves$ Mr$ ue 0reene had a very !arge house that seemed to eist %or these parties& sin#e he !ived a!one most o% the time with his daughter (mma on!y visiting during her va#ation and spe#ia! weeends$ his was not the %irst time that I had ever "een there$ ie a %ew other mem"ers o% the .ouse& I had "een "rought here as a paid date$ In %a#t& that was how I %irst !earned o% ue's eisten#e$ ater he tra#ed me down through his networ o% %riends and one night he turned up at the .ouse& with one o% my #urrent #!ients as a vou#her$On#e he "e#ame my #!ient& I hadn't "een "a# here %or any ind o% pu"!i# soir2e that he was hosting and invited me to attend& and no one who new that he was my #!ient too me as their date either$ /o why was I here now? I weighted a num"er o% %a#tors in the !ast wee& and this was part o% my de#ision$ As I #ontinued to !oo around& I saw a %ew o% our #!ients mi!!ing around with their wives& gir! %riends and some o% my house mates and "oys %rom other houses that I wasn't too %ami!iar with$ 3y the time ue was at my side again I was on my se#ond
g!ass o% #hampagne and ho!ding some ind o% #ra#er hors d' oeuvre in my other hand$ “/in#e you now more a"out what is going on than I do& how wou!d you !ie me to introdu#e you?” he ased as he stood net to me& !ooing at a!! his guests as most o% them !ooed "a# as they #ontinued to whisper$ “3oy %riend& %ian#2 or )ust %riend?” he #oo!!y ased me$ I tuned and !ooed at him %or a moment as I ate the hors d' oeuvre$ I turned to !oo "a# at the #rowd as I too a sip %rom my g!ass$ “et's see how "oy%riend %!oats their "oat %or now&” I answered$ “,es dear&” ue answered me "e%ore I %e!t his arm s!ide a#ross my !ower "a#$ I %ro+e$ .e was ho!ding me in pu"!i#$ I turned towards him and opened my mouth to re#ite 4u!e 5our o% how #!ients or .ouse mem"ers are to a#t whi!e in pu"!i# together$ “I'm not your #!ient&he said 6ui#!y #utting me o%%$ “I'm your "oy%riend&he whispered as he "ent down s!ight!y "e%ore going %or my !ips$
Damn! And he was smiling too.
--------------------“Are you going "a# to the .ouse?” ohnathon ased me as we sat on two #hairs in the near empty room$ Coup!es had started to !eave the party an hour ago !eaving the #!osers "ehind$ 8ow it was time %or the #!osers to "e !eaving themse!ves$ I didn't rea!!y see ohnathon at the party unti! it had thinned out$ *e )ust spent the !ast %orty minutes #at#hing up on how our !ives had or hadn't #hanged sin#e he was '"ought'$ “I sti!! !ive there&” I to!d him$ “,ou said "oy%riend&” he reminded me$“I #an tae it "a#&” I in%ormed him as %ear started to mae my toes #o!d$ “On!y the two o% you now&” I said$ 9espite what I to!d ue& he )ust introdu#ed me around as Mr$ (dward *e"" without getting into any de%ining answers o% what I did %or a !iving or how he new me& despite the very pu"!i# iss$ 8o wonder the man was a !awyer$“8o you won't&” ohnathon to!d me$ “he 6uestion is& wi!! he “"uy you” or wi!! you !eave the .ouse on your own?” he to!d me$ I didn't miss the 6uestion that was in there a!so$ “ohnathon&” a s!ight!y o!der man #a!!ed %rom a#ross the room where he was in the #ompany o% two other men$ One o% them "eing ue$ “I'!! "e right there&” he answered with a wave$ he group then turned and wa!ed towards the #oat #he#$ “oos !ie it's time %or me !eave&” he said as he stood$ I stood with him and we started to wa!$ “.ow is it on the outside?” I ased him as we rea#hed ha!% way a#ross the room$ “.ahah$$$&” ohnathon !aughed$ “,ou mae it sound !ie you're in prison&” he said with a #hu#!e$ “It's no where near that "ad& "ut it is di%%erent not "eing part o% the .ouse&” I said as we #!im"ed the two steps up into the %oyer$ “A !itt!e&” he admitted& “3ut not very&” he said as we got #!oser to his date& who was a!so his hus"and and the

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