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Aarushi Talwar Murder Trial Judgment by CBI Court

Aarushi Talwar Murder Trial Judgment by CBI Court

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Published by Vinson Vaz

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Published by: Vinson Vaz on Nov 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
In the Court of Additional Sessions  Judge/Special Judge Anti!Corruption C.".I. #ha$ia%ad
S. &A& '.J.S.
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
The State of (.). Through the C.".I. *s. +a,esh Tal-ar  Another
R.C. No.1(S)/2008/SCR-III/CBI/N! "#$I%/ss &02 r/' Setion &4 201 r/' Setion &4 * 20& I.P.C.
 J (  #   N T
 T+e ,nosre of iial eterination is t+e fltatin fortnes of t+e entist ole "r. Raes+  Tal'ar an "r. Nr Tal'ar '+o +a3e een arraine for oittinanseretinas also erainatin t+e e3iene of oission of t+e rer of t+eir o'n aolesent a+ter-a eat asel an sole +eiress 5s. 6ars+i an +aless oesti aie $era '+o +a irate to Inia fro nei+orin Neal to ee ot li3in anattene rotinel, to t+e +ores of oesti rer, at t+e +ose of t+eir asters.  T+e
mise en scene
 is lat No. #-&2 9al3a, i+ar Setor 2; N.<.I.".6. a sr of Ne' "el+i.  T+e
Dramatis Personae
are "r. Raes+ Tal'ar +is
Pae 1
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
'ife "r. Nr Tal'ar t+e ase of t+is ase 5s. 6ars+i an$era'+o 'ere leone ant+ereafterlate to eat+ on t+e inter3enin ni+t of 1;/1= 5a, 2008 5r. %es+ S+ara an 5rs. B+arti 5anal. T+e arties are
ad idem
 t+at t+e ase is ase on irstantial e3iene. Siin e>atiation on rosetion stor, a 3inette of fats as n3eile is t+at on 1;.0;.2008 at aot 0?:&0 P.5. onl, "r. Raes+ Tal'ar "r. Nr Tal'ar 5s. 6ars+i an $era 'ere last seen in t+e +ose , %es+ S+ara t+e ri3er of "r. Raes+ Tal'ar an in t+e ornin of 1=.0;.2008 5s. 6ars+i 'as fon ea in +er eroo '+i+ 'as aaent to t+e eroo of ase ersons an in et'een t+ese eroos t+ere 'as a 'ooen artition 'all. T+e ea o, of oesti ser3ant $era 'as fon on t+e terrae of t+e +ose on 17.0.2008 an t+ere is not+in to sest t+at intrer(s) eretrate t+is fienis+ an flaitios rie.e' refator, fats neessar, for nfolin t+e se@ene of e3ents t+at follo'e after t+e t'in rers are t+at on 1=.0;.2008 at aot 0=:00 6.5. +oseai St. B+arti 5anal arri3e as sal at lat No. #-&2 9al3a, i+ar an ran t+e all-ell of t+e +ose t no resonse ae fro insie. 6fter ressin t+e all-ell seon tie s+e 'ent -stairs to tae oin et. T+ereafter s+e t +er +an on t+e oter rill/es+ oor t it i not oen. Sse@ent to t+at s+e aain resse t+e all-ell an t+en "r. Nr Tal'ar after oenin t+e 'ooen oor ae near t+e rill oor/es+ oor
Pae 2
Sessions Trial No. 477 of 2012
sitatein t+e assae anen@ire aot t+e '+ereaots of $era to '+i+ s+e relie t+at s+e +a no iea of +i an t+en "r. Nr Tal'ar tol +er t+at $era i+t +a3e one to fet+ il fro 5ot+er-"air, after loint+e ile rill/es+ oor frootsie ans+e ol 'ait ntil +e retrne. T+ereon St. B+arti 5anal ase "r. Nr Tal'ar to i3e +er e,s so t+at s+e a, oe insie t+e +ose after nloin t+e sae an t+en "r. Nr Tal'ar tol +er to o to t+e ron le3el ans+e 'ole t+ro'ine,s to +er froalon,. 6orinl, St. B+arti 5anal ae o'n t+e stairs anrea+et+e ron le3el. 5ean'+ile "r. Nr Tal'ar oene t+e lat+ of ile rill/es+ oor an tol +er fro alon, t+at t+e oor is not loe an onl, lat+e fro otsie an t+en St. B+arti 5anal ae a an oene t+e lat+ of t+e oor an ae insie t+e +ose an t+en t+ereafter "r. Nr Tal'ar tol St. B+arti A
Dekho Hemraj Kya karke gaya hai” (Look here, what has been done by Hemraj).
!+en ai St. B+arti 'ent in 6ars+is roo s+e sa' t+at ea o, of 6ars+i 'as l,in on t+e e an o3ere 'it+ a '+ite e s+eet an +er t+roat 'as slit. S+e ot fri+tene. T+ereafter s+e 'ent o'n t+e stairs aninfore t+e inate of t+e +ose sitate in first floor. 6fter t+at s+e left t+e +ose to o +er o in anot+er +ose. B, t+at tie t+e arents of "r. Nr Tal'ar an"r. "ines+  Tal'art+e rot+er of "r. Raes+ Tal'ar rea+e t+ere. <ne 5r. Pnis+ Rai Tanon resient of #-28 Setor 2; 9al3a, i+ar also rea+e t+ere at aot 0=:1; 6.5. anafter oin a to +is +ose
Pae &

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