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After Breaking Dawn - Silver Cloud

After Breaking Dawn - Silver Cloud



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Published by Jaslijun
Being a vampire was not as easy as Bella think it would be. Her life got complicated when her true love Edward, got flirted by other people. How will she over come everything?
Being a vampire was not as easy as Bella think it would be. Her life got complicated when her true love Edward, got flirted by other people. How will she over come everything?

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Published by: Jaslijun on Aug 18, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-After Breaking Dawn-
Silver Cloud
Producer: Me =]Editor: Lynette Tan, Amanda ChiaLots of thanks to : DaynaHo and all other people who supported mein this.Summary:Being a vampire was not as easy as Bella think it would be. Her lifegot complicated when her true love Edward, got flirted by other  people. How will she over come everything?Disclaimer:All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, I own nothing at all, exceptthis fan fiction. XDChapter 1 – Anniversary
I placed myself in Edward’s arms. He squeezed my shoulderever so lightly. I looked up into his butterscotch, warm eyes and
thought, how could Ihave been so lucky to own this person –wonderful, perfect person – for 10 whole years? A slight smileappeared on his lips and I could see that he was thinking thesame thing as I was, so I smiled too, to make the momentsweeter.He then reached down and pressed his wonderful, tasty lipsonto mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled himcloser to my face. He wrapped his muscular arms tenderlyaround my waist. Too soon, he pushed back and chuckled, “Bella, you do knowwe’re not alone,” he winked.I stifled a giggle when I notice my legs were wrapped aroundhis waist, I did not even know that I moved my legs! “Guess Iwas too carried away,” We both laughed. That’s when I noticedwe were at the Cullen house, not out cottage. I laughedinternally, weird; I thought we were at the cottage.Alice skipped over to me, excitement filled her eyes. I groaned.Must be one of her “big ideas” that she wants to do with me. Ispoke before she even had the chance to speak, “No way Alice,I’m not, and I repeat NOT going anywhere with you, it’s myanniversary with Edward, so GO AWAY!” Edward laughed, but Iwas surprised Alice still had that smug grin on her face.“I’m not bringing YOU anywhere, I’m bringing you BOTH!” Alicesquealed, pointing her small cute little finger at Edward andme. I look at Edward questionably while he grimaced at Alice. Jasper, sensing my distress, walked to Alice’s side.“We were just wondering if you two might want to go foranother honeymoon,”“Where?” I asked curiously.“Well, Esme and Carlisle kinda planned it; all you have to do isgo there and ... ENJOY YOURSELF!” Alice answered sheepishly. That’s when I heard Emmett’s booming laughter.
“HA! ENJOY YOURSELF?! , I guess you could do that, other thanwatching news all day long, what else could you do?” Rosaliegiggled a little. Me and Edward glared and snarled at Emmett.“Ohhh, scary” Emmett and Rosalie laughed.I ignored Emmett and looked up at MY Edward. I removed myshield and asked him where we were going. He chuckled; heloved it when I showed him my thoughts. He pulled me onto hislap and whispered, “Apparently, we are going to be “shipped”to Paris” He then kissed me on the cheek and glided his nosealong my ear and throat. I laughed nervously. I can’t wait!***Everyone bid us goodbye at the sea port, including my darlingNessie and Jacob. I kissed Nessie on the cheek and asked her tolisten to her aunts and asked Jacob to take care of her. We werekissed and hugged than Edward wound his arms around mywaist and pulled me toward the private ship. The luggage wasalready on the ship. I did not argue with Alice with it, I was justtoo anxious to spend an entire 2 weeks with Edward andEdward only. The ship started immediately and I rested on Edward’s lap. Hesmoothed my hair than rested his chin on my shoulder andwhispered in his smooth velvet voice, “I love you,” I giggled, “Ilove you too,” I turned my head around and kissed himtenderly.
We reached Paris the next day. The view was simplybreathtaking, but could not compare with Edward. I knew hewas looking down at me, waiting for my reaction when hesuddenly gave me a swift peck on my lips. But my vampiricreaction wanted more than a peck. I put my hands around hisneck and pushed his head closer to mine, refusing to let go. Ifelt a sense of satisfaction. He laughed and pushed away,again, too soon. I felt my lips pouting, He smiled and said, “Itsokay Bella, we will have plenty of time for THAT!” I smiled at

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