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Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

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Published by Ana

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Published by: Ana on Nov 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Concerning god: _______________________ Concerning money: _____________________ To live better: __________________________  _______________________________________
Find in the text the words and hrases that have a similar meanin to the followin:
On the ship: ___________________________ The place where they wanted to go / the end of their journey: _________________________  ______________________________________ It had become very cold: _______________________________________ Soon they would have no food left: _______________________________  ____________________________________________________________ (Because of) not eating well: ____________________________________ Not strong: ________________
They shouldn’t eat this:
 __________________________ An agreement that they
wouldn’t fight or hurt each
other: ____________________ The corn that they gathered from the fields: _____________ Celebration:________________ A national holiday, on which schools and shops stay closed:  __________________________
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In 1620 a group of people decided to leave England and travel all the long way to America. Why did they do that? There were both religious and economic reasons. Some of them believed that the Church should be different. They left to America, where they would be free to build their own Church and practice religion as they wanted. Others wanted an opportunity to improve their lives. America was a New World then. There was enough land for everyone to make their farm, build their houses and live happily. But were things really that easy? In September 1620 they left England from the port of Plymouth on a small ship, called the
“Mayflower”. There were 102 passengers on board. They had travelled for 66 days, when at
last they saw land. It was Cape Cod. The weather was so bad that they could not continue their
trip, but they couldn’t get off the ship, either. They stayed in the ship at Cape Cod for a
month. Then they crossed Massachusetts Bay and landed at their final destination in mid-December. They later called that place Plymouth, because it was the name of the town they had left from in England. By the time they reached their destination, the weather had grown very cold. For the first months, while they were building their houses, they had to stay on the ship. In the meanwhile their food supplies started running out. More than half of the settlers died during their first winter in the New World. They died because of the cold and malnutrition. Those who survived were very weak when they finally got off the ship and settled in their new town, in March 1621. Soon afterwards the settlers met Squanto, an Indian who could speak English. Some years ago an English sea captain had kidnapped Squanto and sold him as a slave. Squanto managed to escape and went to London, where he learnt English. After some time he boarded a ship to America and returned to his eole.
Squanto’s tribe had been watching the settlers building their town and they knew that they
were weak and hungry. Squanto taught the settlers how to plant corn, how to fish in the rivers and showed them which plants they should avoid because they were poisonous. He also helped them to make an agreement with the local Indian tribes, that no one would harm each other. This alliance between the Indians and the English settlers lasted for more than 50 years. In November 1621 the first corn harvest was very successful. The English settlers organized a feast to celebrate the good harvest and thank God for it. They also invited the Indians, because they had helped them at the beginning. This feast, which lasted 3 days, was the first Thanksgiving celebration. Today Thanksgiving has become an official holiday and is celebrated on the last Thursday of November every year.
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