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Elaine and the Kiss.

Elaine and the Kiss.

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Published by Terry Collett

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Published by: Terry Collett on Nov 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ELAINE AND THE KISS.Elaine sits in her room, the school bus had dropped her and her sister off at their stop, they al!ed home in silence, "lumness, her sister in deep thou"ht. The school day had been an unusual one, the !iss from the boy #ohn, the feelin"s inside, confused, comple$. If she sits still a moment she can still feel here his lips touched hers, s!in on s!in, arm, soft. She stares at herself in the mirror. %rumpy, round shoulders, "lasses, dar! stra""ly hair. Nothin" to impress there, she thin!s, ta!in" in her snub nose, and pathetic mouth. He had to be !iddin" her& the !iss as 'ust some 'o!e, she(s sure. )ut he seemed sincere. No one else as loo!in" or "apin" or sni""erin". The school sports field had been here he said meet and they met and then the !iss. She runs her ton"ue o*er the lips, feelin" for some sample of him, a spec! or spittle of him. She stands and ta!es off her cardi"an and puts it on the old chair by her bed. The hite blouse is "ettin" too small, it pulls at the breasts, buttons taut. She unties the school tie ith her in! stained fin"ers, and puts it on the chair bac!. +et out of your school uniform, her mother had said, as soon as he had "ot in. She does a tirl, slo tirl. She stares at her frumpiness. hat boy in his ri"ht mind. -aybe he does. He did seem sincere. She unbuttons the blouse, button by button, fin"ers fumblin". Loose button, must tell -um. She opens it up and ta!es it off and thros it to the floor. She peers at her bra and the small breasts. Hardly orth the cloth. She hates it in .E. hen they ha*e to strip don to their "reen panties and *ests and do stuff in the "ym. Her breasts are not as bi" as some "irls, but bi""er than others. She hates it, runnin", climbin" the ropes, 'umpin" the horse. The "ym mistress is a ri"ht co. Sadistic, body li!e a tan!. /ther "irls say it, not she. She un0ips here school s!irt and ta!es it off and puts it on the chair ith the cardi"an. She stands there "a!in". lumpy frumpy. She tuts. ho(d fancy that1 Inside is a little "irl antin" to come out a"ain. /ne ith no breasts or floods or any of those female thin"s that ha*e come about. She tirls. Her bottom stic!s out. The re"ulation "reen panties are a passion !iller her sister says. Her sister is youn"er but seems to !no more. Thirteen and yet "oin" on si$teen. Elaine si"hs. +a0es at her thi"hs, plumpy frumpy, she si"hs. ho(d care1 ho(d ant to see1 She "oes to her dressin" table and ta!es out a top and and s!irt. in! top and blac! s!irt. She puts them on. 2ips up the s!irt. Her hair is in a mess, dar! and stra""ly. 3ats tails her sister says. #ust because she(s "ot finer hair, lon"er, don o*er her shoulders. #ohn. She says his name a"ain, #ohn. Kiss and tell. onder if he has1 Told. )oasted about it. She can picture him and others in the boys( toilets, ha*in" a lau"h. No. He ouldn(t, not him. Some mi"ht. Some "irls do thin"s, she(s heard them say thin"s. hat boys can do to them or hat boys ould li!e to do to them. So the "irls say. /*er heard them. She hates to thin! of such thin"s. He ouldn(t do such. Her aunt said, don(t trust them there boys, they only after "ettin" in to your panties. hy, her aunt didn(t say. Her uncle 'ust sat there, ordless. She lies on her bed. ait for dinner. -um ill call hen it(s ready. She closes her eyes. ictures the !iss a"ain in slo motion inside her head. )rushed sli"htly. Not hard pressed. As if sil! had touched, not s!in. retend he(s there, she says inardly. retend he(s !issin" a"ain. She does. Ton"ues her lips. 3uns ton"ue o*er the top and bottom lip. He held her e*er so "ently. Dre her to him. Kiss. She ma!es a !iss sound

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