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What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for?

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Published by Reading_Eagle
We asked people around Berks County what they are thankful for this year. Here is what they had to say.
We asked people around Berks County what they are thankful for this year. Here is what they had to say.

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Published by: Reading_Eagle on Nov 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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󲀜This year I󲀙m thankful for my family getting all together. My grand-mother was in the hospital󰀬 but she󲀙ll be coming out soon.󲀝
Erin Healey
󰀬 32󰀬 West Reading󰀬 receptionist
󲀜I am thankful for my family and that they are all in good health. My grandma died last Christmas󰀬 so that was very tough. I am looking forward to a healthier year.󲀝
Miley Carrasquillo
󰀬 26󰀬 Reading󰀬 hotel desk clerk
󲀜Having good health󰀬 and all the gifts God gave me. I love be-ing able to sit down and have an amaz-ing Thanksgiving din-ner with family and friends.󲀝
Cindy Miller
󰀬 59󰀬 Ham-burg󰀬 nurse
󲀜I am very thankful for my family. We have had some stuff hap-pen in the family󰀬 and I󲀙m thankful for the ones with us and the ones who have left us.󲀝
Maggie Reinhard
󰀬 31󰀬 Hamburg󰀬 shipping clerk
󲀜My father is 98 years old and he󲀙s living on his own with caregiv-ers. I󲀙m thankful that at my age󰀬 I still have my father.󲀝
Roseann Dolan
󰀬 63󰀬 Read-ing󰀬 retired
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my girlfriend. We have been together for four years󰀬 and I am really grateful that I met her.󲀝
Clayton Wagner
󰀬 23󰀬 Shoemakersville󰀬 retail manager
󲀜Health󰀬 friends and the opportunities to still be able to do all the things I󲀙m able to do at my age.󲀝
Diane Schwerdt
󰀬 70󰀬 Wyo-missing󰀬 retired
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for teachers and my mom and my brother and my coat and clothes and our house.󲀝
Journey Cook
󰀬 7󰀬 Reading student
󲀜I󲀙m thankful that my son has a good job and that he just bought a house.󲀝
Ed Zalenski
󰀬 61󰀬 Centre Township󰀬 network en-gineer
󲀜I am thankful for my family and my job. I  just wish the economy was better.󲀝
Sandy Filek
󰀬 67󰀬 Wyomiss-ing󰀬 customer service
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for Je-sus Christ󰀬 my savior󰀬 who died for me. And󰀬 for my family and my church.󲀝
Marilyn Gross
󰀬 59󰀬 Tilden Township󰀬 homemaker
󲀜I󲀙m just thankful for a long and fruitful life and a marriage of 53 years󰀬 three children all doing pretty good.󲀝
Bill Faller
󰀬 76󰀬 Bern Town-ship󰀬 retired
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my life󰀬 for my family󰀬 and for my health.󲀝
Sadiqu Jefferson
󰀬 32󰀬 Reading󰀬 student
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for ev-erything󰀬 for my hus-band󰀬 living.󲀝
Barb Chrisman
󰀬 51󰀬 Read-ing󰀬 homemaker
󲀜My family. To have a roof over my head.󲀝
Shavaun Serany
󰀬 34󰀬 Reading󰀬 unemployed
󲀜I󲀙m alive yet. That󲀙s it.󲀝
Angelo Vaccaro
󰀬 80󰀬 Al-sace Township󰀬 retired
󲀜I󲀙m very thankful and excited because my husband and I are taking our three adult children to Dis-ney World for the first time. We󲀙re all coming together from school󰀬 college and different parts of the state󰀬 so it will be nice to be to-gether.󲀝
Paula Christian
󰀬 59󰀬 Read-ing󰀬 financial planner
󲀜Having friends and family to celebrate with. My mother󲀙s birthday is on the 25th󰀬 so we󲀙ll miss her and her cooking󰀬 but we just talked about who is making which of my mother󲀙s reci-pes for Thanksgiving.󲀝
Vaughn D. Spencer
󰀬 66󰀬 Reading󰀬 mayor
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my uncle in the U.S. Army. He serves our country. And I󲀙m thankful for my mother and father for feeding me and bringing me into this world. I󲀙m thankful for my brother and sister󰀬 for helping me when I need something.󲀝
Kyasia Walker
󰀬 8󰀬 Read-ing󰀬 student
󲀜Look around at the beautiful mountains. When I go shopping or simply drive down the street󰀬 I see this incred-ible beauty any time of the year anywhere I go. I moved here from Cal-ifornia󰀬 and I󲀙m blown away by the beauty󰀬 grace and elegance of the people here.󲀝
Jeanne Fuhrman
󰀬 62󰀬 Per-ry Township󰀬 social worker
󲀜My family is every-thing to me. Without them󰀬 you have noth-ing to be thankful for. I have a very close rela-tionship with my fam-ily󰀬 who󲀙ll be there for you. I󲀙m really thank-ful to have that kind of support system.󲀝
Allysa Stripling
󰀬 23󰀬 Ham-burg󰀬 homemaker
󲀜For volunteers. I run the Book Bonanza󰀬 so the volunteers that work all year round sorting the books and putting them on the shelves and the hun-dreds that volunteer each year to work the sale.󲀝
Vicki Steinberg
󰀬 69󰀬 Ex-eter Township󰀬 retired
󲀜It󲀙s been good to have a job with good pay and good health benefits󰀬 especially the way the economy has been the past few years. I will be working here for seven years in February.󲀝
Teresa Rosa
󰀬 32󰀬 Reading󰀬 insurance representative
󲀜Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I sit there and thank the Lord for my children and grand-children and the op-portunity to share Thanksgiving with them.󲀝
Mary Wesner
󰀬 80󰀬 Ham-burg󰀬 retired
󲀜I󲀙m thankful that friends I graduated high school with are still healthy enough to get together󰀬 and we still like to do it.󲀝
Jean Bare
󰀬 74󰀬 Reading󰀬 retired
󲀜I was in the hospi-tal last week and was told if I didn󲀙t change my lifestyle󰀬 I󲀙d die. I󲀙m happy for a second chance.󲀝
Carl DeGrazia
󰀬 66󰀬 Oley󰀬 restaurant owner
󲀜To be alive. And that I still have a job. That I still do something. And being with my family.󲀝
Wandy Pascual
󰀬 39󰀬 Ex-eter Township󰀬 food de-livery
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my family. I am very thankful to live in the U.S.A. Food󰀬 cloth-ing󰀬 shelter and good friends.󲀝
Lori Berger
󰀬 55󰀬 Shilling-ton󰀬 security guard
󲀜I󲀙m thankful of ap-proaching retirement at the end of the year because my wife and I are both in excellent health. I󲀙m looking for-ward to retirement to do a lot of fishing󰀬 traveling and natural-ly a few chores around the house.󲀝
Robert Becker
󰀬 66󰀬 Brec-knock Township󰀬 develop-ment director
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my family󰀬 my friends and good health. I󲀙m also going to be a dad this year󰀬 and our child was due on the 15th󰀬 so the baby󲀙s a little late. You see󰀬 having good health is very important to me.󲀝
Estiven Ordonez
󰀬 22󰀬 Reading󰀬 retail sales
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my teacher󰀬 my princi-pal and my counselor. I am also thankful for my family󰀬 my friends󰀬 the hospitals󰀬 the peo-ple who support me. I󲀙m also thankful for my shelter󰀬 my house and my bed I sleep in every day.󲀝
Kashlee Almodovar
󰀬 10󰀬 Reading󰀬 student
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my family󰀬 who󲀙ll be com-ing to my house for Thanksgiving din-ner. There󲀙ll be about 15 of us󰀬 including my brothers and sisters. We all make things for the dinner. It󲀙s the one time of the year we all get together.󲀝
Maryann Spatz
󰀬 56󰀬 Mohrsville󰀬 business owner
󲀜I have countless things to be thankful for󰀬 but my husband󲀙s health and my chil-dren and grandchil-dren are among the things I󲀙m most thank-ful for. God is behind us every day.󲀝
Shirley Yoder
󰀬 78󰀬 Mohrs-ville󰀬 retired bookkeeper
󲀜Good people. Friend-ly people. People who care. I󲀙m thankful for my wife󲀙s courage. It󲀙s inspiring. I󲀙m thankful I have a church to go to every Sunday.󲀝
Leon Brennan
󰀬 36󰀬 paint-ing contractor󰀬 Akron󰀬 Lancaster County
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my new car. I got it the other day󰀬 so now I󲀙m not walking all the time or taking the bus. Now I󲀙m able to get to school and work on time.󲀝
Justin Monick
󰀬 18󰀬 West Lawn󰀬 student
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my family and my dogs. I have three wonder-ful dogs. I have a pet-sitting business and I󲀙m thankful for my cli-ents.󲀝
Jen Lynam
󰀬 35󰀬 Sink-ing Spring󰀬 owner of the BarkNBarn
󲀜I am thankful for my children and my grandkids. I am going to New York City to be with my family.󲀝
Ceidie Rodriguez
󰀬 48󰀬 Reading󰀬 laundry worker
󲀜I󲀙m thankful for my teacher󰀬 all the things I have󰀬 my mom and my family and all the food I get.󲀝
Kenneth Towles
󰀬 10󰀬 Reading󰀬 student
󲀜I am thankful for the gift of life and I am liv-ing to see another day. I am blessed by Jesus Christ.󲀝
John Spencer
󰀬 51󰀬 Reading󰀬 unemployed
󲀜I󲀙m thankful that I󲀙m having a baby boy. It will be the first grand-son in our family.󲀝
Laura Taylor
󰀬 31󰀬 West Lawn󰀬 director of special events

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