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Mentor GetGo plan

Mentor GetGo plan

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Published by The News-Herald
See more details in the city planning administration's staff report on the project.
See more details in the city planning administration's staff report on the project.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Nov 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Municipal Planning
Prepared By:
Ronald M. Traub, Director CommissionEconomic & Community Development
Meeting Date
: December 5, !"#
: Todd $aldo %or iant Eagle, 'nc.
Status of Applicant
: (r. Manager, Real Estate Development & Construction
Requested Action
: Preliminary (ite Plan and Conditional )se Permit *C)P+
: To construct a veicle service station -it convenience maret and outdoor patio
Existing oning
: /0#, 'ntercange (ervice
Parcel !D "u#$er 
"10/0!#!0!0!!0!"", !"20! & "10/0!2030!!0!0!
: 3ddress to be assigned
: Proposed 5,54! s. %t. building on a .!0acre site
Existing %and 'se
: T-o *+ o%%ice buildings
Surrounding %and'se and oning
 6ort: Red 7obster Restaurant8 9oned /0#, 'ntercange (ervice
East: (peed-ay and (eet9 service stations8 9oned /0#, 'ntercange (ervice(out: irst Merit /an8 9oned M'P, 'ndustrial Par & M0", 7igt Manu%acturing $est: /(3 'ncorporated8 9oned M'P, 'ndustrial Par 
oning (istory
:Te o%%ice building at ;;5! Reynolds Road -as constructed in "245 and te o%%ice  building at ;;11 Reynolds Road -as constructed in "241.
:""## (ite Development Plans ""55.!" (cedule o% District Regulations *m+Capter ""1".!< (pecial Provisions 3pplicable to Commercial =ones *a""1 7andscaping, (creening and /u%%ering
Pu$lic 'tilities
: E>isting utilities are located -itin te street rigt0o%0-ays at Reynolds Road and 'ndustrial Par /oulevard.
Engineering )o##ents
:".3 /uilding Permit is reuired %or ne- buildings. Plans sall be submitted %or permit revie- by te Cie% /uilding ?%%icial %or con%ormance -it te ?io /uilding Code and necessary permits obtained..(torm-ater detention reuired per City ?rdinance. Calculations %or drainage and detention reuired %or City revie- and approval. Drainage Design (tandard seets to be completed and submitted %or City revie-. Drainage Design (tandards are available on City -ebsite under @(torm-ater 'n%oA. E>isting site currently uses oversi9ed storm se-er %or underground detention. Proposed site -ill use above ground detention.#.Provide emergency over%lo- %or proposed detention %acility.<.(ite subBect to 6PDE( (torm-ater Permit reuirements. Copy o% permit or permit application reuired  prior to start o% construction.5.(ite subBect to City storm-ater uality reuirements. (ite plan sall detail te installation and long term maintenance plan o% post0construction best management practices to manage storm-ater uality per City reuirements.1.Erosion control plan including scedule %or installation to be included in construction plans. *Re%er to Capter "#5# o% te Mentor Code o% ?rdinances+ Plans to include City o% Mentor standard ($P# notes available at ---.cityo%mentor.comlivestorm0-ater0in%ostorm0-ater0management.
var---appsconversiontmpscratc"2"4#!;"".docC)P0""0"#0<#4# & ('TE0""0"#0<#4<
* + ,
;./MP Maintenance 3greement %or storm-ater management practices sall be submitted -it permit application. Typical agreement %orm can be %ound at ---.cityo%mentor.comlivestorm0-ater0in%ostorm0-ater0management.4.inal site plan to con%orm to City standards *available upon reuest+ as part o% ne>t submittal.2.3ll utilities servicing site sall be bored under Reynolds Road and 'ndustrial Par /lvd. as necessary."!.'% pavement open cut is proposed %or any utility, it -ill reuire approval %rom Mentor City Council. Rigt0o%0-ay permit and Council approval to be coordinated troug City Engineering Department."".Drive-ay sall be so designed to accommodate truc tra%%ic at appropriate locations. Provide typical sections %or all drive aprons, side-als and all oter paved areas.".(ite plan sall indicate all permanent parcel numbers associated -it and adBacent to site. ?-nersip o% eac parcel sall also be indicated. 3 lot consolidation plat sall be prepared and %iled at te 7ae County Recorders ?%%ice."#.Proposed aspalt pavement sall ave a "F minimum grade and concrete pavement sall ave a !.5F minimum grade."<.3ll e>isting utilities and proposed service connections sall be indicated on plan in teir entirety."5.'% any e>isting drive apron is to be abandoned, reconstruct curb to matc adBacent curbing. 3rea beind curb sall be restored."1.'t is pre%erred tat access to 'ndustrial Par /lvd. be limited to one pointlocation. Drive apron sall be located te ma>imum distance %rom street intersections and be consistent -it internal tra%%ic needs and movements.";.Te applicant pursuant to ""##.!5*%+ or """#.!*p+ o% te Mentor Code o% ?rdinances is reuired to provide a trip generation study."4.'t is e>pected tat access to%rom Reynolds Road -ill be limited to rigt inrigt out. Go-ever, le%ts0in may  be considered dependent upon results o% te trip generation report."2.Gandicap paring -it van accessibility and curb ramps sall be provided and be designed in accordance -it Capter "" o% te ?io /uilding Code. Gandicap signing and mounting eigts sall be detailed on te plans. (igns sall be mounted to a ; eigt to bottom o% sign.!.3ll tra%%ic control devices sall be designed, installed and maintained in con%ormance -it te ?io Manual o% )ni%orm Tra%%ic Control Devices and sall be detailed on te plan. Provide appropriate directional tra%%ic control to promote sa%e and %ree %lo-ing tra%%ic movement -itin site. 3ll sign seeting material sall be Type G re%lective seeting. 3ll signs sall be mounted at a ; eigt to te bottom o% te sign.".3pplicant is reuested to provide bicycle paring and access %or te site.
 Applicant shall provide written confirmation and plan modifications with next submittal as to the disposition of each of the above comments.
Fire Depart#ent )o##ents
3 %ire ydrant sall be located -itin 5!H o% all parts o% te building as te ose lays, or as reuired by te %ire cie% %or tactical purposes.
?btain underground storage tan permits %rom te state %ire marsal.
Reuest Ino> bo> entry system.
Police Depart#ent )o##ents
 6o Comment
: Te proposal is to construct a 5,54! s. %t. iant Eagle, eto pump islands and convenience store -it an outdoor patio at ;;5! Reynolds Road. Te site is located at te nort-est corner o% te intersection o% Reynolds Road and 'ndustrial Par /oulevard and is 9oned /0#, 'ntercange (ervice. Te t-o *+ o%%ice buildings on te site -ill be ra9ed as part o% te redevelopment o% te site. Per Capter ""55.!" (cedule o% District Regulations *m+, service stations are listed as a  permitted use in te /0#, 'ntercange (ervice district and outdoor dining and drining patios are conditionally permitted. Te %acility -ill be open < ours a day and -ill ave #! employees.
var---appsconversiontmpscratc"2"4#!;"".docC)P0""0"#0<#4# & ('TE0""0"#0<#4<
Te single0story convenience building is set bac "4! %t. %rom %ront property line along Reynolds Road and appro>imately 45 %t. %rom corner side property line at 'ndustrial Par /oulevard. 3ll o% te building setbacs e>ceed te code minimums establised %or te /0#, 'ntercange (ervice district. Te proposed %uel canopy is set bac 54.2! %t. %rom te Reynolds Road street rigt0o%0-ay, te minimum %ront building set bac is "!! %t. 3n application %or a variance %or te %ront set bac o% te canopy as been submitted %or te December "!, !"# /oard o% /uilding and =oning 3ppeals */=3+ meeting. Preliminary site plan approval is contingent on approval o% te variance reuest. Te site plan indicates a %uture compressed natural gas enclosure may be constructed at te nort side o% te site. Te applicant is advised tat te C6 enclosure is located -itin te "!!0%t. %ront building set bac and -ill reuire a set bac variance. )nderground storage tans are located to te sout o% te canopy and permits are reuired %rom te (tate o% ?io ire Marsal. 3 %ree air macine is located at te %ront o% te paring lot. Te eto -ill ave eigt *4+ %uel dispensers -it "1 %ueling stations located under te service canopy. Te site plan indicates %our *<+ outdoor mercandiser storage structures located bet-een te %uel dispensers %or storage o% -indsield -aser %luid and gas cans *see poto+. 3 propane storage cage is located on te side-al at te sout side o% te building an ice macine, Redbo> and "10%t. outdoor mercandiser is located on te side-al in %ront o% te building. Per Capter ""1".!< (pecial Provisions 3pplicable to Commercial =ones *a+8 tere sall be no storage or display o% any materials, euipment, inventory, mercandise, -ares or vending macines -itin te %ront building set bac and side building set bacs adBacent to te public rigt0o%0-ay. ?utside displays, storage areas, or vending macines sall not occupy public or private side-als, drive aisles, landscaped areas or paring areas, unless designated as an outside vending and storage area on a site development plan approved by te Planning Commission. Te 3dministration -ould note tat te recently approved (eet9 (tation did not ave any outdoor display areas. (ould te Commission -is to approve any outdoor storage areas, it is recommended tey be screened %rom o%%0site vie-s -it a bric enclosure matcing te building. Te outdoor patio is located on te east side o% te building and provides %or %our *<+ tables -it seating %or "5 customers. Per Capter ""55.!" (cedule o% District Regulations *m+8 outdoor dining and drining patios are conditionally permitted in te /0#, 'ntercange (ervice district. 3  poto -as provided so-ing te patio %urniture at a similar %acility. Te tables and cairs are constructed o% a gray aluminum and are bolted to te concrete patio %loor and te tables ave red umbrellas. Te patio is surrounded by decorative -rougt iron style %encing constructed o% blac aluminum and bollards -it plastic blac sleeves. Te patio ours are te same as te store. Te applicant -ises to install outdoor speaers and provide so%t bacground music to te patio. 3 generator and trans%ormer are located to te rear o% te outdoor patio and -ill be screened -it Tres style board %encing. 3n eigt *4+0%t -ide side-al along te %ront o% te building provides access to te patio. Tere is no direct access %rom te building. 3ccess to te patio %rom te  building is provided %rom te main entrance at te %ront o% te building via te concrete side-al. 3ccess to te site is provided by tree *#+, #!0%t -ide drive aprons8 one at Reynolds Road and t-o on 'ndustrial Par /oulevard. Te City Engineer ad commented tat te Reynolds Road apron be constructed as a rigt0inrigt0out altoug le%t0ins may be permitted dependent on te trip generation study. Tere is an e>isting center turning lane on Reynolds Road tat -ould provide %or stacing o% %our *<+ to %ive *5+ veicles maing le%t turns into te service station. 't is pre%erred tat access to 'ndustrial Par-ay be limited to an access point located te ma>imum distance %rom te street intersection. Te %inal site plan sall provide turning radius movements %or taner trucs %or %uel delivery. Te applicant sould discuss site access %rom te street rigt0o%0-ay prior to submittal o% te %inal site plan. 't may be appropriate to include a condition tat site access -ill be addressed as part o% te %inal site plan.
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