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Procedure of Registration of New Pvt. Ltd. Company

Procedure of Registration of New Pvt. Ltd. Company

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Published by mithun7
Procedure of Registration of New Pvt. Ltd. Company
Procedure of Registration of New Pvt. Ltd. Company

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: mithun7 on Nov 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Procedure of registration of new Pvt. ltd. company.
First apply for DIN for the signatories of Memorandum and Articles 
a.Go to site mca.gov.in b.Select apply DINc.Fill up the Form DIN –1i.)Ensure you fill up the First name an !ast name of the applicant as "ell as the father#s name e$actly as per the ocument you are going to enclose.ii.)Ensure the aress column is also fille e$actly as it appears in the proof you are going to enclose.iii.)%ffi$ the photo at the place specifie on the first pageiv.)%ttest beneath the photo an signature of the signatory v.)%ttest all the enclosures for proof of aress an ientity.vi.)If the attachment is in vernacular language& "rite the corresponing name in English an attest.vii.)'repare an get a notary affiavit in the form as etaile  belo" for all the signatories.
I (((((((.Son of (((.resiing at (((((( eclare that my father#s name after e$pansion of initial being (((((.. First Name) an ((. last name).*he above sai facts are true an correct.Solemnly affirme at +hennai on this DE',NEN* November -/ an signe her name 0EF,E 2Ein my presence. viii.)*hen log in to the site an select 2iscellaneous 'ayments uner ,ther Services an select DIN payment. *hrough this ma3e the payment of s.145 either through creit car or through voucher. *he voucher "ill be generate "ith a number.SN) i$.)Fill up the SN  Service re6uest Number ) column "ith the number generate in the voucher.$.)*a3e a one set of photo copy for your files the entire set.)$i.)
Them send it through y normal post or registered post or speed post or courier and the address is given at the top of the Form DIN !
"ou will receive the intimation aout the acceptance or re#ection of the DIN or you may verify the site after three or four days.
$iii.)If it is re7ecte an you are not in a position to fin out the reason you may call Noia 1-89--://) an they may assist you as "hich correction you have to unerta3e.-.
Arrange to get the name approval in Form ! A
Prepare Memorandum and Articles etc.
 1. . %rrange to prepare 2,% an %,% an get it stampe as per stamp act prevailing in your State. -.Scan the stampe pages of 2,% an also the last page of 2,% "hich "ill be "ritten an signe by subscribers an "itness. ;. *a3e the 2,% in "or file an insert the scanne pages properly an remove the corresponing pages from "or file.  for. eg insert page 1 < - from scanne file an remove page 1 an - from "or file an also the last page of the "or file is to be replace "ith the scanne page) :. ,nce you remove pages from "or file an insert the scanne pages & the paragraph numbers "ill get change an you have to ensure to alter the paragraph numbers suitably. 9. epeat the same for %,% also. 8. +onvert 2,% file an %,% file in 2S "or to 'DF file. *o convert "or file to 'DF file you must install one of the several files available in this regar  e.g. 'DF==9). ,nce this file is available in your computer it "ill be available as one of the printers uner print option. Select print option an select 'DF an give print comman an your "or file  becomes 'DF file. therefore you "ill have t"o 'DF file one for 2,% an one for %,%. >ou can also sen the files that nees to be converte to 'DF to 2+% site an you "ill get bac3 form 2+% the 'DF converte file. /. *hen 3eep reay another 'DF file mar3 it as ,thers an it shoul contain 5 %uthorisation letter in stamp paper for correcting 2,% an %,%5
to e scanned $ Authorisation letter is only for appearing and correcting the documents %as original & ' I will e sent to the registered office y Post.(
 5 Name approval letter5to be scanne 5 Form 1 in stamp paper 5 only first fe" lines of Form 1 to be in stamp paper? this you can o by printing Form 1 an get it photo copie on a stamp paper the first fe" lines of form 1 containing the name an the number f the company. is enough.
) to e scanned.

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