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Listado de Autos.pdf

Listado de Autos.pdf

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Published by Clarin.com

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Published by: Clarin.com on Nov 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ALFA ROMEO159 GIULETTA MITO AUDIA1A1 SPORTBACKA3T FSI MT 3P 1.8 160c3P T FSI MT 3P !.0 !00c 3P A3 SPORTBACK1.8 T FSI MT 5P N"#$" T FSI !.0 MT !00c 5P A% A$$&"c$'() !.0 TFSI !11c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( M+1! %P TDI !%0c S $&()'c 3.0 ,*"$$&( M-1! %P TFSI !!c S $&()'c 3.0 ,*"$$&( M-1! %PA% ALLROAD!.0 TFSI !11cS/$&()'c Q*"$$&( A'$'() !.0 TFSI !11c S/$&()'c Q*"$$&( A$$&"c$'()A5!.0 TFSI !11cM*2$'$&()'c M-1! !.0 TFSI !11c M-1! 1.8 TBI !00CV 6TA D'$')c$'4!.! TS D'$')c$'4 6TA S4244473.! E24")$4 H'$ %:% CA1.% 1!0c P&(&4'() MT61.% M*2$'"'& 10CV D'$')c$'4 10c MT61.% M*2$'"'& 10c D'$')c$'4 TCT1.% M*2$'"'& 10c P&(&4'()1.8 TB GDI !35c Q*"7&'#(2'( 4&74 MT61.% 10c D'$')c$'4 TCT1.% 10c Q*"7&'#(2'( V4&741.% TFSI S/2')4 ST&()'c 185c1.% TFSI 185c S T&()'c S/L')4T FSI S $&()'c !.0 !00c 3PT FSI S$&()'c 3P 1.8 160c 3PTDI 3P 1%0c !.0 S T&()'c 3PTSI S $&()'c 1.% 1!5c 3P1.8 T FSI S $&()'c 160c 5PT FSI !.0 S $&()'c !00c 5PTDI !.0 S$&()'c 1%0c 5PTSI 1.% S/T&()'c 5PA'$'() 1.8 TFSI 10c M*2$'$&()'c M+1! %PA'$'() 1.8 TFSI 10c M+1! %PA'$'() !.0 TDI 1%3c M*2$'$&()'c M+1!A'$'() !.0 TFSI !11c M*2$'$&()'c M+1! %PA'$'() !.0 TFSI !11c M+1! %PA'$'() !.0 TFSI !11c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( M+1! %PA$$&"c$'() 1.8 TFSI 10c M*2$'$&()'c M+1! %PA$$&"c$'() 1.8 TFSI 10c M+1! %PA$$&"c$'() !.0 TD' 1%3c M*2$'$&()'c M+1!A$$&"c$'() !.0 TFSI !11c M*2$'$&()'c M+1! %PA$$&"c$'() !.0 TFSI !11c M+1! %P!.0 TFSI !11c S$&()'c ,*"$$&( M-1!
 A5 CABRIOA5 SPORTBACK !.0 TFSI !11c M+1! 5P A6 AA SPORTBACK A8NE; A3T FSI MT 3P 1.8 180c3P Q3 Q5 R8 RS5S3 S%S5TT 3.0 TFSI !!c S $&()'c ,*"$$&( M-1!Q*"$$&( 3.0 TFSI !!c S $&()'c M-1!!.0 TFSI !11c M*2$'$&()'c M+1! 5P!.0 TFSI !11c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( M+1! 5P3.0 TFSI !!c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( M+1! 5PTDI MT !.0 5P D'442!.8 FSI !0%c M*2$'$&()'c %P3.0 TFSI 300c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( %P%.! FSI 3!c T'$&()'c Q*"$$&( %P3.0 TDI !%5c S T&()'c Q*"$$&(3.0 TFSI 300c S T&()'c Q*"$$&(L %.! FSI 3!c T'$&()'c Q*"$$&( %PT FSI S$&()'c 3 1.8 180c 3PT FSI S$&()'c 3 1.8 Q*"$$&( 180c 3PTSI S $&()'c 1.% 1!!c 3P!.0 TDI 10c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P D'442!.0 TFSI !11c Q*"$$&( 5P!.0 TFSI !11c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P3.0 TDI !%0c S T&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P D'4423.! FSI !0c S $&()'c Q*"$$&( 5PQ*"$$&( 1.8 TFSI 10c 5PQ*"$$&( 1.8 TFSI 10c S $&()'c 5PQ*"$$&( !.0 TDI 1c S $&()'c 5PQ*"$$&( !.0 TFSI !11c S $&()'c 5P3.0 TDI !%0c T'$&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P D'4423.0 TFSI !!c T'$&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P3.0 TFSI 333c T'$&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P%.! TDI 3%0c T'$&()'c Q*"$$&( 5P D'442C(*4 %.! FSI %!0c ,*"$$&(C(*4 %.! FSI %!0c R $&()'c ,*"$$&(C(*4 5.! FSI 5!5c ,*"$$&(C(*4 5.! FSI 5!5c R $&()'c ,*"$$&(S+74& 5.! FSI 5!5c ,*"$$&(S+74& 5.! FSI 5!5c R $&()'c ,*"$$&(%.! FSI S$&()'c ,*"$$&( %50c M-1!T FSI !.0 MT Q*"$$&( !55c 5PT FSI !.0 S$&()'c Q*"$$&( !55c 5PT FSI MT Q*"$$&( !.0 !55c 3PT FSI Q*"$$&( !.0 S$&()'c !55c 3PQ*"$$&( 3.0 TFSI S$&()'c 333c M+1! %PC(*< 3.0 TFSI 333c S $&()'c ,*"$$&( M-1!TT C(*4 RS T FSI !.5 3%0c ,*"$$&(TT C(*4 RS T FSI !.5 S$&()'c 3%0c ,*"$$&(TT C(*4 T FSI 1.8TT C(*4 T FSI !.0 !11cTT C(*4 T FSI S $&()'c !.0 !11c
 BM;SERIE 1 116' 116' AT 1187 S(&$ 118' S(&$ 118' S(&$ AT 1!0' !.0 156c C"&'( Ac$'4 SERIE 3 3!07 S47=) S(&$ 3!8' S47=) S(&$ SERIE 5 SERIE 5 GTSERIE 6SERIE >1 >3 >5%.% M 555c >6M %.% 555c5P ?% TT R("7$4& T FSI !.0 !11cTT R("7$4& T FSI !.0 S $&()'c !11c1 M C(*4 3.0 3%0c1187 U&")118' U&")118' U&") AT1!0' !.0 156c C(*4 E:4c*$'41!5' C(*4 E:4c*$'4 !.5 !18c135' C(*4 S(&$'4 !.5 306c3!07 S47=) L*:*&+3!5' C"&'( !.5 !18c E:4c*$'43!5' C(*4 E:4c*$'4 !.5 !18c S$4$&()'c3!8' S47=) L*:*&+335' C(*4 S(&$'4 3.0 306cM3 C(*4 %.0 %!0c5307A E:4c*$'4 3.0530'A E:4c*$'4535'A E:4c*$'4550'A P&4'* S$4$&()'c535' 3.0 306c S$4$&()'c6%0' C(*4 S(&$'4 3.0 3!0c50' P&4'* %0cD&'4 !07 Ac$'4 !.0 1c 5P D'442D&'4 !0' Ac$'4 !.0 18%c 5P:D&'4 !0' E:4c*$'4 !.0 18%c 5P:D&'4 !07 E:4c*$'4 !.0 18%c 5P D'442:D&'4 !0' !.0 18%c 5P N"#$":D&'4 35' E:4c*$'4 3.0 306c 5P:D&'4 307 E:4c*$'4 3.0 !%5c:D&'4 35' E:4c*$'4 3.0 306c:D&'4 50' P&4'* %.% %0c 5P:D&'4 307 S(&$'4 3.0 !%5c 5P D'442:D&'4 35' S(&$'4 3.0 306c 5P:D&'4 50' P&4'* %.% %0c 5PR("7$4& D&'4!0' !.0 18%cR("7$4& D&'4!8' 3.0 !%5c

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