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One Last Time - Sample Screenplay

One Last Time - Sample Screenplay

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Published by Jeremy Pirri
Written for my university Introduction to Screenwriting class, this details a group of thieves coming back from a particularly successful heist, and the bomb their leader drops on them about his future.
Written for my university Introduction to Screenwriting class, this details a group of thieves coming back from a particularly successful heist, and the bomb their leader drops on them about his future.

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Published by: Jeremy Pirri on Aug 19, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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“One Last Time” SampleINT-WAREHOUSE-DAY The warehouse has been prettied up to feel warmer, more like a homeand less like an abandoned warehouse. There is a square table in themiddle, with one chair on each side. The entrance is a single doorwithout windows. There is a plush carpet that covers the concretefloor. Flowers sit haphazardly around the room. JEZEBEL RYANS, 29, is the first to enter. She lets out a YELL of excitement and lifts her arms into the air. JEZEBELWhoo! Oh, yeah!Right behind her is JORDAN TATE, 30, hands behind his head. JORDAN That went surprisingly well.MORGAN CALLAHAN, 27, and ALEX FINN, 30, enter next. They fightover who gets to go through the door first, with Morgan as the winner.He beams brightly.MORGANDamn it, but if that didn’t feel good. Yeah!ALEXShits, man, that was bloody beautiful!Following behind them is VINCENT BURTON, 34, hands in his pocketsand a smile on his face. His back is straight, and he has a confidentgait in his walk.VINCENTIt’s good to see that you’re all in such a goodmood, but someone needs to get the loot fromthe car, and I hate to say this but it’s not gonnabe me. Jordan nods. JORDANI’ll do it.
He makes for the door and leaves quietly. Vincent, the smile still on hisface, walks over to the table and puts his hands on the back of a chair.VINCENT That actually went smoothly, for once. I’mvery proud of you, Jez. You didn’t once try tobludgeon someone, I’m very impressed. JEZEBELWhy, thank you, Vincent.Vincent turns to Morgan and Alex.VINCENTAnd as for you two, it’s something else to seeyou working together instead of just bickering.ALEXHard to bicker when you’re riding high on theexhilaration that comes with a daylight robbery.VINCENTAnd you all carried yourselves marvelously.Shit, if I handed out awards, I’d do so today. Jordan comes back into the warehouse, two gym bags slung over hisshoulder. Vincent moves away from the table as Jordan sets the bagsdown on top of it. The four sit while Vincent begins to pace around thetable. JORDANOne hell of a good load, this time. We might beable to live off this haul for a good monthwithout needing to worry about anything. They dump the bags onto the table. Expensive jewelry, gold and silverwith gemstones and diamonds, tumbles with a CLATTER out of onebag. Guns and masks and goggles THUD from the other. Jordan peersat the jewelry carefully. JORDAN Though, I’m not sure how the black marketerswill look at it.MORGANShit, man, they fuck you every chance they get2
when you’re trying to sell ‘em something, youknow that. JORDAN You never know, you never know. They mightbe gentle this time. JEZEBELI still think one of us should go with you. Justthink of the impact one of us standing behindyou would have. JORDANI have thought of it, and it usually ends withthem not telling when they move or wherethey’ve moved to. Trust, you know, is hard toearn but easy to lose, especially with them.Vincent RAPS at the table with a knuckle.VINCENTHow much do you think? Jordan sticks his tongue in his cheek and squints his eyes at the jewelry. JORDANProbably ten thousand. Maybe a bit more.ALEXShit, that’s almost nothing! JORDANWell, fuck me, pal, you want quick service youpay for it! This stuff is hot as a damn fryingpan, they’re not going to pay top-dollar for it,not so soon after the robbery.ALEXFuck you! You’re the contact, you should knowhow to get good deals. JORDAN Yeah, it’s called waiting a week, but we needthe money right about now, don’t we?3

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