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16492284 Plan Z How to Survive Financial Crisis and Even Live a Little Better

16492284 Plan Z How to Survive Financial Crisis and Even Live a Little Better



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Published by Bangem

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Published by: Bangem on Aug 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Robert Pagliarini
If you’re living on the edge (or want an edge), this book isfor you. The goal is to offer as many practical solutions aspossible and show you specifically what you need to do tosurvive this brutal “repression” (something between arecession and a depression) AND take advantage of it.
You will read things here that you haven’t readbefore, and because of this, you may think I’m a little nuts.But remember, just because everyone is saying one thingdoesn’t make it the right thing.
Sometimes following traditional financial advice can get you in trouble. This isn’t tosay all traditional financial advice is bad. In a normal economy, it makes a lot of sense…but normal is so 2007. We need new strategies for the new challenges weface.Of course you should pay off your credit cards, right?
. Pay down yourmortgage?
. Contribute to a 401(k)?
No way
. (when I went on Good Morning America and told people to stop investing in their 401(k)s, you wouldn’t believe thefeedback I got!)The question you should be asking yourself is, “Have I done everything I can to makesure I get through this economic crisis as safely as possible?” If you have, great. But you probably haven’t done everything you’re going to read here.This is a how-to guide that will show you what actions you need to take to protect yourself and your family. I have no idea how long or how deep this recession isgoing to be, but as of this writing (April 2009), it’s looking like it could be one of ourugliest recessions. That’s why it’s called Plan Z. My fear is that plan b, plan c, plan d,etc. might not be enough this time around. Because nobody knows how bad it isgoing to get, you need to prepare for the worst—you need to have a Plan Z.
Robert Pagliarini
2009 :www.planzbook.com
This economic crisis has created millions of individual economic crises. People arelosing their homes and living in their cars. Families are struggling to pay rent andput food on the table. But this is not a doom and gloom book where I encourage youto bury your head in the sand and count down the days to the end of civilization.There’s some good news.If you’re a second-string basketball player who never sees any action, you’ll neverhave a chance to show your skills or become known. But if the first-string superstargets hurt, all of a sudden, there’s an opportunity for you to step up and takeadvantage of the situation.I guarantee that some people and companies will come out of this better andstronger. How? The first rule of success is that you must survive. You can’t grow andsucceed if you’re worrying whether you can afford to pay the electric bill. Thesecond rule of success is that you must be proactive. You need to jump into actionand try to find the light where others only see darkness.One final note. I’m pissed, and I’m guessing you are too, about the trillion dollarbailouts, multi-million-dollar bonuses, company retreats, unfit homeowners,unscrupulous mortgage brokers, non-existent oversight, and Ponzi schemes just toname a few. There’s plenty of blame to go around, but I have no interest in shaminganyone or pointing fingers. Why? Because, at this point, it doesn’t matter and it’s not productive.You can spend all of your energy complaining about something, but that’s not goingto pay the rent. It’s only going to divert your attention from the positive actions youneed to take. So let’s hit “pause” on the blame game and focus our time and energyimplementing real strategies to help you not only survive, but gain an edge and takeadvantage of the situation . . .

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